snowflake patterns


Geometry at work: Orbital Resonance, Sound and Water

Richard Proctor, Old and New Astronomy, 1892

What men recognized then in the movements of the heavenly bodies is true now and true for all time. And even in dealing with the limited knowledge and the imperfect methods of ancient astronomers, we need not hesitate to consider these movements as they are now recognized and understood.

Ernst Chladni, Die Akustic, 1802

Nodal lines of vibrating circular or polygonal  plates, according to Chladni and Savart.The breakthrough work acquired a status of foundational work of a new scientific field and earned him a title of “father of acoustics”. It was the first systematic description of the vibrations of elastic bodies.

Snowflake Man

Wilson Alwyn “Snowflake” Bentley (February 7, 1865 – December 23, 1931), is one of the first known photographers of snowflakes. He perfected a process of catching flakes on black velvet in such a way that their images could be captured before they either melted or sublimated.

Ho-ho-hot! | Taehyung (M)


Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Smut

Word count: 2397

Warnings: Rated M, graphic sexual content, language

A/N: I really wanted to do something for the holidays, so here it is! I hope you’ll enjoy!

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Fic Update

Summary:  A Hook/Emma angel/demon AU. They hide in plain sight, the servants of heaven and hell. The angels and the demons, who can save your soul or damn it. They stand on opposite sides, they are the bringers of light and the agents of darkness, they are enemies in an eternal war, but what happens when an angel and a demon are inexplicably drawn to each other?

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                                               Part Nineteen

Saint Luke’s was lit up against the night sky like a Christmas tree, the bright red EMERGENCY sign followed by an equal sided cross that was the universally recognized symbol of first aid across the Western world were both clearly visible from across the wide street as Emma parked her Bug in a miraculously open spot behind a van emblazoned on the side with the logo of a local news channel. Two more news vans were parked a little further down the block and white floodlights pierced the darkness, each coming from atop a TV camera aimed at the hospital. Emma stood next to her old yellow car for a moment and watched, taking in the stone-faced security guards who had come outside to hold the clamouring reporters at bay just outside of the entrance to the ER. They were like a flock of vultures, swooping down to pick apart the latest juicy carcass that had crossed their path until there was nothing left but the bones.

“-unconfirmed reports that Caroline Spencer, wife of longtime city councilman and mayoral hopeful Albert Spencer, was brought here to Saint Luke’s by ambulance from the Prince Hotel approximately an hour ago. A source has told us that Mrs. Spencer was found in a suite at the hotel in considerable distress and hotel security called 911. It is not known if Albert Spencer was with his wife at the time or the exact nature of her medical emergency, hospital representatives are refusing to confirm if she even is, in fact, a patient, citing confidentiality laws. We’ll remain on scene as this story continues to unfold, now back to you in the studio.”

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in the dumps [peter parker]

you find spider-man in your dumpster.

tagging: @redgillan, @mattymattymerduck, @avengerofyourheart, @wakandasoldier, @darlingbuchanan, @bemystucky, @idorkish, @iwillbeinmynest, @aubzylynn, @angryschnauzer, @almondbuttercup, @ipaintmelodies, @rotisserierogers

warnings: none!

additional notes: i absolutely adore peter so here is a lil thing i wrote for him. i imagine peter and the reader to be in their early to mid twenties here. and the reader (gender-neutral) is the inferno, a vigilante. i’m not much for first meetings fics but i had this idea and i liked it. may or may not be based on that scene from daredevil heheh.

A nice, carb-loaded, garlicky alfredo pasta had seemed like a great idea at the time. Now that your craving was fulfilled, all the pasta was good for was stinking up your entire apartment. When you decided the smell had become too much, you forced yourself off of the couch, slid into your sandal slippers, took the trash bag out of the can, and headed downstairs to take out the garbage. Bear, your beefy blue pitbull, barked when you shut the door before he could follow, whining when you went down the hall. You rolled your eyes; he was such a big baby, even if he was your baby.

It was cold outside, but you were warm enough in your T-shirt and flannel pants. Being the Inferno meant little fear of the winter on your part. It was the summers that inconvenienced you; wearing little clothing and wrangling your thick hair up into bun at the top of your head could only do so much to cool you off. On this chilly night in November, it was comforting to see your breath hover in the air in a cloud of fog, even if you were next to a green container of trash. You threw open the lid—

And found Spider-Man in your dumpster.

