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Good morning!

Thoughts for today…

There’s a fine line between hobbies and obsessions. I’ve been thinking about how to be a professional when your hobbies bleed into your daily life as though you have no other purpose other than to obsess over them. Haruko Hobbies need to be frivolous and less useful than ordinary normal pursuits. They are fun, yet always have an edge of challenge. As I go about the business of building a life I love, and attempting to curve my hobbies, obsessions and ambitions into a future, I will remember that being true to myself and my passions is aligned with having a happy life. I will settle for more, not less, and I will also remember that while it is true that “life is full of trade-offs” we still get to choose what we trade.

As always, cheers to being yourself!

Happy Tuesday❤

Flames and Snowflakes

Yours’ one shot series - Ethan Dolan

Warning: smut

Two pairs of snow boots heavily trudged uphill on slick and slushy terrain. The sun was shining brightly in the clouded sky, but beneath it was deceiving- trees without leaves, snow and ice filtering the ground, crisp flakes soaring and swooshing about with the wind. It was cold, the skin on Ethan’s arms erupting in goosebumps under his coat while he held firmly to his snowboard. A smirk lifted on his lips listening to you moan and groan.

“Go to Colorado, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.” You huffed, stepping around a few more boulders, twigs crunching under your feet. “I knew I should’ve tagged along with Grayson, instead.”

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Good afternoon.

“A miracle is something that seems impossible, but happens anyway.” -mib

Thinking about the many occasions I’ve experienced that kind of miracle. Sometimes things just work out.

Happy Friday, y'all❤️



Good morning💗

Leaving New Mexico today…

My weird idea turned out to be really fun!Grateful I have friends who are just as weird and always willing to try. I LOVE sandboarding and will definitely do it again– and againandagainandagain!

Happy Sunday