fornhaus  asked:

You guys are amazing for keeping up this blog & keeping up with this amount of requests. I'm watching motocross racing and I've got a hankering for either motocross racing (any vehicle racing is fine tbh) & any fics with snowboarding in them thank u!

i should be studying but i aint,,,, here’s all i could find for motocross, but it hasn’t been updated since 2012 lmao

Hot Shots by DeeGee (1? | 1,643 | NC17)

All this started just to impress a girl. Then it became their life, their passion, even if it comes with a few little annoyances. Though, there wasn’t anything little about Derek Hale.

you can find more racing fics in the racing tag. here’s some snowboarding

A Regular Jack Frost by baneofawolf (InTheArmsofaThief) (1/1 | 4,192 | G)

“No. I’m excited. I haven’t seen snow since first grade.”

It was more than just excitement, but they took that at face value.

Failboarding by Hatteress (1/1 | 135 | PG13)

“I’m almost one hundred percent certain your pants are full of ice after that last fall.”