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Snow Part 2 (Tom Holland)

The next morning you found yourself still lying on the couch, waking up from your sleep. You rubbed your eyes and pulled the blanket off you. You had no idea who put it there, but you had an idea.
You drag your feet into the kitchen where Harry, Tom, Charlotte and your brother all sat eating cereal or drinking tea.
“Sleep well?” Your brother asks you. You nod re-tying your messy hair into a pony tail. You own the fridge and reach for the milk for your coffee.

“What’s everyone doing today?” You ask closing the fridge.

“After you fell asleep, we discussed ideas of going skiing and snowboarding for most the day, and the hitting the spa in the afternoon before dinner.”

“Sounds good.” You smile to Harry.

“Yeah, and Tom wants to go to the gym as well.” Harry added.

“Cool.” You mumble and make your coffee. After your first sip of your warm coffee, you feel awake. After breakfast everyone heads down to the garage where their ski and snowboarding items are kept. They’re locked in a safe so no one else can take them and use them. You grab your snowboarding boots and put them on, and grab your helmet and clip it on.

“Watch your step.” Harrison calls from outside the garage. He tripped and almost fell into the freshly fallen snow from last night.
Tom walked down and goes down the step.

“Here.” He takes your hand so you don’t slip. 

“Thanks.” You smile once you get done.

“Whipped.” Harry teases to his brother. Tom rolls his eyes.

You all make it to the cable lifts and travel up further up the mountain. You’re one of the first to hope off. You waddle over to the ‘Ski Season Open’ sign and wait for Harrison and Tom. When you first started to ski and snowboard here, your parents took a photo at this very spot and you guys try and tell create it each year. You stand to the left, Harrison in the middle and Tom sitting in the snow on the right. Harry takes the shot and you help Tom get up from the snow. He looked so cute and cuddly in his warm clothes. You stick with Charlotte as you both snow board and glide down the mountain. Paddy decides to stick with you guys as you choose easier and more fun routes and tracks on the mountain. The other boys choose a more advance route. Paddy falls a couple of times so you have to stop and wait for him but you don’t mind.

“Paddy. See if you can jump in the air with your snowboard.” You smile encouraging pulling out your phone and filming him try and do the jump correctly.

“Whooo! Paddy you did it!” Charlotte cheers him on in the background. It wasn’t long until you find a small cafe, covered in snow, lit up by the fireplaces inside.

“Does anyone want a hot chocolate ? It’s my shout.” You say hanging up your snowboard and unclipping your helmet. Paddy’s goggles were fogging up so you had to help him take them off. You all walk inside and you order the drinks with some chips. Snowboarding can be exhausting. Your drinks and food come after a good ten minute wait, enough time to check your messages.

Mum 🤦🏼‍♀️: stay safe with the boys and Charlotte

You send a message back saying that your travels up the mountain were good and you’ve made it. You take a quick selfie with Charlotte and Paddy in it too and put in on Instagram with a location filter and a weather filter because it was like -3 degrees. As you’re about to finish your food you get a message from Harrison.

Harrison 🥇: Tom broke his nose again so we’re back at the lodge

You: Seriously? Didn’t he break it last time we were here…

Harrison 🥇: it’s tradition

You roll your eyes as you’re sent a photo of Tom with a crooked nose, blood coming out of it and him holding an ice pack on it. Poor thing.

You, Charlotte and Paddy snowboarded on some more slopes, enjoying the time together. At one point, Charlotte snowboard into someone else and you all raced down the mountain so they didn’t know who bumped into them.

“I can’t believe we did that.” Charlotte giggled as you walk back into the house.

“Let’s do it again.” Paddy gleamed kicking off his boots.

“Let’s not.” You giggle and take off your coat and snowboarding pants, leaving you in long johns, so you put on your tracksuit pants and another jumper. You walk into the lounge room and see Harrison, your brother and Sam all playing billiards, taking in turn to take their shot, with a bit of banter between them. Harry was taking photos of the falling snow and got a really good shot of the frozen ice hanging on the windows.

“Where’s Tom?” You asked Harrison.

“I think he’s still in bed recovering from his incident.”

“I got it all on film!” Sam said proudly. “He went whoop, and the whoo, and then ka-plunk and went straight into the tree. Oh man, it was hilarious.” He said narrating the video as he showed me. You really didn’t care.

“So, he’s in his room, huh?” You ask Sam and he nods. You sneak past the boys, head into the kitchen, grab another ice pack and knock on his door and open it. He was sharing a room with Harrison.
“I’m sorry. Did I wake you?” You smile at Tom who turned his head to face you.

“No no. It’s fine.”

“I uhm, got you another ice pack. I heard what happened.” You giggle sitting on Harrison’s bed and crossing your legs and giving Tom the ice pack.

