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Lisa planned us a cute, unique little engagement photoshoot at Artvo, an interactive exhibit in Melbourne.

And how exciting was it! Sure, all the photos are cutesy and cheesey as all get out, but I love every single one of them.

Atticus and I had a blast, and I’m sure you can see the love here!

Thanks to @nokidsthreemoney (instagram) for taking us out AND taking the photos. Please go chuck her a follow!


I’m so so sorry for making this so hugely long. I know everyone hates scrolling past photo sets. I swear I tried to condense it.



Thanks to everyone who made suggestions for how to celebrate, my favorite of which were “Invite all your followers to a party”( jamesforester), “Liberal amounts of falafel”( benevoling), “Cake. All of the cake.” ( choo-chootrainleftrightontime), and my favorite, “by deleting your account and giving us a huge surprise! (not rly just kidding;p)”( photorapist) Thanks for your very creative ideas ;)

And as much as I would love to eat falafel until I die, I decided to go with my top ten posts out of all the ones I’ve made this past year, in terms of my personal favorites rather than popularity. Hope you enjoy. :)

It’s been exactly one year since I’ve made my first post on this blog. I know I haven’t been incredibly active lately, but this website has been so wonderful and important in terms of helping me grow as a photographer. Seeing such a huge variety of diverse, inspiring work from such a talented group has taught and exposed me to a lot. And I know, that I still have a lot more I can learn from this community as I continue growing. So, to the Tumblr photo community: thanks not only for your support, but also for inspiring me with your brilliant work for the past year. You guys rock.

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