Carry On Fandom I need you!

For my University Project I am actually allowed to illustrate Carry On! And I need urgent help with the decision which scenes to draw!

Given to my former research of fitting in and conformity I sadly don’t want to focus too much on the Snowbaz part of the stpry but more on how SImon doesn’t really fit into any world (world of mages vs normals) but still feels like he belongs to his friends (if you get what I mean?

I’m going to draw up to four pictures and one of them should be a scene between Simon and Baz (I’m thinking of either Chapter 61 or the Universe scene) and the other shouldn’t focus too much on the romance part, as I said before. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THINK!! This would help me out so so much!!!
(Also another idea was to have a picture for each of the four parts of the book, maybe five if I include the epilogue…)

Thank you in advance for your answers and you can look forward to me uploading some (hopefully fantastic) fnaart in three weeks time! (thats the deadlline for my project…)

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Hello! What do you think of the term "tumblrina"? It sound like it's supposed to be derived from the word ballerina, but if so, why? I personally find it funny and kinda... incorrect? professional ballerinas are hardworking cigarette smoking people who face pain everyday to the point of self-mutilation (breaking their toes, fucking up their joints forever) so what do they have in common with being a pure special snowflake? Maybe it just me not being native english speaker but i don't get it :/

😂😂😂 Great point.


The rally in front of Stonewall Inn on Saturday was the perfect response to everything Donald Trump stands for

On Wednesday, The Nation leaked a draft order titled “Establishing a Government-Wide Initiative to Respect Religious Freedom” that could allow any organization to discriminate against the queer people on religious grounds. But one thing that was really great about the rally is that it welcomed ALL forms of intersectional identity, advocating especially for the rights of queer Muslims and queer immigrants.


H-Hello… You can refer to me as Mod Saihara. To be completely honest, my boyfriend, Mod Ouma-kun, forced me to do this… I may not share all of his views, but I consider myself anti-”special snowflake.” Sometimes, he can get a bit out of hand, so please prepare for that. Also, if anyone cares to know, I am a bisexual transgender man. Thank you for reading.

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February 9, 1981

Happy 36th Birthday precious snowflake !

“Different artists have different art styles and Rebecca wants to let them do the characters in their own styles” isn’t really an excuse for SU’s character inconsistencies in the show itself. Because there’re plenty of fanartists who draw characters in their own styles without making them look so inconsistent.

I’m gonna use my good friend @snowflake-owl‘s art as an example.

Here are different Peridots drawn by different artists

(pic cuourtesy of @tomatomagica)

Here is Snow’s Peridot

Despite being clearly done in her style, Peridot’s proportions are consistent with the canon design. It’s the same “model” with different art styles.