snowboarding trick

Toni Halonen

Toni Halonen est un créatif d'Helsinki, Finlande. Ancien étudiant en architecture à l'université d'Aalto, il oscille aujourd'hui entre l'illustration, la direction artistique et les arts visuels. Toni a déjà oeuvré pour Kenzo et Bloomberg Business Weeks et passe son temps libre à voguer sur Internet à la recherche de vieilles montres.

Toni Halonen is a creative soul from Helsinki Finland. He studied architecture at Aalto university, School of art and design but wanders these days between illustration, art directing and visual arts. He has worked with clients from Kenzo paris to Bloom berg business weeks and wastes his spare time by nerding on the internet about old mechanical wrist watches.


* Harry Potter is secretly a snowboarding expert.
* Tricks, flips, you name it - he can do it.
* So one day during Christmas break, Draco Malfoy is taking a leisurely walk through the snow (although he regrets this, as the temperature is subzero.)
* and sees an excited Harry Potter doing outrageous snowboarding tricks he could only dream of accomplishing.
* He approaches him, “Potter?”
* Harry halts to a stop. “Malfoy?”
* “What on Earth are you doing?”
* “Snowboarding.” Harry replies before putting his goggles back on.
* Draco sits and watches him for a bit, longing to know how to snowboard without falling on your face.
* Harry notices Draco sitting on a tree branch.
* “Want something, Malfoy?”
* “Erm,” Draco started. He could hate Harry in Hogwarts, but this was not Hogwarts. “how do you do that?”
* Harry seemed to get the hint. “Come down and I’ll show you.” He smiles.
* Malfoy jumps down while Harry steps off the snowboard.
* “Stand on that.” Draco does as told and steps on the blue snowboard.
* “Now what?”
* Harry put his hands on Draco’s waist and started to push him across the snow.
* Draco was surprised at the sudden contact, i mean - they weren’t friends or anything. That’s what happens during Christmas, I guess.
* He was just about to tell Harry to move his hands away when he realized he liked his hands on his hips.
* “Potter if you let go right now, I swear to Merlin.”
“My name is Harry.” He smiled, distracting Draco so he could let go.
“HARRY!” Draco screams while Harry laughs.
* Lots of touching.
* Falling on eachother.
* Accidental lips touching the other’s face.
* Which leads to kissing.
* And soon enough Draco is learning how to snowboard.
* Not to mention learning how to have your enemy as a boyfriend.