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A Hundred Broken Fragments by bazyounumpty

The second the car passed my window I knew it was yours.

Heatwave by Fletcher_is_a_fangirl

Set a few months after the end of Carry On. Baz is sneakily working Simon’s hormones up - but just because Simon doesn’t go off magically anymore doesn’t mean he won’t crack under pressure…

Only Time Will Tell by andonewillbringhisfall

Agatha goes to the future and finds something rather unexpected…

Opposite Day by bazyounumpty

I’m a mess by the time I reach the room. My knuckles are bleeding from the walls I’ve been grazing them along, and my hair raw and dry from the amount of times I’ve raked a hand through it. I don’t even want to think about my face. I haven’t cried, but it wouldn’t take an idiot to see that I’ve worked myself into a state.

Pastel sweaters and leather jackets by sunlightschadow

At first glance Simon Snow and Baz Pitch really don’t match. Simon is all pastel colors and sunshine smiles and Baz is leather jackts and evil sneers. But what if Simon suddenly wants to stop their rivaly and be friends with Baz instead? How is Baz supposed to hide his love for the other Boy now when he can’t do it behind a mask of hatred?

Prankster by andonewillbringhisfall

Simon pranks Baz the Normal way, using flour, and hair dye, and a fake love letter and yeaaaah you know how it’s going to end.  

Secrets and Admirers by pixiecodesnowbaz

I find myself again at Simon’s door. Technically, it’s Simon and Penny’s flat, but I come for Simon. Penny answers the door.

Sick of Losing Soulmates by rosebudbasilton (tw)

Sixth year at Watford, and Simon Snow turns up sick. Baz ‘doesn’t care’.

Surprise! by jamesxlilyxpotter

It’s Simon’s 19th birthday and Penelope wants to throw him a surprise party. She decides to have Baz take him out for a few drinks to get them out of the way. A truce for one night just before summer, Snow and Baz get to finally know each other after living together for almost a year.

Truth by redbeard

Baz and Simon visit the Grimm family for Christmas and get hit with a terrible curse. 

meditation against body
  1. pick a quiet, dark place where you will be alone and outside. this can be a cornfield at night. an alley. the bottom of a well. anywhere dark and quiet where you will have solitude and be outdoors
  2. before you go to your secret place bring six things 1) a favorite food 2) a favorite book 3) a prescription medication or ex’s clothes or some make up 4) lighter fluid 5) a book of matches 6) water in case things get out of hand
  3. go to your secret place
  4. once you are there create a pile with the first 3 objects, douse those in object 4, ignite that with object 5. once it dies down or things get out of hand use object 6 to calm things down.
  5. close your eyes and begin deep breathing
  6. imagine the snow
  7. imagine the wind
  8. imagine the dark
  9. imagine the moon
  10. imagine your head then your neck then your torso then your arms then your hands then your genitals then your legs then your feet
  11. begin subtracting 
  12. imagine no feet then no legs then no genitals then no hands then no arms then no torso then no neck then no head
  13. imagine no moon
  14. imagine no dark
  15. imagine no wind
  16. imagine no snow
  17. be like this until everything else you’re not thinking of goes too
  18. come back
  19. clean your area and check the pile for heat if you need to put it out
  20. mark your forehead in ashes
  21. leave here and pretend this didn’t all just happen to you pretend there was no fire pretend the was no secret place pretend you don’t ever listen to witches on the internet and are a good woman
Westallen and the people.

Earth 2:

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Harrison Wells: They’re not your people. Their lives are not your lives. Never were, never will be.


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Barry: …


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Snowb*arrys: …


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Barry (and Iris):

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NOT MY GIFS, I just thought about this and kaboom. I’m so proud of Westallen, not just because they’re together, but because their relationship is so mature, yet so cute and with little jokes. 

And, of course, I’m so happy to be in, not only The Flash fandom but, the Westallen fandom. Proud of us shipping two people who REALLY love each others, who had an amazing chemistry together since the day 1, who are each others world and who make a perfect couple. And proud of us not being racist,  blind, kind “wtf??”, not in need of montages for our ship have moments and proud of us being R E A L I S T I C S.

Proud of our OTP be real in the TV Show and in the Comics.

Westallen is love. Let love be in your life.

Sorry for any mistake.

anonymous asked:

20? Wally West?? Idk if your slots are open it's okay if I'm too late <3

A/n: I did my best to make this funny! But it’s a little short, sorry about that!

20: “Don’t you dare throw that snowb- god dammit!”

“Wally, quit messing around in the snow! It is cold as hell, so I want to get back to the Cave as soon as possible!” You hissed and shivered in the mini-snowstorm.

Meanwhile, the bouncy and energetic speedster popped his head out of the snowbank with a wicked grin. “Aw, come on (Y/n), what’s wrong with a little fun in the snow?”

“It’s cold.” Your beloved boyfriend knew that you hated the cold, so you always got the cold missions done faster than the others. “We’re almost done anyway! Just get out of the snow!”

“No can do, m’lady.” He gave you a toothy grin. “Your super-strength can’t scare me this time; I’m having too much fun.” Wally ducked back under the snow and burrowed around in it, and you could see the snow above him moving around like a mole digging in dirt.

It was a hilarious sight, but you were still freezing. “Is that a challenge, West?”

