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Updated 6/22/17

Headcanon List 

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One shots - (language, suggestive,fluff and some maybe naughty- nothing explicit…further warnings listed in descriptions)

Louis x MC 

 Sugar, The Maid, Tease, Wet, Quiet, Only You, Badminton, Secret Crush

Giles x MC

 Elite, The Storm, Halloween/Fall Request , Your Tutor, Close

Sid x MC 

The Man Across the Hall,  Personal Space, Bully, Three in the Morning, Good Guys Like Me, Dangerous, Stress Relief (NSFW), First Time (NSFW)

Leo x MC 

 Literature, Spoil You, Hide ‘n Seek I, Hide ‘n Seek II, The Blacksmith, My Princess, Pillow Fort, Remedy , Sorry , Who do you think of? A New Chapter

Byron X MC 

 Byron, the Princess, and the Spider, Distraction I and Distraction II, Intrigue I and Intrigue Part II, Can’t Sleep, Starry Night , Sugar Cookie (For Emi), Hurt , Devilish Vixen Request Summertime Part I and Part II, Sacrifices, Surprise, Waking up with You, Adeline Part I and Part II, Time, Not a Dream, Time (short I), First Time (NSFW), Date Interrupted , First Kiss

Alyn X MC  

 Snowboarding, Class,  Loneliness and Loneliness (Alyn’s POV), Close , SoupThe Archer , The Most Beautiful Girl, Legends, Right Here, First Time  (NSFW)

Albert X MC 

 Fluff ,  Awkward, Stress Relief, Take Care, A Twist, Kiss It , My Sweet Baby request, Good for You

Nico X MC 

Shy , Naughty , Lost , Can’t Sleep Request, Delicious, Ex-boyfriend, The Garden

Robert X MC 

Flooooooof , Robert meets Prince Wagner, Journal Entries

Rayvis x MC

 Goodnight Princess, Prey , Enemies Among Us Part I and Part II, Mine , Undoing Part I and Part II, Quiet Night , The Date, A Secret

Suitor x Suitor

Albert x Nico + Princess - How to Kiss Part I and Part II

Suitors camping - S’mores

Sid X Louis - When we were kids and The Fallout - MidCin U

Byron x Louis - Halloween Theme Request, Under the Stars 

Multi-chapter - language, suggestive, some gore/trauma

The Soultaker - Part I,  Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V …..Albert, a mystery horror fic .Finished. MidCin U.

He Who Sees Me Not - Albert x MC, fluffy Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5  - Finished. MidCin U. 

The Arrangement - Byron x MC, Part I , Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V- Finished. Steampunk AU. 

The Northeast Castle - Byron x MC - I, II, and III - Finished. MidCin U. 

Possession - Byron x MC Part I, II, and III

I’ll Never Be Like You -  Louis x MC  - All Parts - Finished. MidCin U. 

The Sword Fight - Bryon X MC - Part I, Part II - Finished. MidCin U. 

Valentine’s Day Story - Louis x MC  - Part I and Part II

Don’t Let Me Down - Leo X MC - Part I. Unfinished. Modern AU.

The Void - An unrequited love fic. Full Story. No warnings.

Halloween/ Fall Prompts and Headcanons

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Byron x Louis request

Suitors fave things about Fall 

Halloween Costumes

Halloween in our universe 

The Enchantment Prologue and Full Story

Christmas/Winter Prompts and Headcanons

Prompt I, Prompt II, Prompt III, Prompt IV, Prompt V

Suitors Gifts to their Pets

Silly Suitors at Christmas  Part I, Part II, Part III

Suitors Winter Dates

Merry Christmas from the Suitors

Suitors as Christmas Carols

Hakobe Resort. Chapter 3

Warning! Rated M for foul language, sexual content (in every chapter), and adult situations. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. This is my submission for NALULOVEFEST 2016.

Summary: Natsu and Lucy’s two year wedding anniversary is coming up, and Natsu wants to do something to surprise his lovely wife. A weekend alone at the newly built Hakobe Resort should do the trick!

Word count: 6,870

Read chapter: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine

Read on or AO3.

Chapter Three: Bite

Lucy woke up surrounded by heat. This wasn’t an unusual occurrence, so she hardly noticed it. She sat up, looking around the hotel room. At the foot of the bed was their plates from last night, surprisingly still there and not on the floor. She knew they both moved around in their sleep a few times a night.

She glanced down at her sleeping husband, seeing his peaceful face. He always looked cute when he slept. She leaned down, placing a kiss to his cheek. “I love you,” she whispered before pulling away.

Lucy quickly grabbed the dishes and set them outside the room for housekeeping. She brushed the tangles from her blonde hair, then tied it in a ponytail. When she was done with her morning routine, she returned to the bed to see Natsu waking up.

The dragon slayer groaned as he sat up. His pink hair went in every direction, his hazy green eyes scanning the area. It took half a second for him to remember they were in a hotel room at Hakobe Resort.

“Morning,” Lucy sat next to her husband, smiling at his groggy face. “Sleep well?”

“Yeah,” he stretched, his yawn sounding more like a roar than a yawn. “You ready to go to the mountains today?”

Lucy’s face brightened at the thought of seeing all the snow. “Yes!” She suppressed the urge to jump up and down, even though she really wanted to. “When can we leave?”

His hooded eyes scanned her outfit, “Gets cold on the mountain. Sure you wanna wear a skirt?”

She glanced down, seeing her thighs and legs exposed. She was dressed for the beach, not the snow. “Oh, I guess I should change.”

“Probably,” Natsu chuckled, lifting himself from the bed to retrieve some clothes from his suitcase.

As his wife changed in the bathroom, he dressed in the main room. He put on his overcoat with one missing sleeve, then added a pair of white pants tucked into boots. Since he was a fire dragon slayer, he rarely got cold. He didn’t want to overdue it, otherwise he’d be sweating all day.

When the couple was finished, they went down to the lobby to get some breakfast. Lucy munched on a piece of toast while Natsu piled his plate full of all sorts of goodies. She laughed when he stuffed his face, saying he’d get a cramp if he filled himself up too fast. The dragon slayer didn’t heed her warning, instead only adding a waffle to his overstuffed mouth.

After finishing breakfast, they walked hand in hand to the other exit of the hotel. This one faced the mountain. As they started walking, they found a stop that advertised free shuttle rides to the mountain. Lucy asked him if they could take it, just to save time.

Natsu knew he could get affected by his motion sickness, but agreed anyway. Anything to make his wife happy. They boarded the next shuttle, Natsu leaning against her, puffing out ragged breaths as soon as the vehicle began moving. Lucy weaved her hands through his hair, trying to sooth her sick husband as they approached the mountain. He hummed in appreciation at the kind gesture. His stomach was in knots, but he refused to puke, wanting to make today great.

Lucy saw a faint line of light on the ground. Once they passed it, Natsu’s eyes fell open. “Whoa, that’s awesome,” he said as he straightened himself up. They reached the magic circle encasing the resort’s slopes, ending his pesky motion sickness as long as they stayed in the barrier.

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