What we did yesterday, by the #'s.

1: Hashtag: #snowbrawl2012

2: Trending topics in the city of Chicago (#Snowbrawl2012 and “Wicker Park”) at once. The hashtag alone trended from 4pm on through the event.

3: Media organizations working together to get the word out. (RedEye, Do312, and Chicagoist)

4: Broadcast stations documenting the snowball fight (WGN, CBS, NBC, Fox Chicago) Here’s the video from all of them. 

200: people that showed up (The # is a rough estimate of my own head count and that of the cop who was standing guard)

Literally hundreds: tweets, FB posts, shares, tumblr posts, etc.

I’m sore, voiceless and probably sick. I regret nothing. 

More fun to come. Remember: It’s only the second week of January.