The rally in front of Stonewall Inn on Saturday was the perfect response to everything Donald Trump stands for

On Wednesday, The Nation leaked a draft order titled “Establishing a Government-Wide Initiative to Respect Religious Freedom” that could allow any organization to discriminate against the queer people on religious grounds. But one thing that was really great about the rally is that it welcomed ALL forms of intersectional identity, advocating especially for the rights of queer Muslims and queer immigrants.

Dear YOI fandom,

You should read Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

·         You like canon gay ship? we have lovely ship. great hull, and masts and whatever else ships got

·         you like height differences? we’ve got height differences

·         and tol boys? so many (2) tol boys

·         true fucking love that nothing can stop? you guessed it

·         beautiful and funny supporting ladies? oh yeah

·         angry teens™

·         many laugh!

·         cultural references!

·         if you join the fandom and draw fan art, we will worship you like a god. seriously. you are all so good and i’ve been through the Carry On fan art tag like 6000 times

·         please draw for us

·         your art is so good and so plentiful

·         i promise you will love our boys

·         this has all been a ploy to get you to draw for us (me)

·         but also there is magic!

·         subverting tropes!! just like YOI!!

·         and happy ending!!

·         but best part is fandom. so good. soo pure. cinnamon roll fandom

ok come join us and tell me when you love it!! you’re welcome!!

3 reasons millennial shaming needs to stop now

At least half of older millennials aren’t getting a taste of the American Dream

Right now roughly half of 30-year-olds make more money than their parents did when they were the same age, according to a December paper on social mobility. A separate study from the Guardian published in March found that Americans under 30 are already poorer than retirees — despite the fact that they’re working.

There are two main reasons that Americans born in the 1980s face higher hurdles than their parents, the researchers found.

  • The first is that throughout much of the 20th century, the U.S. economy grew a lot faster than it has in more recent years, as millennials have come of age.
  • The second reason has to do with inequality in the way gains have been distributed among Americans. Growth alone to restore economic mobility, gross domestic product would have to increase by more than 6% each year, more than double the rate it grew in the past year.

Millennials inherited a vastly wider wage gap between the rich and poor

A separate study released on Tuesday also found that income inequality has grown far faster than previously thought: In fact, half of the country has seen stagnant wages since 1980, while the wealthiest Americans have seen incomes skyrocket.In the last 3 ½ decades, the gap between what the richest 1% makes and what the bottom 50% earns has grown nearly threefold. 

Globally, young people are increasingly subsidizing the elderly

Call it a thank you, despite the economic lot they’ve inherited: Across the globe, millennials are increasingly likelier than previous generations to pass financial resources to older groups — beyond what they receive. Read more