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Equality Golbat: “Before you question the validity of internet activists, consider the fact that recruiting more activists is part of activism.”

Trying to do all of the work as one person is not sustainable for either the person or the movement. It’s also hard to get other people to take you seriously. To generate a formidable movement, you need a really powerful tool for connecting with other people, like, say, the internet.


Equality Golbat: “Before you question the validity of internet activists, consider the fact that a huge amount of shopping is done online and shutting down a website is a form of direct action.”

Different people are better suited to different forms of activism. A lot of targets learn to hate groups of wheelchair users because they’re so good at obstructing physical access. Some people have small bodies and unassuming attitudes but know how to hack a website.


Was randomly tagged by miss-deadly-thoughts and never did this before so why not try yay

RULES apparently: post the rules Tag 11 ppl Write 11 questions Tag #tag

Questions asked:
1. How are you? (Answer as honestly as possible please)
2. Know any good jokes you would like to share?
3. What is your favorite movie/show/ book?
4. What are your pet peeves?
5. Do you like where you are in your life at the moment?
6. What would you like to do in the future? (Doesn’t have to be career related if you don’t want it to be)
7. Song you could never get tired of?
8. Any hobbies?
9. Have you traveled to any cool places? Where?
10. How do you feel about school?
11. What is something/someone/someplace you wish existed?


  1. Pretty good. I’ve been better but have also been worse.
  2. Sadly no.
  3. Movie: lately inside out was pretty good, have also really liked Balto, finding nemo, and other Disney movies because im a dork. No favorite tv show tbh and favorite book the good dog, the giver was pretty good. Beyond those two not sure what else.
  4. Annoying people, ignorant people, annoying sounds, being randomly touched, too many things. I feel like I sound like an ass after this.
  5. Meh. its better than where it was before so I cant complain.
  6. Veterinarian, psychologist, doing music, or working for Disney because im a sad person who has set out their future since 4th grade. I also wanna travel a lot if possible because I don’t like the idea of being stuck here my whole life. It’s sad.
  7. Miss missing you, 20 dollar nose bleed, I’m yours, too many songs. I don’t really get tired of songs when I learn to like them.
  8. Being the special snowflake of the group, drawing, piano, archery, crying or yelling over stupid things, yep good hobbies.
  9. Out of state I’ve been to Alaska, Florida, Nebraska, New York, Washington D.C., and the Philippines. Most of them were pretty cool I guess.
  10. School is ok. I don’t feel good about next year because I don’t know if I will get any of my friends in my classes and I suck at talking to people so it sound really fun.
  11. Baymax. I just really want him to be real, life would be glorious if he was real. It would solve a lot I don’t know.

My Questions that are not very creative and just weird:

  1. Pets?
  2. Favorite song?
  3. Favorite color?
  4. If you could be given the opportunity to change who you are completely and where you live and all that would you take it and what would you change and why? (real thinking question your welcome.)
  5. Favorite glorious food?
  6. Favorite moment in your life that’s happened?
  7. Good at anything?
  8. Weirdest dream?
  9. Fears?
  10. What makes you happy?
  11. How are you? How are you feeling right now? Is everything ok in life? (if too personal to answer) Favorite person? and why maybe or not

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Im so sorry I dragged you people into this and I don’t know why some of you noticed me or follow me but ya. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.