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I’m going to record all my childhood/middleschool/highschool-so-far stories in an attempt to convince myself that my life has been interesting. WaaarggleDARGGLEFLARRGLE I CAN DO THIS

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And about The Kissing. The Huntsman's kiss wakes her up because he's being selfless. William likely knows that kisses wake up Princesses but he's doing it with the goal of getting Snow back. Therefore the curse likely views his actions as selfish because he can't let Snow go (With good reason). The Huntsman is doing it to send Snow off and accepts that she and Sarah will not come back. He's learned to accept that which he cannot change so Snow returns. Now who Snow loves is another matter...

I do agree that the Huntsman kiss was selfless, that he was saying goodbye. But I do think the fact that he was talking about his late wife just before is again very significant. That’s why I like the idea that it was his love for his late wife that woke Snow. I just don’t really like the idea that the Huntsman loves Snow because she reminds him of his late wife - Snow should be loved for who she is, not for who she’s like. And if we’re meant to think the Huntsman loves Snow, why did the film makers choose to put so much focus on the Huntsman’s late wife?

As for William likely knowing kisses wake Princesses - there’s nothing in the film to suggest that at all. In fact, there’s absolutely no mention anywhere of “true loves kiss” or anything! It’s only because of the Disney film we as an audience assume this - and isn’t this film meant to be a lot darker and different to the Disney film?

Beside, I don’t see William wanting to bring Snow back as really selfish - it’s quite obvious he loves her and wants her back, but he doesn’t want her to die either, for her sake. And is it any more selfish than the Huntsman kissing her to say goodbye? I get the impression both men feel as if they failed Snow, so aren’t they both equally selfish or selfless?

Anyway, I really don’t think William kissed her with the express purpose of waking her up - he was in shock/grief and wanted to say goodbye.

As for who Snow loves, well, we’re not told. You could argue either way depending on who you ship her with. For me, obviously, I ship her with William so would like to think she loves William.

But no matter who the film decides she loves - if they ever even bring it up again in the Huntsman spinoff - I will always think Snow/William was far, far better set up than Snow/Huntsman. And that’s precisely why I ship them.

Anyway, thanks for the questions anon! Hope you don’t think I’ve been too argumentative! I like discussing things like this, so thank you, but I do think we have different opinions on things! :-)

So it was my birthday recently.  And I received some interesting gifts.

The most notable of these came nicely wrapped in crocodile wrapping paper (which was supposed to represent my soul, I think the note said), and when I first opened it, I saw this book:

And yes, well, I was turning 18, so I guess that’s a legitimate gift to receive, whatever.

But then I realized that that was not the actual book.  That it was a fake cover.

And what, you may ask, was my actual gift?

Thank you for the lovely advice @snowil, I promise that I will indeed make good choices and not try to bring anyone back to life.

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14 for Nerissa, 19 for Ayden and 3 for Pasha?

Thanks for the ask! I already talked about Ayden, so I’ll tell you a bit about the other two. Nerissa and Pasha are mermaids sisters, they were born near the same shore just 4 years apart, which was highly unusual. Mermaids are created by the ocean, not any kind of biology, and the seas don’t usually repeat themselves until something of 5 decades, so they decided they’d be sisters. Nerissa has abandoned the ocean, though, and made a portal with her magic to a lake hidden in the forest behind Ayden’s castle, Pasha visits her regularly in hope of getting her back home.

3: their greatest achievement (for Pasha) Getting rid of the one who hurt her sister the most. She’ll avoid saying exactly what she did, which is why Nerissa still thinks they may return, but Pasha’s true to her word, if her baby sister moves back to the ocean, that merperson will never get near her again.

14: how they react to burning their tongue on food (for Nerissa) With a bit of shouting and panic. She’s used to eating plants and some small fishes raw, there’s no concept of cooking underwater, so food being hot, let alone burning, would be a disgusting surprise.

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