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Could you please talk about how Japan handles the LGBTQ Community, and what the LGBTQ community is like there? Where do you think it is headed toward in the future? How do you think Japan will be with the LGBTQ community by 2018?

Once again, I’m afraid this is not a question I’m qualified to answer. I’ve only been in Japan a year, I’ve hardly been involved in the LGBTQ community AT ALL (I went to pride in Osaka, and then went to a couple of snowboarding themed lgbtq events, but that’s it.)

Keep in mind - this is a difficult question to answer. Why, specifically, are you asking about the year 2018? What parts of the lgbtqa community are you asking about? Same-gender marriage is different than trans rights, is different than visibility. There’s lots of different angles to this.

However, I’m gonna ask cygnusnokodomo to take this one again. Ya volunteered, friend.