I dare you to write about something unexpectedly coming to life

Be creative! Is it a doll? A snowperson or snowchild? A stuffed or ceramic animal? A sacred statue or painting? How do characters in your story react to this? How many people can see it? If only one character catches sight of the thing, how many people believe them?

Think outside the box!

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So as usual this took like ageeees, and this is such a crappy pictuuuure ;3;

But here’s some fanart of 2 of my biggest idols eveer~

TheCarebearFag & SnowChild

I have no idea what SnowChild usually wears and I didn’t have her haircolor so sldfksjaglsj I’m sorreeeeeh ;__; //cries

(and I didn’t draw the bodies myself (did some changes tho), but I did the rest, like the hair and clothes ^^)

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{ ღ } The young London girl wandered throughout the halls and tried to find someone else to talk to. But, they all seemed busy among their conversations and didn’t plan on disturbing any of the students here. It seemed like she was the only one who was alone though. And with a sigh, she went out of the school to sit at a free table during lunch to eat out. Bringing out a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, she looked around to see if anyone was alone like her. But no, they just all had their friends. Well, I might as well read a book since it’s mostly quiet out here. And that’s what she did. She brought out a book her younger brothers made before she left for America. It was mostly filled with short stories of Peter Pan too.