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So I don't drink alcohol, or do drugs, or drink caffeine, or eat tons of cows, because I did associate myself as straight edge. But I smoke marijuana because it helps my multiple sclerosis.. Am I socially ironic if I continue to associate myself as straight edge or naw? Publicly I don't even want to associate myself as straight edge (although I do at heart) because of all the controversy/judgement I would receive from being in the middle of both worlds. Advice me.

A long time ago there was an olympic slopestyle skier. He was friggin awesome. One of the best even. The things he could do on a pair of skis were unbelievable. Red Bull contracts out the ass. X Games medals weighing him down.

Then one day he said:

 “You know what, I should start competing in snowboarding too. Those guys have a lot of respect for me, I have a lot of respect for them, I’m sure they would appreciate my talents and it would make their comps more exciting for them too, to have me there challenging them.”

The next day, he showed up at the X-Games during the snowboarding slopestyle event, and signed up. He got his jersey, and took the chairlift up. They called his name, and he made his way to the gate. But they wouldn’t let him go down the course.

“Why can’t I drop in?” He asked. “I’m ready, let’s do this. I’ve got this.”

And they said “Sir, I am afraid we can’t let you do that. This is a snowboarding competition, and you’re wearing skis.”

“So what” he said.

They replied “Well that’s just the rules that we’ve all agreed on.”