“Thanks.” He said groaning sealing the melted ice pack for a new one.

“If you don’t want me here-”

“No no. Stay. Please.” He smiled sweetly at you.

“Okay.” You say and pick at the hem of your tracksuit pants. You guys were quiet for a couple of minutes.

“You can uhm, turn the TV on if you want.” Tom suggested.

“Do you want it on?” You asked him.

“Only if you want.” You shake your head.

“How’s everything been? How was press and filming? Tell me everything about it.” You smile and Tom’s face lit up.

“Filming was awesome actually. Yeah, it was dope.” You just wanted to know if he missed you or not. He was your best friend after all. “The press tour was crazy. At the airports, fans would wait for hours to see me. Me! Can you believe it?” Tom was never like this. He never boasted about his work to you. It was odd.

“Sounds good.”

“Yeah totally. And Harrison came along to everything. He really keeps me ground.” It was like you were interviewing him, rather than talking to him as a friend. Did his feelings change towards you? Was he trying to shut you out. “Oh and crafts service was awesome. There was this one day where they didn’t let me go to the bathroom for like, what was it, 11 or 13 hours or something. Mum wrote a letter to my agency and the set about the unfair treatment I received that day because my livers were in so much pain.” You nod. Like you would know how he felt. “You know Jacob yeah-” no you don’t. “Yeah, well him me and Harrison call ourselves the holy trinity these days.”

“Oh I didn’t know that.” Yes you did, you’ve seen it all over Instagram. Why hasn’t he touched you, or asked our you were today? Was he avoiding you. Usually you let it slide, but he was acting really odd. “And yeah that’s probably it I think.” He stopped his story. Go on, ask how I am. I need to tell you something. Like right now. Just say it, blurt it out. “Thanks for the ice pack.”

“All good.” You said looking down at your lap. He clearly didn’t want you around. You get up and just walk out of his room. You meet the boys at the billiards table. “So, does anyone want to go to the spa?” You ask them.


You sat in the spa with Charlotte. Tom hadn’t looked at you all afternoon. This kinda pissed you off. He was playing some ball game which involved a ball and drowning by the looks of it. Honestly, right now you couldn’t care less. Yesterday he was acting all lovey dovey and was willing to chat, today? Total opposite.

Harry decided it would be a good idea to get some pizza, so he, Tom, and Charlotte went to get the pizza. Whilst Harry was ordering the 8 or so pizzas, Tom pulled Charlotte to the side.

“What’s up Holland?” She asked and he glared at her.

“What’s up with (Y/N)?”

“Like you’d care-”

“Of course I care. Can you tell me why she was ignoring me this afternoon?”

“Dude, you’re so mellow.”


“You were ignoring her.”

“No I wasn’t.”

“Aha. Yes you were. Usually you’re all over her, but this afternoon, you just completely ignore her. We even spoke about Tessa and you didn’t even speak about her. Like seriously, what is wrong with you.” Charlotte spoke and Tom raised and eyebrow.

“D-do (Y/N) like me?”

“Of course she likes you. She’s your friend.”

“I-I mean like, you know.” Tom scratched the back of his neck nervous. “Do you think she would date me?”

“I don’t know Holland. After today, I don’t think she’d see you as boyfriend material.”

“I’m totally boyfriend material.”


“Yes I am. I buy her gifts, I cherish her, I hug her, I compliment her. What else should I do?”

“Just be yourself.”

“I can’t do that. She’ll hate me.”

“She likes you, because she like you. You guys met before any of this fame shit happened, and she’s still stuck by you. You know how happy she was when you broke up with your ex-girlfriend. She sympathised so much with you, and you just turned her down. Seriously Tom, get your shit together.” Charlotte sighed. “Remember when you you told us that you had dyslexia?” Tom gulped. He hated talking about it. “(Y/N) sat with you during Billy rehearsals and helped you with your homework. She worded all the sounds out, so you could understand what your work was.” Charlotte spoke and Tom nodded.

“D-do you think she’d say yes if I asked her out?”

“That’s up to her.” Charlotte shrugged and Harry gestured to the pile of pizzas on the table waiting for them. After sitting in the car for five minutes to drive back to the lodge, Tom turned back to Charlotte.

“Can you talk to her for me?”

“No way. You did this on your own.” Charlotte laughed and walked inside with the pizzas. Harry put them down and began to hand out plates.

“Hey (Y/N). What do you want?” Tom asked gesturing to the plate.

“Oh uhm, I can get it.”

“It’s fine. What do you want?”

“Uhm, a slice of garlic, a slice of vegetarian please.” You smile to Tom as he passes you the plate of pizza.

“Yeah uhm, no worries. Anytime, well you know, anytime we get pizza.” Tom flustered blushing. There’s the Tom you know.


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