How the some of the Bruins clear the snow from their driveways:
  • Zdeno Chara: Shovels the snow himself with a much-longer-than-usual snow shovel that he had custom made.
  • Patrice Bergeron: Shovels his driveway and the driveways of all his neighbors.
  • Brad Marchand: Uses a snowblower (which he "accidentally" pointed towards his neighbor's yard...again...)
  • Torey Krug: Mistaken for a neighborhood kid and his neighbor offers him $10 and cookie if he comes and shovels her driveway next.
  • David Backes: Plows his driveway and his entire neighborhood out.
  • Adam McQuaid: He's not allowed to shovel because the last time he did, he hurt himself.
  • Jimmy Hayes: Doesn't shovel his driveway. The snow will melt eventually.
  • Tuukka Rask: Gets in trouble for using a makeshift flamethrower because he's too lazy to deal with the 10,000 pounds of cold, white bullshit.

‘Well, it must be removed,’ said the King very decidedly.

- Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

(Lenox Ave, Harlem)

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“Alice in Manhattan: A Photographic Trip Down New York City’s Rabbit Holes”

This could be one of the most remote ski sites in the world, hidden in the Caucuses mountains, Georgia

In times like these, in which man dominates nature so heavily, untouchedness, wilderness and loneliness are more and more rare. Thus the true values of freeriding also vanish. In times like these, real adventures threaten to be replaced by virtual experiences in front of computer- and TV-displays. But they still exist - the magical places. Winter landscapes of such extraordinary beauty and seclusion, which seemed to be lost. Places that show us what we have lost in the presence of civilization and consumption. A place with this extraordinary charm is the village of Bakhmaro in Georgia. Well hidden at 2,000 meters altitude in the small Caucasus. A village, which due to its inaccessibility rests every year in the deepest winter sleep. Due to a 15 kilometer long pass road and the lack of heavy machinery and snowblowers, this road can not be cleared of snow from October to May. And that in the midst of a region blessed by snowfalls of incredible proportions.

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You’ll Always Have a Pizza My Heart

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Pairing: Dean/Cas

Written for the prompt: “Post breakup au: I know you can’t cook for shit so I’ve been bringing you dinner every night, just, y’know, to keep you alive.”

The first container arrived on Tuesday morning. Castiel was rushing around his house, trying to grab all the miscellaneous items he needed for work that day. He ran to his bedroom to grab his coat, ran back to the kitchen to grab his coffee mug, to the den space to grab his messenger bag, back to the kitchen for his car keys, and finally out the front door. Castiel then fell nearly face-first onto the ground as he took his first step out the door, consequently spilling his coffee over the overgrown lawn.

He’s about to chalk it up to his own clumsiness when he spots a reflection of red out of the corner of his eye. Turning around, he sees a clear plastic container with a red lid, sitting nonchalantly on his doorstep.


Castiel is already behind schedule, but he bends down and picks up the mysterious tupperware. He opens the lid to find… lasagna?

Definitely lasagna.

He sniffs it, and it smells… normal. Castiel is absolutely bewildered by the lasagna sitting outside of his house a 7:34 am, but he doesn’t have time to contemplate its origins, or what else could be lurking with said lasagna. So he walks back into his apartment and sticks it into his fridge, next to the microwaveable dinners and bottles of beer. To be quite honest, it’s now the only non-boxed food item in Castiel’s whole fridge (he’s not a chef, to say the least). Usually, the shelves would be stacked with containers of leftover stir fry, grilled chicken, roasted vegetables …(but those were much different circumstances).

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The Octobasse, or as I like to call it, “what my snowblower sounds like running on old gas”