snowberry clearwing moth

anonymous asked:

porp what are your favorite birds or bugs or other critters if you ever feel like sharing this information with your loyal slime fans?

Wow a very good question!

Bugs are my favorite! I like aphids, bees, tarantulas, moths, wasps, stag beetles, snails, mantises, and ants. Wasps are probably the most “fuckable” bug. I like carnivorous Eupithecia caterpillars (the ones that mimic twigs but with horrific alien mono-claws) and snowberry clearwings (hummingbird moths).

Plants are my second favorite. Algae, moss, lichen, kudzu…clinging creeping plants that swallow landscapes. Carnivorous plants are also good!

Amphibians and squishy water things are my third favorite. I like lampreys, leeches, jellyfish, anemones, gators. I appreciate stupid looking fish for getting out there and doing their best.

My favorite birds are bats and hummingbirds.

Parasites are very good too!