snowboarding competition

Klance Skiing AU
-Lance is a Skiing Fuckboy™, Keith is the Edgy Snowboarder™
-Hunk n Pidge are the “We only ski in the wilderness” squad, while klance do tricks
-shiro is a professional fastguy, coran and allura and coran are skischoolteachers
-”you cant catch me” “watch me”
-”dude I’m gonna jump over that fkin thing” “duuuude”
-Pidge likes filming the squad
-Allura: “stay on the track!”
Everyone else: *is gone*
-Zarkon competes against shiro, haegar is that one skier that doesnt make any curfes and endangers everyone else with their fastness
-Shay works in a cabin and always gives them food for free
feel free to add more

 Get Off Your Feet (and make this count) by tuntekorpp

“Guys, this is Bodhi. Bodhi this is two random dudes who liked my disaster.”
The one who had sat down next to her snorted.
“Nice way of introducing us. I’m Cassian, this is my buddy Kay.”

or the one where it’s Jyn’s first time in the senior snowboarding competitions circuit and she makes some new friends.

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Celebrity AU
  • 2P!America: rapper/ break dancer/ hip hop choreographer
  • 2P!China: main member of a Kpop band
  • 2P!England: actor/ author of a famous cookbook
  • 2P!France: writer of best-selling tragedy novels
  • 2P!Russia: admired politician
  • 2P!Italy: model/ actor
  • 2P!Germany: beloved football star
  • 2P!Japan: tumblr famous for his creepy artwork
  • 2P!Canada: gold metal winner of the snowboarding competition in the Winter Olympic Games
  • 2P!Romano: singer/ actor/ model/ hair stylist/ makeup artist/ clothing designer/ fashion expert/ literally anything bc this fabulous guy was born to be rich & famous
  • 2P!Austria: ROCK!! STAR!!!
  • 2P!Prussia: popular YouTuber with a gaming channel
Bad Date Bingo

(This was my favorite story that I wrote for the Kent Parson Birthday Bash fic exchange.)

Summary: Kent comes out. The team takes it surprisingly well. Perhaps too well, honestly.

In which Kent is showered in blind dates by his team. A bunch of times when it goes wrong, and once when it goes right.

Read it in its entirety on AO3! But here’s Kent’s bad date bingo board, because AO3 wouldn’t let me include the formatting lines.

Also, many thanks to @des-zimbits for the loan of Grumpowski to serve briefly as a gruff, Polish Johnson!

Look below the cut for extremely sappy future headcanons about Kent and the guy he actually gets to go on the good date with.

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Stale Sandbech:  Surfer Girl Meets Snowboader Boy

I’ve never been to a snowboarding competition before, but Coco asked me to come, so I’m here.  We’ve come to watch her boyfriend Mark compete.  I have met Mark several times and I’ve always liked him, so I have no problem supporting him today.

“Mark told us to meet him here.”  Coco says to me.  We’re at a little restaurant inside the lodge. 

“Hi ladies.”  Mark says as he walks towards Coco and me.  Behind him follows his brother Craig {whom I’ve met} and some other guy I’ve never seen before.  Coco hugs all three of them, and then introduces me.

“Oh y/n, this is Stale Sandbech.  Stale this is my best friend, y/n.”  Stale shakes my hand. We make eye contact and I realize he’s decently cute.  Ok he’s actually really hot.  Like I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen anybody so good looking before.

“I’m starving.  I need to eat before the competition starts.”  Mark tells us.  We all go and sit down at a table.  Stale sits next to me, which I’m silently thrilled about.

“This is actually y/n’s first snowboarding competition.”  Coco says, making conversation.

“Seriously?”  Stale asks, looking genuinely shocked by this statement.

“Yeah I’m more of a surfer type of girl.”  I say while taking a sip of my water.

“We’ll have to change that.”  Stale says with a smirk on his face.  I can feel myself start to blush and I quickly look away from Stale. 


After lunch, Coco and I walk the boys back towards the slope.  Their competition is going to start soon, but they don’t seem too worried.  Mark waves goodbye to me, then him and Coco go off to have a moment before he goes to compete.  This leaves me standing with Stale.  I don’t mind though, Stale and I have been getting along great.