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TodoMomo One-Shot: Present

           “Hey, Todoroki!” Momo called out, running towards the spoken boy with a small box in her hands. The box was decorated with light blue wrapping paper that had a snowflake pattern and on top was a small, red bow.

           Stopping in front of the male, she handed him the box. He looked at her with amazement shining in his eyes, almost as if this was the first time it had happened to him.

           “Are you going to open it or what?” Momo pushed, ushering him to open the container that held his gift. Shoto slowly nodded and unwrapped the packaging, taking out the contents inside.

           There he held the given object in his hand. It was a dark red scarf, presumably handmade. He could feel tears welling up in his eyes as he looked at the girl before him, her facial expression showing that she was shocked.

           “U-uh… There’s one more thing in the box.” She chuckled nervously, pointing at the small case. He widened his eyes and blushed at his mistake, quickly pulling out what was left.

           It was an envelope, beautifully decorated with small snowflakes. Momo’s name was signed in cursive, her using red ink for it. The color scheme of it matched the container it was just in perfectly.

           Opening it gently, Shoto slipped the card out of its packaging. Slowly, he read it in his head, repeatedly, before saying the words aloud.

           “I know that not many people are there for you, that’s why I decided I’m going to fill that role. I know you aren’t going to get many presents, that’s why I’m giving you this. I know you put on a cold personality, but deep down you have a warm heart. I know all of this, so remember that I care for you. Use this scarf to remind you of that fact and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

P.S. I made the scarf thick, perfect for harsh weather. Don’t forget to try it out!”

           This moved him to tears, them now rolling freely down his cheeks. He looked at the female standing before him, pink dusted on her cheeks since she didn’t expect him to read it aloud.

           “Is this true…?” Shoto asked her, taking a step closer.

           “Yes, it is very true. Words from the bottom of my heart.” Momo told him, going in the rest of the way. They met for a sweet and gentle kiss, Shoto holding the gifts tightly to his chest.

I like TodoMomo. I’d say it’s probably my 3rd favorite ship in the series.

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so ive had a really bad night so if u would can i have some headcanons for the legends team (mainly revolving around my Boys mick jax ray and len cuz theyre my comfort characters) u dont have to if you dont want to tho



  • he has a very meticulous skincare routine. he spends at least an hour getting ready for the day and getting ready for bed.
    • he takes jax under his wing for this, the 2 of them have spa days sometimes. it’s very nice
  • he buys a lot of snowflake patterned things just bc he thinks its funny
    • he has snowflake pajama bottoms and a fluffy fleece blanket and some fuzzy socks
  • speaking of which, he has a ton of fuzzy socks bc lisa and mick just. keep giving them to him for his birthday. nothing else, just fuzzy socks. they come in all colors and patterns. he will never have cold feet again
  • he buys his own action figure and places it in inappropriate places around the waverider
    • it becomes a game w the team. where is mini cold hiding? is it in the freezer? in the coffee pot? on the shower head? did ray attempt to hide it by putting his atom suit on it again? who knows!
  • he adopts stray and unwanted pound cats, he has about 5 of them and he loves them very much. he loves to cuddle w them too
  • loves kesha bc i love kesha n love 2 self project


  • he asks gideon for everyone’s birthdays and always makes sure he makes them something nice they would like/find useful!!
    • he made mick and len matching charm necklaces. they have a little flame and a snowflake on them. ray has one that has an atom symbol on it.
    • len: im not a jewelry person raymond
    • ray: oh thats ok you dont have to wear it
    • len: fuck off im wearing it forever
  • he has a big fluffy blanket that he likes to drape around his shoulders like a cape and walks around dramatically w it. also doubles as his own personal cocoon for when he is feeling a Sad
  • packs lunches for everyone before missions, oh wait that one is actually canon. wild
    • but he starts getting lunch orders after a while
    • mick: wings
    • ray: what?
    • mick: hot wings. next lunch
    • ray: :D !! u got it
  • he has such a sweet tooth. u wouldnt expect it from him bc he is a Buff Boy. but he will swipe all ur cupcakes while u blinked and he will run off to his room n eat them
  • hes rly bad at remembering to eat himself but the SECOND he finds out someone skipped a meal he marches them down to the kitchen and has gideon make them some food. mom friend
  • him and jax are usually the ones who make breakfast for the rest of the legends, or at the very least get the coffee pot running. everyone is grateful, especially sara, who is a tiny hell goblin before she is Caffeinated for the day


