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The Division - Snowdrop Engine GDC 2014


Snowdrop video is now on Youtube in 1080p

‘The Division’ Claimed to be the Most Detailed Video Game Ever

Instead of showing off more gameplay as was expected for The Division’s VGX World Premier, the technology behind it was instead showcased. “Never before has a video game reached this level of detail” claims the narrator of the video. The spot goes on to showcase everything the game has to offer thanks to its Snowdrop Engine. 

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Tom Clancy’s The Division is Ubisoft’s highly anticipated third person open-world multiplayer RPG shooter set in the streets of New York, in a world that’s turned to a chaotic post-apocalypric landscape after the release of a deadly weaponized virus.

It’s a fantastic looking game, capable of jaw dropping levels of fidelity thanks to the SnowDrop engine that it’s utilising.  Tom Clancy’s The Division has suffered a few delays in it’s development, but after the buggy mess that was Assassins Creed Unity, Ubisoft will be keen not to let this one out the gate until it’s truly ready.

The Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta starts in December and the beta sign-up page is now live for PC, PS4 and XB1, so players will finally be able to experience this great looking social shooter.

Sign Up For The Beta (PC, Xbox One & PS4)


Most anticipated PS4 game: The Division. The Snowdrop engine looks amazing, including the creation tools.