“So I know you’re here to cheer on Mark, but I was thinking…if you don’t mind…if maybe you’d want to wear my hoodie.  Ya know…to support me.”  Stale asks shyly.  He was so confident during lunch that it’s adorable watching him be so shy. 

“Mark has plenty of cheerleaders.  I’d love to be in your cheering section.”  I reply with a smile.  Stale looks relieved by my answer and hands me the hoodie.  It’s a red hoodie that reads something with Norway snowboarding on the front and Sandbech on the back.

“It looks good on you.”  Stale jokes.  The hoodie is huge on me, but it’s soft and warm.  Not to mention, it belongs to a hot boy.  Can’t get much better than that.  “Ok I’ve gotta go.”

“Don’t tell Mark, but I hope you win.  Now go kill it, Sandbech.”  I whisper to Stale. He laughs, then hugs me goodbye.  I watch him walk away.  He turns back right before he disappears in the crowed and gives me his usual smirk.  Moments later Coco is back at my side.

“Umm did I miss something?”  Coco asks with a little smile on her face.  I decide to play it cool.  I’m not even sure if Stale likes me or if he was just being friendly.

“Nope.  Lets go.”  I reply as we start walking to get a spot to watch the contest.

“Oh so we’re not going to talk about how you’re wearing Stale’s sweatshirt?” 

“It’s just a hoodie. He was being nice.”  I say coolly, Coco doesn’t buy it though.  Her face gives away her every thought.

“Aww I knew you two would hit it off.  He’s so cute.  He’s so cute, right?  I thought you guys were flirting during lunch, but I wasn’t sure.  I love this-“ Coco rants.  I just shake my head and laugh. 

“Yes he’s cute.  Please don’t read too much into this, Coco.  This could be nothing.”  I say, but it definitely feels like something, though.


As it turns out, I like snowboarding.  The first few boarders are amazing and I love watching them.  The announcer just called Stale’s name and now I’m really excited to see his run.

“It’s your boy.”  Coco says, nudging me with her elbow.  I roll eyes, and then quickly look back at the slope.  I don’t want to miss a moment of Stale’s run.

Stale’s run starts out perfectly.  He reaches the final jump and I see him sort of fumble in the air.  My hand covers my mouth as I watch Stale fall on his landing and tumble down the slope.  I feel Coco grab my arm as we both stare, terrified, at an injured Stale.  He doesn’t move for a bit, but then finally gets up.  A medic is helping Stale walk to the first aid station, but his eyes are searching the crowd.  He stops searching when his eyes lock on mine.  He just stares at me for a few seconds, and then nods his head towards first aid.  I nod back at him.

“Cokes, I have to go meet Stale.”  I blurt out before powering through the crowd to go meet Stale.

“I’m sorry honey, family only.”  The medic says to me when I approach the first aid station.

“It’s ok, she’s my girlfriend.”  I hear Stale shout from inside the station.  The medic looks like she wants to argue, but allows me in anyways.  I walk in and see Stale lying on a bed, looking beat up, but still handsome.

“Aw you poor thing. I think I’m to blame for this.  I’m bad luck.” I say to Stale. 

“No it’s my fault.  I was distracted.”  Stale explains as he holds his wounded arm.  “Well, I guess it is partly your fault.  I was distracted by you.”

“Oh yeah?”  I ask.  I do my best to hide my smile.  I shouldn’t be happy while he’s hurt, but this is a cute moment for me.

“Yeah.  Do you think you can just sit here with me for a bit?”  Stale asks as he sticks his hand out for me to hold.  I move closer and take it.

“Of course.”  I say.

“So tell me about yourself.”  Stale says.  It’s basically the worst question ever.  I never know how to respond to it.

“Like what?”

“Like do you have a boyfriend?”  Stale says, that smirk creeping back onto his flawless face. 

“Very smooth,” I say while giggling.  “But no, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Good.  That’s the answer I was hoping for.”