  • he lovs to bake!!! he’s the one who makes the cupcakes and cakes. he was tired of all the waverider’s snacks not having sugar in them. he had to take things into his own hands.
    • one time he made weed brownies. the results were fun.
    • the legends didnt trust him anywhere near an oven at first but he surprised them all with killer brownies. the first batch were not laced. the second batch tho? he’ll never tell
  • he actually rly likes romance novels. he hides them behind the covers of his skin mags. No One Must Know
    • except ray, he knows. he also loves romance novels. they share book recommendations.
  • he’s not the biggest animal lover but he does love len’s cats. he has a favorite cat named Blaze. he’s big and orange and fluffy. sometimes Blaze falls asleep on mick’s lap and mick would rather gnaw his own arm off before he would move to wake him up
  • him and len do that thing where like. one of them points to some random and usually odd looking object and theyre like, “thats you.”
    • mick: *points to a garbage can* that you?
    • len: excuse me, mick, i am not trash. i am recycling. i’m higher quality garbage and thus deserve respect and special attention.
  • cries while watching movies sometimes. especially ones where the dog dies. leave him alone he has Feelings too u know
  • really enjoys the nights everyone gets drunk enough to play strip poker. because he’s really good at poker, and he gets to see his teammates strip. win win.


  • the BIGGEST britney spears stan. he’ll fuck u up if he catches u throwing shade
  • him and sara have a competition going on called Who Can Give Rip The Biggest Aneurysm. they just do increasingly dangerous and inappropriate things while in rip’s presence until rip gives up and leaves and/or cries
  • has a peanut allergy but one time he figured since he’s on a time ship now with an AI that could recover him from virtually anything, he says fuck it and tries a reeses cup for the first time. he cries, and not just out of the anaphylactic shock, but also because it was probably the best thing he ever tasted
  • the first time he meets wally he falls in love like, immediately. even moreso when he finds out wally is into racing cars. he gets wally’s number and they flirt over text
    • one time sara stole his phone for something and she saw the messages and hounded him over it, asking how long they’ve been together and when the FUCK was he gonna tell her he got such a cute boyfriend, she’s so proud
  • used to work a ton of jobs in high school. fast food? retail? family restaurants? he’s had to deal with the torture of them ALL
  • he loves his momma so much!!! he makes rip drop them off in central city in time for her birthday so he can visit her. she ends up inviting all the legends over for dinner and adopts them all

hopes this makes u feel a little better! :3c

Hot Headed, Cold Hearted- Chapter 2 (A Meihem Fanfiction)

She’d been so excited that she had shown up at the launch bay four hours before the ship was supposed to leave the next morning. Everything looked to be ready, she had checked and re-checked all their gear several times over, and probably checked on their food rations every time she had passed by their box, just to be ultra sure. To her relief, they were not the kind that they had sent her off with before, the kind that tasted like they had been at the bottom of some bargain bin for a few centuries too long. Winston’s new stipend had bought them all good food and good supplies, and she made a note to thank him later. He had even provided a book about northern wilderness survival, though she had a feeling that was for the junkers. He also hadn’t even seemed surprised by her wish to include them in her mission, and had made an effort to be polite about the matter when she presented him the paperwork to bring them along…True, he had that little hitch in his voice the entire time he subtly tried to suggest bringing Pharah or McCree or literally anyone else instead of them, but she had been firm. She was going to make this mission work, and improve junker/omnic relations at the same time.

