snowboarding competition

Celebrity AU
  • 2P!America: rapper/ break dancer/ hip hop choreographer
  • 2P!China: main member of a Kpop band
  • 2P!England: actor/ author of a famous cookbook
  • 2P!France: writer of best-selling tragedy novels
  • 2P!Russia: admired politician
  • 2P!Italy: model/ actor
  • 2P!Germany: beloved football star
  • 2P!Japan: tumblr famous for his creepy artwork
  • 2P!Canada: gold metal winner of the snowboarding competition in the Winter Olympic Games
  • 2P!Romano: singer/ actor/ model/ hair stylist/ makeup artist/ clothing designer/ fashion expert/ literally anything bc this fabulous guy was born to be rich & famous
  • 2P!Austria: ROCK!! STAR!!!
  • 2P!Prussia: popular YouTuber with a gaming channel
Get Off Your Feet (and make this count) - Chapter 3 - tuntekorpp - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
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Rating: Teen and Up

Fandom: Rogue One

Relationships: Jyn/Cassian, Jyn & Bodhi, Cassian & K-2SO

Tags:  Alternative Universe - Snowboarders, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Human!K-2SO, Saw Gerrera isn’t a massive asshole, Slow Burn, like super slow, Friends to Lovers.

Summary: “Guys, this is Bodhi. Bodhi this is two random dudes who liked my disaster.”
The one who had sat down next to her snorted.
“Nice way of introducing us. I’m Cassian, this is my buddy Kay.”

or the one where it’s Jyn’s first time in the senior snowboarding competitions circuit and she makes some new friends.

Chapter 3 is here!

“Can you just– look at the brochures? I am not sure which one I want. They all have pros and cons and I really, I’m tired of living in the Inn, the night staff is starting to freak me out, and I just need to move. That and Luka needs a yard, so he can get out of my hair every once in awhile.”