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Today, several ponies attempted to answer a long asked question, “how many ponies can fit on the local dragon’s nose?” Rounding up several pegasi and other flying creatures, (and getting approval from  princess Celestia), They invaded the said dragon’s cave.

After a day of organizing a several complaints from the dragon, several pictures were taken to show the final count of the creatures on the nose.

Total creatures that managed to get on the nose before a dragon sneeze: 39

Featuring (on the Nose)

(on the Eyebrows)

(on the Horns)

(on the Head)

(flying above the head)

(Flying below the head)

(trying to get swallowed)

(hanging off the chin somehow)

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The following day a volcano erupted with witnesses reporting seeing a large dragon tossing a another dragon called “mod” into said volcano. No causalities or damage were reported. The whereabouts of the “Mod Dragon” is still unknown.

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