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could you do a hc of tyson barrie as a boyfriend? [love your work, hun!]

i just spent two hours watching videos/interviews of tyson barrie just so i could hear his laugh because it makes me happy, so i thought tonight was a good night to do this: (also, thank you! xo)

  • takes you on that very stereotypical first date; the kind where he picks you up right on time, takes you to a nice (but not too nice) restaurant, pulls your chair out for you, insists on paying, takes you for ice cream by the water/pier/in the city afterwards, asks if he can kiss you when he walks you to your front door
  • texts you the next morning to tell you he had a good time & would love to see you again
  • jaw still drops every time you walk into a room, even if he saw you 2 hours ago. just can’t get over how much he adores you, how handsome/beautiful he thinks you are, how sexy he thinks you are
  • gives the absolute best hugs, but has two signature kinds.
    • the everyday hug: pulls you in close, one hand threading into your hair to tuck your head into your chest, the wrapped around your low back, rubs up and down, firm but not bone crushing, holds you there for a few moments, presses a kiss to the side of your forehead, sometimes mumbles “i love you” into your cheek
    • the comfort hug: lets you wrap your arms around his neck, wraps both of his around your ribcage, pulling you in as close as he can, squeezes tightly but in a way that makes you feel secure, not pain, buries his face into your shoulder, presses kisses onto your collarbone, always whispers “i love you” and “i’ve got you” and “i’m here for you” into your ear
  • good huggers always give good cuddles, too. he likes to lie on his back while you’re tucked into his side, likes to pull one of your legs over both of his, using his chest as a pillow so he can hold you all night but still have feeling in his arm
  • loves to be little spoon, will make himself as small as he can and slide down lower on the bed/couch so his head fits into the crook of your arm
  • always smells really good, but fresh and clean, not like he spent the morning bathing in cologne
  • knows that you love stealing his hoodies and sweatshirts, so he starts leaving them everywhere, or just flat out says “here, you want this one for a bit?”, sometimes says “hey i really need my avs hoodie back for our upcoming roadie but you can have these three instead”
  • really good at giving you compliments that actually mean something, like “your smile is so contagious” or “i love how kind you are towards insects, even though you’re scared of them. it shows how good you really are” or “i’ve never seen someone love their sibling the way you do, it’s so beautiful” 
  • huge on communication. nothing is too serious, too taboo, to uncomfortable to talk about. doesn’t do secrets or ‘dropping hints’ - if there’s an issue, he will make sure the two of you talk about it openly and honestly
  • doesn’t spend his money on you, because he thinks its frivolous and an in-genuine way of showing someone you care, unless it’s on something you’ll both enjoy like an offseason trip or a fancy new couch
  • a big know it all, but in an endearing way. loves to be the one to teach you how to do everything, like skiing and snowboarding and skateboard tricks. always dropping obscure facts on you just because he finds them interesting
  • loves making you laugh. its his favourite thing in the world. 
  • likes playing scrabble, especially with you. always lets you win even though you suck. 
  • feels inadequate in bed, so he makes up for it by always focusing on you, and doing everything he can to make you feel good, which makes him incredible. loves going down on you more than anything else, would do it for hours if you could take it, which is unlikely because he’s so good if he could
  • not kinky at all - very vanilla, very loving, very into aftercare (for the both of you)
  • not a fan of quickies, always has to make it long and drawn out so he can take the time to appreciate your body (and so you can take the time to appreciate his)
  • long drives at night when either of you are stressed. quiet, except for the sound of the both of you breathing, because it comforts him
  • uncomfortable with PDA, except for subtle touches and quick kisses, but always makes up for the lack of affection at home where he can’t keep his hands off of you, in completely non sexual ways
  • loves to fall asleep on the couch with his head on your lap and your fingers in his hair
  • still blushes and gets smiley and awkward when you compliment him or tell him he looks handsome

tl:dr - tyson barrie is the softest boyfriend in the NHL and he deserves the entire world

reminder that requests for headcanons, blurbs and full written fics are always open here!

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Winter request time! The female farmer was a professional snowboarder! How would the best trio (you know them) react to her sliding down the mountain doing sick tricks on her snowboard?

Abigail: Abigail immediately makes a few bets with you about tricks you may or may not be able to land, and watches with a smile as you prove you were in the right profession. She happily pays up but she asks you to teach her a thing or two, because it seemed to be thrilling flying down the mountain on a snowboard.

Sam: Sam’s eyes would be glowing as he watches you snowboard, admiring all your tricks and playing close to attention to how you perform them. He knows a skateboard isn’t the same thing but that’s his preferred mode of transportation, and after gushing to you about how cool you looked, he tries out a few things on his skateboard in private.

Sebastian: Sebastian wonders how long you had to train to become so proficient at snowboarding, but he silently cheers on the sideline as he watches you flip and turn. There’s a practical part of him that worries about the potential injury you could face but the other side of him was interested in seeing how extreme your tricks could get.

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Toni Halonen est un créatif d'Helsinki, Finlande. Ancien étudiant en architecture à l'université d'Aalto, il oscille aujourd'hui entre l'illustration, la direction artistique et les arts visuels. Toni a déjà oeuvré pour Kenzo et Bloomberg Business Weeks et passe son temps libre à voguer sur Internet à la recherche de vieilles montres.

Toni Halonen is a creative soul from Helsinki Finland. He studied architecture at Aalto university, School of art and design but wanders these days between illustration, art directing and visual arts. He has worked with clients from Kenzo paris to Bloom berg business weeks and wastes his spare time by nerding on the internet about old mechanical wrist watches.