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I think the blonde with Zayn is Shareena Harnett (her IG is SherryHarnett but it's private and her twitter shareenaharnett)

(natalie vass post)

You know, the more I stare at all the pictures I think you may be right. Shareena’s hair matches perfectly (hairstyle/wavyness/length) and she has darker roots. Then again, those pics I posted of Natalie are old, so it’s possible she’s changed her hairstyle since then. Gah, so hard to tell.

For reference:

Shareena Harnett (only pic of her on her twitter):

I looked through her twitter and while she doesn’t mention Modest or anything specifically, she did tweet at Jay once, and she certainly promos One Direction (and Eleanor and Sophia once, rofl), so she must be associated with them somehow.

flange5 replied to your post:Woooow that RDJ quote is everything I never ever…

I think the quote is poorly worded but what he’s trying to say is that Tony’s the only one with a stable domestic life and he’s trying to *have* one and keep it and that causes tension with his viewpoint vs. the rest of the team. The poor word choice is “guise” bc is it implies he doesn’t have the morals, that they’re a facade. I think RDJ’s other interviews have made clear he doesn’t take that tack with the character. I haven’t read the quote in context, but considering the trailers and that quote, he’s pointing up that conflict-that Tony has a home, a default that isn’t the Avengers, and the rest don’t. I have to wonder if he loses it in this movie bc he prioritizes wrong. That’s a very Whedon thing & would lead right to CW stuff.

But I think there’s a combination of a bad word choice on RDJ’s part & people misreading and really jumping the gun here. He doesn’t say that Tony doesn’t have a moral compass & does everything for Pepper. It doesn’t make sense in the movies. At least that’s not how I parsed it. *shrug*

yes, well, personally i’ve been very defensive and pessimistic lately (”lately” being a loose term covering everything starting like a month after IM3), and obviously nitpicking at every single thing and jumping at the worst-case scenario conclusions. i came across that quote/got that ask at around 6 AM yesterday, and then i slept on my pessimistic ponderings. plus, i think i have lots of clear biases affecting everything i say. i don’t have a problem with the idea of tony having a domestic life, i just have lots of particular IM3 problems that clearly color my outlook on pepper/tony moving forward from that movie. i just really don’t think that the movie lived up to that particular happy ending, so i have trouble swallowing it

(why not let tony catch pepper??? my god why not have him achieve that ONE END GOAL and then have pepper kill killian, instead of shoving what to me felt like artificial confidence down my throat?? anyway)

anyway, i… really don’t think whedon would mess with that or that tony might lose his home? especially because pepper isn’t even in AOU, and she likely won’t play a large part in CW. i mean maybe i’m just being uncharacteristically optimistic here, but i can’t IMAGINE that the shaking of the pepperony foundation would be a side remark in any of those movies. certainly not at this point. like you can’t have three movies hyping up the two of them and then have them fall apart during movies that would likely not directly address that. i mean oh god pepper isn’t even in AOU. i refuse to believe the MCU is that far gone as far as delivering proper development goes………….. buuuuut i’m sweating nervously now

honestly, i’m sweating nervously when it comes to everything (……..excluding the fact that tony will pilot the quinjet). that’s why i’m immensely defensive and pessimistic 24/7


Axton the Commando speed paint

i did the spped paint for the axton i made :D 

aesthetics for yr sign
  • Aries:The smell of fire on the wind, a distant hot air balloon, calligraphy in golden ink
  • Taurus:The anniversary of an important promise, freshly tilled garden dirt, a horned owl roosting on a scarecrow
  • Gemini:A plastic office plant under fluorescent lights, long nails tapping on marble, an old well filled to the top with smooth rocks
  • Cancer:The shadow of a motel fan spinning overhead, the phone ringing when no one's home, the harvest moon
  • Leo:A painted halo behind the head, flowers blooming in a sunny field, sharpening a knife of damascus steel
  • Virgo:Dewdrops on morning glories, rocks that look like candy, vines growing through an abandoned bicycle
  • Libra:The shadows in an empty corridor, a corrupted windows 95 computer, a distant glow in a field
  • Scorpio:A town that doesn't exist listed on google maps, a glass pomegranate, smoke and mirrors
  • Sagittarius:Fresh laundry on the clothesline, baseball on the hottest day of summer, a roll of undeveloped film
  • Capricorn:A reflection in a pair of glasses, melting chocolate, an animatronic clock tower
  • Aquarius:Ripe strawberries and honey, scary stories told at a campfire, a cheshire grin
  • Pisces:Television static, opening your eyes underwater, a long letter from a forgotten friend