I dare you to write about something unexpectedly coming to life

Be creative! Is it a doll? A snowperson or snowchild? A stuffed or ceramic animal? A sacred statue or painting? How do characters in your story react to this? How many people can see it? If only one character catches sight of the thing, how many people believe them?

Think outside the box!

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rollingsnowsmasher  asked:

"Siiiiis!!!" Could this get any better? So it would seem that she actually shared the same birthday as the Sakura sis! With a little gift of her own of various little ainu treats ready in hand, Itsuki threw her arms around her for a moment before offering it up to her, "Ah hope ye 'ave the best bethday, sis! Happi happy bethdaaaaay to yeeee!!!"

Ah yes, her favorite snowchild is here bringing wonderful things towards her. She found it to be funny that her and Itsuki’s birthdays were on the same exact day. Meanwhile through the wishes she’s been receiving she decided to make the small warrior a cake. Nothing too big there was only a small square’s full in the bright blue box Sakura held proudly in her hands. 

“ Ohmygosh thank you so much Itsuki and happy birthday to you too! “


Challenge done! (I don’t know if the subs will show on Tumblr but I’ve added them!)
Snowchild challenged me to drink this.. 

So as usual this took like ageeees, and this is such a crappy pictuuuure ;3;

But here’s some fanart of 2 of my biggest idols eveer~

TheCarebearFag & SnowChild

I have no idea what SnowChild usually wears and I didn’t have her haircolor so sldfksjaglsj I’m sorreeeeeh ;__; //cries

(and I didn’t draw the bodies myself (did some changes tho), but I did the rest, like the hair and clothes ^^)

Kenton requested I draw our bosses in costumes.
We came to the conclusion they ended up in them due to Snowchild losing a bet to Cillian and Cillian kinda sorta just decided to wear his costume.
Most likely to weird the out the underlings.
Snowchild is fish of some sort and Cillian is a hamster.