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Can I have a ship? Trisee, age 21,5'6 ,voluptuous,long dark brown hair,Ice Ocean eyes,stubborn as a mule,extremely sarcastic,I have a temper,but I'm also kind, gentle, and understanding.I'm a very curious,very outspoken,very opinionated person. I love to laugh and make others laugh,I love to read and play video games. I'm a fighter,an artist,archer/hunter,and I love wolves and the forest

I ship you with…


Jean Kirschtein! While you may bump heads from time to time thanks to both of your stubborn natures and tempers, I feel like all in all you’d go well together. He’d appreciate your kind and understanding nature, as well as the fact that you love to make people laugh.


Rin Okumura! Again, while you two may bump heads just because you’re both stubborn, I feel like you’d be a good match considering you’re both actually very kind and will love to crack jokes and make each other laugh. He’d also be down to play some video games with you!


Masaomi Kida! Idk I just feel like Masaomi would love your outspoken nature, and he’d also really love the fact that you love to make others laugh! He’d definitely enjoy how kind and gentle you were and he’d enjoy playing video games with you, and he’d take an interest in your artwork, always asking to see what you drew and would compliment each drawing you showed him.


Rin Matsuoka! He can be incredibly stubborn from time to time as well, so you may argue a bit occasionally from that, but I think in spite of it you’d make an awesome pair. He’d enjoy your kind and curious nature, and he’d love that you were understanding so he would be able to tell you anything that was bothering him without the fear of being judged.


Tanaka Ryuunosuke! Like you, Tanaka is a very outspoken and opinionated type of person, so there may be some heated debates between the two of you! Though, he’d love that about you since it meant that the relationship wouldn’t be so dull. He’d appreciate your kind and understanding personality as well and will definitely love to play video games with you!


Turkey! He can be quite hard-headed and extremely stubborn from time to time, so I think you’d be a good pair in that aspect. He’s also very opinionated so prepare for the most outrageous debates! All in all I think he’d enjoying having you as a partner since he would have someone he could debate with, and the relationship would never be a bore for either of you.

One Piece

Buggy the Clown!

Despite the mass amount of arguments that will arise because you’re both just so stubborn and oh so opinionated, it’s hard not to see why you’d make a good pair. Honestly it’d be quite comical to see you two interact. Even though he won’t admit it to anyone, possibly not even himself for a while, he does appreciate your understanding nature and your love to make others laugh. He’d also appreciate your fighting spirit.


Metal Bat! Since you both possess a fighting spirit, I feel like you two would make an unstoppable duo. And even though you may quarrel with each other because you both are also very stubborn and outspoken, he’d definitely love the fact that you were also kind and understanding, and he’d definitely would want you to meet his little sister since he feels like you’d get along well with her.


Date Masamune! He’d honestly enjoy having you as partner simply because of your outspoken and opinionated nature. He’d love to bump heads with you from time to time and get into heated debates with you as it would give him the excitement that he’s always seeking (I really don’t know how to explain that any other way tbh lmao). He’d also enjoy your love for fighting since it would reassure him that you could hold your ground when need be.


((Jesus Christ it’s Jason Bourne this took forever to do. And I feel like I did a crappy job pairing you up and giving my reasons why I paired you with who I did, so I apologize immensely ;n; I hope you like it anyway!))

The odd one out

“T&T: Suomalaiset eivät ole geeniperimältään eurooppalaisia – pitäisi luokitella omaksi väestökseen”

So yeah “Tekniikka & talous” claims that Finns have so diverse genetics when compared to other europians that we should be considered to be a whole other population on our own. 

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Gender is NOT a Social Construct. There are only Males and Females. And More Trans Talk.

Commence the Triggering.

Yes, I know, someone’s upset. I’m going to explain how gender is NOT a social construct with science. Before you go “transgenders!” trust me, transgender people might actually be the most solid case for gender NOT being a social construct. I’ll get to that later.

However, let’s get some distinctions out of the way:

I am not telling you how to live your life. 

I am taking this from an argumentative stance. I am, for the most part, discussing the CONCEPTS of “third gender” and so on. You have every right to identify as whatever. However, this does not mean people have to respect it NOR does it mean what you identify is fact. By this logic, Lauren Southern can identify as an attack helicopter and you MUST respect her identity. Neither “third gender” nor being an attack helicopter is factually backed up which is what this post will explore.

Please do NOT take this as a personal attack. I will never, go up onto a nonbinary person’s blog and say “ugh, you cisgender transtrender.” Again, I am taking this from an ARGUMENTATIVE STANCE ON THE CONCEPT OF GENDER.

I am fully aware that science is always up for change. If science can prove there is more than just “male” and “female,” I will believe it. We used to believe the earth was flat until someone sailed across the world. However, as of right now, there is no scientific or logical evidence for any gender or mixture there-of and actually points to the opposite.

Sex= Chromosomes, genitalia… that’s pretty much it. There are two sexes, male and female. Most people do not argue this, thank god. Intersex is not a “third sex” and is classified as a genetic mutation. Saying someone who is intersex is a “third sex” is exceptionally demeaning and is just further otherizing them. Much more often than not, they go by the gender they develop as.

Gender= Characteristics based on sex. An individual’s relations to societal or gender roles.

Gender is NOT a social construct. When people say this, it’s almost like a misnomer. Gender ROLES are (partially) a social construct as they are constantly changing. Blue is for boys, pink is for girls, that sort of thing, you know? However, before this, it was considering the complete opposite. Society’s gender roles changed, however, gender did not. There were always “males” and “females” in modern society.

I believe transgender people exist. I do not think transgender people are not real. I am not transphobic. I, in my life, have dealt with many genuinely trans people as friends. 

If you are interested, please read on. This was just a bunch of introductory information you should know.

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