Challenge done! (I don’t know if the subs will show on Tumblr but I’ve added them!)
Snowchild challenged me to drink this.. 


20 months have already passed. It feels like it was just yesterday we meet. Looking back on those first moments together I could never have guessed the two of us would end up together, but we did.

I sometimes think about that morning, the 5th september 2010. How I woke up in your bed, the sun shining bright through the windows and with your arms around me. I already knew then that I belonged with you.

We smile, we cry, we laugh, we argue, we live and breath together. 

I love you Stephanie ♡^▽^♡

So as usual this took like ageeees, and this is such a crappy pictuuuure ;3;

But here’s some fanart of 2 of my biggest idols eveer~

TheCarebearFag & SnowChild

I have no idea what SnowChild usually wears and I didn’t have her haircolor so sldfksjaglsj I’m sorreeeeeh ;__; //cries

(and I didn’t draw the bodies myself (did some changes tho), but I did the rest, like the hair and clothes ^^)