“Now that I think back on it, it definitely sounded like a challenge, but I kind of meant it to be a plea to stay unharmed,” Wally whimpered and laughed nervously. “Your wrath is beautiful, my dear, but I like it when it isn’t directed at me.” His voice was muffled by the frigid snow, but you could still hear him easily.

“It will be if you don’t get out of the snow!”

“Babe-” He whined.

“Don’t you ‘babe’ me! You heard what I said!” You didn’t mean to order him around, but the far-below-freezing temperatures made you grumpy as hell. “I can hardly feel my fingers! I’d like to warm up sometime soon!”

The mass of snow stopped moving, and you could hear Wally’s smirk. “In what way of warming up are you proposing?” His tone was suggestive and you rolled your eyes, but with a huge grin.

“Maybe if you get out of the snowbank, we can… discuss it.” You used the situation to lure him out of the snow, and you were relieved when he finally started to emerge.

“Sounds like a deal, babe.” He had his hands behind his back, and it made you suspicious. Your eye narrowed and you gave him a dangerous glared when he quickly pulled a large snowball out from behind his back.

“Put that down,” You took a step back. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba- God dammit!” You shouted when the cold ball of compressed snowflakes hit you square in the face.

Wally doubled over and cackled at your expression. Words didn’t seem to work for him at the moment, so he stuck with wheezing out a small apology accompanied by ‘I have no regrets’.

You quickly snatched up a large handful of snow and made it into a perfect sphere, and you waited for your lover to look back up at you. Wally did so after a few more moments, but when he saw your arm cocked back, the blood drained from his face and all laughter ceased. “Hey, (Y/n), let’s talk about this!”

“Too late, ‘babe’.” You smirked, and you threw the snowball with not much more than half of your capable strength. The impact of the snowball on his chest sent him flying backwards into the snowbank he just came out of, and you heard him grunt after a few seconds of being defeated. “I’ll take the time to feel bad later, but you definitely deserved that. I’ll be warming up in the showers by myself.”

Wally flew from the snowbank and skidded to a stop in front of you with sad eyes, begging for your forgiveness. “Please, (Y/n)? I’m so sorry and-”

You simply picked him up and gently threw him into a different snowbank. He cried out when snow got into his suit. “Should have thought of that before your threw the snowball, sweetheart!”

A/n: I am sooo sorry that this took a long time, I got really busy with school and I focused on finishin the TBT (The Bird Tattoo) series. Hope you enjoyed!

CALLING IT RIGHT NOW : Get ready for all the SnowB@rry fans saying that “Aaaaaw Iris and Mon-EL have so much chemistry she totally should date him and not Barry. They’re so cute, way cuter that Westallen. Honestly they’re great and no this has nothing to do with the fact I’m a SB fan. I just seeing a great relationship and chemistry”. 

Wait for it, you’re gonna see this kind of thing all over the Iris West tag after the episode. 

Let It Snow

A/N: This is my submission for @winchester-writes Spn Christmas Song Challenge my song was Let it Snow, Prompt was icicle. Enjoy. All feedback is appreciated! Requests are open. If you want on or off any of my tag lists let me know.

Summary: You’re waiting out the snow storm with Lucifer.

Lucifer x Reader

Warnings: Fluff? Implied smut.

Words: 698

Tags:My Amazingly Wonderful Beta @scarletwinchester84@mamapeterson@cici0507@littlefreakingfangirl@spidermans-l-o-v-e-r@highonpastries@girl-next-door-writes@dreamycloud1@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@fruitiplierq@maciiiofficial@kalliravenne@neversatisfiedgirl@jinksy-ride-with-your-ass@aprofoundbondwithdean@nikolanna@the-fallen-tumbler-star-love@sdavid09@superneetrul@fand0maniac@thing-you-do-with-that-thing@ccry45@sandlee44@hiddles-and-skittles@freefood45@supernaturalbaesduh@family-business-forever@hp-hogwartsexpress@megansescape@oneshotsdeanshort@cocos-cocoapuffsarenotforsale@netflixandcastiellll@one-shots-supernatural@nichelle-my-belle@deanscherrypie@bkwrm523@royalrowena@supernatural-jackles@roxy-davenport @sassysupernaturalsweetheart @jensen-jarpad@jpadjackles @wildfirewinchester @kanamehisamatsu @kittenofdoomage

Oh the weather outside is frightful

But the fire is so delightful

And since we’ve no place to go

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Being alone and stuck in your home due to a blizzard wasn’t really your idea of a night, but you had to admit having a fire place was amazing. You went to the kitchen to get your hot chocolate, your t.v was out but that was fine with you since you hardly used it.

Getting back into the living room you seen him, Lucifer. He was smiling at you as he sat down in front of the fire crunching on an icicle, “I hope you brought me a cup.” He winked at you, you felt as if your heart had just melted. “It’s a lot funner to share.” He patted his leg and you sat on his lap, “I do agree with that.” You took a sip and as soon as your lips parted from the cup his touched yours, once the kiss was broken you felt your cheeks getting hot, “I thought you weren’t coming.” He brushed a strand of hair behind your ear, “I know how much you needed me.”

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I always hate it when Snowb*rry Stans…

Use the excuse, “Grant hates working with Candice.” Like they’ve actually had a conversation with him about it. All the behind the scenes videos and pictures I’ve seen show them laughing and having a good time. So… (p.s. you know when you prove a snowbarry wrong when they delete your comment that was kindly correcting them ☕️🐸)