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Gravity Falls sentence starters #5

“More limbs means more hugs.”

“All right, I get it, you’re creepy.”

“Wait, is this curse ugly, or normal ugly?”

“I don’t need hands, I’ve got self-respect!”

“Oh, I’m scared twice as much now, but now I know it’s rational.”

“Plus I got this shirt. Ugh, I am fat.”

“Bodies change, Honey! Bodies change." 

"It was like quicksand! Chubby quicksand.”  

“Non-specific excuse!”

“We put the ‘fun’ in 'no refunds’.”

“Well, I dunno. We would have to break in - just kidding, let’s break in!”

“I’m _____, that’s _____ and _____, and together we are Love Patrol Alpha!”

“I never agreed to that name.”  

“I used _____ as a human shield. He/she cried like a baby.”

“Do the kicks!”


“When there are no cops around, anything is legal.”

“That’s probably why I live in the dump.”

“I sound awesome. Awwwwesooooommmmme.”

“Thanks there, Sugar Pot. I-I mean, I mean, uh, Honey Wasp, Kitten Baby, B-Baby Cow…”

“Engine possum at no extra cost.”

“_____, your grandma is so adorable! And her skin is old-lady soft.”

“Just wanna say, don’t know what we’re doing here, but I am loving these fake moustaches.”  

“Everybody out! I will not hesitate to use the hose on the elderly.”

“What can I get you? Keychains? Snowglobes? These rare photos of American presidents?”

“Your name is Toot-Toot McBumbersnazzle. You’re a traveling banjo minstrel with a song in your heart and funny tattoos on your head.”  

“You guys are butt-faces!”

“You two. Attic, now!”

“Hey, why does my beard have a bandage? Does that make any sense? Why has no one pointed that out?”