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JAX-SENPAI HELP!!! I'm snowed in. I cant get to the gym! What can I do for cardio at home since I cant jog, swim or use the stairclimber?

Cardio at home when SNOWed in is pretty simple in 4 ways. 

1) If you have a Jump Rope you can just skip for 20-30 mins or get some HIIT Cardio in 15 minutes with it

2) BURPEES. Heres a fun challenge try doing Burpees for 15 mins. THOSE WILL WEAR YOUR ASS OUT no MATTER HOW TOUGH YOU ARE! 
Heres a quick workout Do 20 Burpees
then after you finish rest 20 seconds
Then do 19 Burpees, rest 20 seconds and keep doing that until you have 1 burpee left. That shit will wear you out and you can always add more

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3) If you have bad knees you can always shadowbox, pretending you’re fighting someone imaginary its great cardio

4) If you have a bad shoulder and bad knees you can easily just walk in place or use your stairs to do step ups but it has to be for 40 mins - 1hour for an effective LISS workout


Some Good ol Fashioned Yoga would also do your body good

Hope that helps