Finally! I have made that Snowflake Obsidian Reference I said I would. I can only release some of her backstory, since I might make comics or AUs featuring her, and every backstory can be changed if it fits more with what I plan to create. For now, she is a Homeworld aligned gem who participated in the gem war, and managed to escape Earth before the Diamonds released their weapon. Snowflake Obsidians have similar roles to Jaspers, but have jobs such as teaching new gem types the ways of battle or explaining their prime purpose on Homeworld. Depending on the circumstances, these gems act as guards for higher ranking gems and aristocrats, or even mercenaries. This Snowflake Obsidian does not care for material gain or status, and simply wants to see a job finished properly, but some Snowflake Obsidians may use underhanded ways of completing missions, (Stealing another gem’s charge or prisoner, boost their ranking by sabotaging others, etc.) White Diamond is a gem Snowflake strives to please and protect, and feels more loyalty to her than any other Diamond. Her face has a perpetual annoyed look and her personality can be very frosty at times. She is not comfortable expressing softer emotions, and would rather push them away to complete a mission or give the appearance of strength to other gems.

A pretty stable fusion of my Serpentine and @squork ‘s Snowflake Obsidian.

Together these two dorks make Ammolite. 

They’re a battle ready jerkwad who swears a bunch and has a lisp. They make for a pretty stable fusion however and would probably stay fused for quite a while. Ammo has the hyperflexibility/shapeshifting that Serp can do as well as the sticking to walls thing that Obsi can do.


30 Day Gemsona challenge accepted!:-

Day 5: Purple P & Tiger M

Snowflake’s ring identity is Liteweight

Onyx and Howlite were fascinated by Amethyst’s underground endeavours so they decided to come along and fused to join her tourney as Liteweight, the mysterious masked ballerina! She uses her lightweight (hence the name) to her advantage by floating to dodge attacks and can phase through opponents who try to attack her. She also makes good use of her aerokinesis and blows away her opponents with ease. 

Can she beat Purple Puma? Of course!


Valrún has the tendency to land himself in unhealthy relationships as an adult despite being placed on a better path by so many near the end of his childhood. The hound yearns to please those around him meaning he will do things he finds uncomfortable to make loved ones happy. He is readily manipulated and even when he knows it is happening finds himself wholly unable to escape it.

His center is loyalty. Unfortunately, that means he can be loyal to a fault. Even when all others have seen how far one has fallen, it will be Valrún fighting at their side with every hope that said fallen one will overcome their darkness.