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Taking a little break from Inktober by drawing a kind of Gemsona or, to be precise, the Fusion between my own Steven Universe OC (Goethite, pictured on the left) and my friend’s Jyuune’s OC (Snowflake Obsidian, pictured on the right). She came up with the original design of this one so this is more a Fanart than anything else, but do note that Pyrite is still a work in progress.

Unlike both Goethite and Obsidian, who are reserved, Pyrite is kind of a diva, not to say a real drama-queen some time. Out-going, always talking and very curious, she is able to show her emotions very easily thanks to Goethite and Obsidian’s constant support toward each other’s insecurities.

Her weapon : a nunchaku, is of course of combination of both Goethite’s staff and Obsidian’s spear. It is also worth noting that her size is unusually impressive, even for a Fusion… Could one of the two Gems composing her hide a secret ?

I’ve never actually seen snow, but sometimes I think I’d like to live somewhere where it snowed often..then I think it might be a nuisance. Lol

Used in this mani:

Essie - Mesmerize

Ella + Mila - Ocean Air, Ibiza Breeze

Sinful Colors - Snow Me White

HK Girl Topcoat

Snowflake stencils from @whatsupnails

Day 39

Snowflake Nails

For some reason the camera was very reluctant to show the silver up on any of the pictures I took but there are definitely snow flakes there in real life- promise! It’s probably still a bit early for snow related posts but I’m running low on inspiration today and it’s been known to snow in November so it’s not too tenuous, right?

Products Used-

Blue- OPI in Do You Sea What I Sea?

Silver- Models Own Nail Art Pen in Silver