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Caitlin Snow and Eggnog

1x09 (The Man in the Yellow Suit) - Offering it to Barry and Joe

2x09 (Running to Stand Still) - Asking for it

3x09 (The Present) - Offering it to Julian


I’m going to let you in on a secret. If you feel “disrespected” and apoplectic about such a  huge part of the Flash’s origin story , then you could stop watching the show. I’ve never tortured myself into watching something I wasn’t fully savoring. If I feel like I’m not fully engaged in the story they are telling me, then I won’t employ my time on it. It’s that simple. I would presume, and hope, that no one is grabbing you by the head and coercing you to view a show you have so much criticism about. Westallen is a part of this Flash origin story (always has been and always will be; it’s deemed “historical” in the comic book world), your insistent defeatist and completely erroneous comments about the relationship and/or Iris isn’t going to minimize how poignant it/she is. This is so much so, that it’s been three years since they’ve been building this up while you’ve been criticizing it and it’s still flourishing and at the forefront. The rest of the show is going to be like this. They are gradually building up the Flash family and Westallen are at the very beginning of that lineage. It’s just how this show is set up to be. The EPs have said it over and over, especially before this season commenced where they decided to run with the the ship. In a book written about the making of the Flash TV Show, they mentioned that anyone who Barry or Iris have been with before are placeholders for when they decided to get together. That is apparent in the show and it’s extremely factual in the comics (specifically the Barry/Fiona arc. New 52 gradually proving this as said by Francis Manapul). 

PS. You may feel enraged because Iris/Westallen is taking such a huge part of the show; but I feel enraged as a comic book fan that has been waiting for a full-fledged Flash comic book show to have such a prominent part of the comics be turned down by people whom can’t decipher Iris’/ WA’s importance. You have to appraise that people are indeed enjoying this despite you not doing so. Some people may not even care much for Westallen but they are reveling it because it’s an indicator of more comic accurate stories to come to fruition in the comics- Bart Allen, being at the very top of that comic book fan boy/girl wish list. Again, Westallen/Iris is always going to be favored in this world, it’s just how it is. This isn’t Green Arrow where in comic canon Oliver and Dinah end up being more apart than they are together. Or Bruce and Selina’s tremulous relationship. Or even Clark Kent and Lois Lane where although they are ultimately the “OTP” of the respective Superman comics, Clark sometimes favors Lana. This is Barry Allen and has always favored Iris. Its in his character that his fate is and always will be Iris West. He’s left a woman who he has married when he’s had the chance to reunite with Iris.So whether you like Iris or not, whether you like Westallen or not, Barry Allen and the Flash comics does (figuratively speaking). 


I’m so glad that this dork is going to be in the next Episode. 😍
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A little late srry. Anyway…
This is Barbara ‘Bobbi’ Snow-Allen aka Bolt daughter of Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow (the flash) from earth 22. She’s a speedster (her speed color is blue/white) and have cold powers (not as powerfull as her mother)
Hope you like it