people going around all like “omg clearly this acephobe has never heard of the spinster movement” like they themselves didn’t just learn everything they know about it for the first time like three weeks ago from a tumblr post — which i know for a fact because “spinster movement” wasn’t really even a phrase before that post, which represents more than half of the ~800 google results for the phrase (try googling ‘“spinster movement” -tumblr’ to see mostly a bunch of pages about snowboards)

and like that post didn’t completely decontextualize the “spinster movement,” to the extent that it was a thing, from the central issue of  m i s o g y n y  without which it is completely incoherent, rewriting women’s history and lgbt history all for the sake of claiming rights to a violent slur for people who don’t experience the homophobic and transphobic oppression it is part of, all while leaning heavily and uncritically on the works of a noted anti-“transgenderist” theorist

Last proper gym session before going on holidays for a month. Killed it. :D
I’m trying not to get too anxious about not being able to workout or go to crossfit for a month cos i’ll pretty much be spending most of my time snowboarding and hiking, but it’s still in the back of my mind… 

However, I can not even begin to express my excitement. I can’t wait to be home and see my favourite people, cuddle my mum and play in the mountains. :) :)

Psst aspire-perspire-admire 2 days til I get to cuddle you! 

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10 Facts About Yourself

  • I have a cat named Hobbes, and two goldfish named Angelo and Eliot
  • I prefer cold weather to hot
  • I snowboard
  • I’m addicted to caffeine. I get headaches if I don’t have coffee in the morning
  • My dragonborn’s name is Silver Gildjornn
  • I have a younger brother and sister (I’m the oldest).
  • My phone case was white but now it’s blue because I carried it around in the pocket of brand new jeans
  • Ariel was my favorite Disney princess as a child
  • I love Survivor, my family watches it religiously
  • I know six programming languages

9 Favorite Songs

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What the seven + Reyna and Nico are doing in the winter
  • Percy:tries to be Elsa with his water powers but it freezes his hand and he gets frostbite
  • Annabeth:sippin coffee and reading by a fire
  • Jason:flying up to the tops of mountains to ski down
  • Piper:snowboarding somewhere probably off the trail
  • Frank:building forts and igloos that melt into lumps
  • Hazel:ice skating on a frozen lake like a majestic snow bunny
  • Leo:trying to melt things and is probably miserable
  • Reyna:engaging in intense snowball fights
  • Nico:"accidentally" causing small a avalanches