snowboard bikini

The Types as Canadians

ENTJ: the bear.

INTJ: the maple syrup monopoly

ESFP: this moose going YOLO on the slopes

ISFP: an angsty teen in 2003

ESTJ: a bowl of piping hot poutine

ISTJ: these reindeer commuting to work

ENFP: a beautifully outspoken penguin; noooot!!! noooot!!!

INFP: the special snowflake “canadian” hershey’s flavor

ESFJ: this man leading his baby goats through the snow

ISFJ: the endearing protesters

ENTP: this graph showing an entire population hold it for hockey

INTP: the north american swedish fish factory

ENFJ: the outgoing, loveable, *cough* hot *cough* prime minister

INFJ: the vaguely underwhelming vegan poutine

ESTP: this girl snowboarding in a bikini 

ISTP: these guys