Or at the very least, she hoped they’d want to kill each other a little less…

She sat on the edge of the launch pad wall, eating a piece of toast and jam and enjoying the morning as Snowball sat beside her, its screen showing a series of dots as it ran a few last-minute diagnostics. The sun rose slowly, dawning cool and clear and bathing the Gibraltar sky with pink and yellow, dotted with fluffy orange clouds. She had even managed to wake up before the local seagulls and there was blissful silence save for the faint crashing of far-off waves against the rocky cliffs, and the crunch of toasted bread between her teeth. Best to enjoy the silence and calm while it lasted, she knew. Even an entire flock of gulls couldn’t compare to the shrill screeching laughter of Junkrat when he got started, and he brought chaos with him wherever he went. The junkers would have to be monitored carefully, all the while trying to also monitor Bastion and its strange behavior, and she had to be prepared to break up any fights and try to smooth things over to begin the healing process… This morning would likely be the only reprieve she would have for the next several days and she needed to enjoy it while she could.

The last bite of toast and gooseberry jam left a few crumbs that she brushed from her lap, and there was a soft tweeting trill and a flash of Ganymede’s familiar yellow feathers as the Eichenwalde cardinal fluttered about her in a little circle, landing by her feet and pecking at a few specks of bread before tilting its head up at her. With a few hops, it launched up onto her foot, then her knee, and then onto the wall beside her, tapping its beak curiously at Snowball’s animated screen. The little cryo-drone startled itself awake, emoticon eyes blinking before offering the bird a ^ ^.

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A Soft Image For the Signs

Aries: bonfire sparks illuminating ecstatic faces

Taurus: a velvety bed with lilac sheets

Gemini: many moth wings lining a twig

Cancer: beach water, creamy with foam

Leo: raspberry jelly dollops

Virgo: the melting of snowflake patterns on baby-pink skin

Libra: blue, inky smudges in a neatly bound notebook

Scorpio: a breast cloaked in heart-embroidered lace

Sagittarius: a cracked door leaking yellow light

Capricorn: useful herbs wrapped and bundled. Rosemary, sage, and eyebright with limbs outstretched

Aquarius: a jellyfish’s tendrils pulse behind the slow-moving electric beast

Pisces: a sleepy town resting in fog

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Adfhhc if you're up for it, coldatom + 81

81. If you buy that, I’m leaving you.

“If you buy that, I’m leaving you,” Leonard declared.  That, being the ugliest sweater Len had ever seen in his entire life.  It was huge and looked like it would be itchy and uncomfortable, with a quilted snowflake pattern on the front.  It was quite literally an ugly Christmas sweater, however out of season it was. “Pretty sure I’ve seen grandmas at bingos wearing that atrocity.”

“You’ve gone to bingos?” Ray asked, completely ignoring his boyfriend’s disapproval for the garment that he seemed to be seriously considering tossing into their shopping cart.

“Oh, I have.  Bingo is a great team bonding exercise for my rogues, you know.”

Ray blinked.  “See, I can’t even tell if you’re being serious with that or not.  Why do you have to deadpan everything?  It’s so hard to figure out when you’re joking.”

Leonard hummed; now it was his turn to ignore his boyfriend’s statement.  “I’m surprised Mom or Dad hasn’t suggested bingo as a team building thing yet.”

“I still don’t think Sara or Rip would appreciate you calling them that,” Ray said.

“I still don’t think I care.  What’s important here now, Raymond, is that I can’t let you buy that sweater.”

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Wonderful Christmastime

Could you please do a cute Christmas request with Gee and it’s Christmas morning, and the dogs and cats are running around and he has his black PJ’s on and a Santa hat and a goofy smile. And literally treats you like you’re the world. Something like that please? I love you! 💕

Christmas imagine where Basement Gee buys y/n a puppy to help her cope with her depression

So like with all my fluffy stories, this is a bit shorter than normal. But I still think this is pretty sweet!

The second prompt was kind of put in here, though the reader doesn’t get a new pup or maybe they do… you’ll just have to read! I just figured it went well because the first request has pups in it anyways.  (though ultimately I went with Danger Days Gerard for this one….)

I’m realizing that I’ve kind of played around with both prompts here (i.e; Gerard is wearing an elf style onesie rather than the black pjs… but I hope it’s all okay!)

Grasping at the sheets, you groaned in protest realizing he wasn’t there. Feeling his spot empty, you rolled towards the middle of your bed, tucking the covers closer around you as you tried to drift back to sleep. It could’ve only been a few minutes when you felt the mattress dip, something warm pressing against your face as you tried to burrow in your pillow, swatting in protest to get them to stop. 

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