❄️Winter Tips for Water Witches💦

As the weather begins to turn cold, some Water Witches may feel like they’ve lost a resource in the rainstorms as they are replaces with blizzards. 

Not to fear! Snow is just rain with much more energy stored in it! 

Whether used in its original form or allowing it to melt back into water, snow is nearly a better resource than a rainstorm:

❄️-As it gets colder, snow lingers, offering a much larger

❄️-Snows more often in the winter than it rains [Exception: if you live in a very rainy place]

❄️-You can generate magick while playing in the snow! Make a snowman⛄️ ! Make a fort! Have a snowball fight! 

❄️-As previously mentioned, snow has a lot more energy stored in it than rainwater does!

Happy Winter Everyone!


The rally in front of Stonewall Inn on Saturday was the perfect response to everything Donald Trump stands for

On Wednesday, The Nation leaked a draft order titled “Establishing a Government-Wide Initiative to Respect Religious Freedom” that could allow any organization to discriminate against the queer people on religious grounds. But one thing that was really great about the rally is that it welcomed ALL forms of intersectional identity, advocating especially for the rights of queer Muslims and queer immigrants.