there are so many non-Christmas fics and hc you can write this winter.


soft boys in beanies holding hands and throwing snowballs at each other

girls doing their girlfriends makeup (dark lips !!!!) and taking them out on a cute date (hands in each other’s pockets to keep warm!!!)

coffee dates and sharing coats!!!

wrapping their significant other up in a scarf bc “you’re gonna get sick !!!” and then having to be taken care of when //they// are the one that catches a cold


celebrating the characters different religious traditions that don’t include Christmas

cuddling under blankets while it snows/rains outside

“my heater doesn’t work so I need to use your shower and maybe cuddle up next to you bc I’m so cold” neighbor AUs

etc etc

And then I doodle again. And then I deleted. And then I doodled, and then I deleted. I deleted both times. And then I doodled. And I deleted again. This went on for several hours. And then I teased about it to online friends. And then I deleted. And then my tablet was was out of power, and then I got sad. I had a popsicle. And then I passed out on my tablet. Then I woke up, and then I got my pen. And then I doodled. And then I deleted. I deleted again. I doodled. I doodled something accidentally nsfw, but it wasn’t what I was going for, so I guess I deleted. I passed out again. Had another popsicle. I had a dream that I was doodling something. I deleted. I threw snowball at my tablet! I deleted. I packed another snowball into my tablet. That’s my secret talent. I deleted. I doodled. I passed out. I woke up with my pen in my mouth. Don’t piss me off, Tumblr! I’ll take a swing of Angst at you! I’ll delete though, I guarantee ya. And I’ll make another doodle, and I’ll delete. And then I’ll have myself a popsicle. Would you care for a popsicle? Just don’t bring it into the doodle room. I reached to my tablet to doodle. I erased the file. I got it back, but I then deleted it again. I dropped my pen on the floor. Long story short - deleted.



Camp Wintersoul is now accepting applications for campers.

After all, what would an event like this be without its campers! Applying for Camp Wintersoul allows you to take part in the 10 days’ worth of cool activities we have planned, as well as the chance to have fun interacting with other SOULs if those events don’t quite catch your eye (but there will plenty of options, and lots to do – so don’t be so quick to sit out!).

Be it intense snowball fights, piping hot cocoa sipping, sneaky curfew breaking, or racing sleds down the Crystal Valley, Camp Wintersoul is a place for kids of all types to make friends, messes, and memories alike.

If you’d like additional information about the camp, check out these page links over here for our [About], [FAQ] and [Rules].

If you’re interested in joining the Camp Wintersoul roleplay event, send in an application through the link below:

exo in the snow (OT9)


and i’m starting Christmas reactions/ scenarios now so YAY. (it’s never too early for Christmas. never.)

also do you guys like more of the crack (funnier) reactions? or fluffier, cute reactions? it’d be great if you could reblog/comment/chat me!


suho: probably has a bunch of extra mittens to give to the others because he doesn’t want to deal with when their asses are sick. also has to pay extra for the electricity bill because someone *cough* sehun *cough* had to turn on the heater 10x more than usual. 

chanyeol: the one guy who tries to attack others with snowballs, ends up miserably failing because everyone teams up against him and pelts snowballs at him,,, is pissed for the next month because no one is fucking loyal,,, ya played yoself chaniyol. ;)

xiumin: drinks all the hot chocolate that was prepared for 8 other people but instantly denies it when he has whip cream all over his mouth;; plays in the snow until his lips are blue but denies that too and runs around the whole place making snow angels bc he’s that extra.

kyungsoo: made all of that hot chocolate with extra extra extra marshmallows with a candy cane in it but later on can’t believe the abs god minseok ate all of it. he also packed icicles with snow and threw them at chanyeol, probably threw the most on top of that–

baekhyun: promised chanyeol he would help him attack the others, but then yixing asked him to join their side.. chanbaek is now shookt. also the one who found out it was snowing and started jumping around like a smol child forcing everyone up and running out the door with bare feet.

chen: surprisingly is NOT trolling anyone! is actually too focused on building a perfect snowman while singing “do you wanna build a snowman” but the snowman ends up as a huge clump of snow with a carrot but claims it’s the best snowman ever and threatens anyone who gets near it. 

jongini: didn’t go outside in the first place because he hates the snow,, also wanted to stay in the toasty house cuddling with his dogs and drinking a hot cup of coffee with a donut. don’t take this kid outside because he’ll scratch your face up. 

yixing: actually has mad skills on building perfect snowmen,, knows he’s better than jongdae but doesn’t say anything because he wants to let chen have a moment to shine. (but bitch sm i stg give the child some lines) also stole baekhyun from chanyeol.

sehun: honestly didn’t wear proper clothes but instead tried dressing up really fashionably for instagram pictures. eventually caught the cold and buried himself under a shit ton of blankets using 5 boxes of tissues. turned on the heater way too much and suho had to pay the bill off.

The girls would be absolutely MERCILESS in a snowball war, let’s be real here. (Rest in pieces, Georgie.)

Happy Holiday season to everyone! This is the wallpaper for this month, the full-res of which you can grab on the Patreon for $1 a month! I also post full illustrations of upcoming zines I’m in, and progress pieces on other comics I’m making for anthologies or otherwise. Hope you can join in on the fun!

skyler-flying-high  asked:

Who do you think is more festive?? I need them both to wear ugly Christmas sweaters immediately


JONAS!! Jonas is more festive but so is Mitch (in their own ways… It’s very different)

Jonas is the Good. He can’t wait for those warm christmas feelings, big ugly christmas sweaters, warm drinks like hot chocolate or lattes, looking out on really pretty snow days, playing christmas music in the background and having a grand ol’ feast… He loves it…

Mitch is the Naughty. All those weird Christmas ornaments? It’s Mitch’s. Mistletoe hanging off his crotch, intense snow fights where he’s chucking snowballs at nerds, eggnog, being chrismas gay with jonas, obnoxiously singing along to christmas music… Love…  

kikiisafurry  asked:

What introduced you to the furry fandom?

Well, it all started out almost a decade ago when I started drawing animals (mostly wolves) and made a bunch of friends on DeviantArt. Then, in a bout of depression and soul-searching, I decided I wanted an animal character all my own because I saw all these other people with their own characters. It was very shortly after I created Ikodo that I saw someone mention the term “furry fandom” somewhere online, and so I did some further research, found Furaffinity, and a collection of other sites, and everything just sorta snowballed from there, but snowballed in the best possible way!

anonymous asked:

Imagine Asriel and you sharing hot chocolate, wrapped up in snowflake patterned blankets, snuggling next to a fireplace after a intense game of snowball fighting and you can hear is the light breathing of Asriel and the crackling of the fire.


MFF part 2: Snow Day Sunday! The snowball fight started almost as soon as the flakes could stick on the ground.

Also, babby’s first Cheerio suiting! I lasted a whole hour the first time I tried Saturday afternoon, and four hours Sunday after I realized, no, they really *aren’t* kidding about how much water you need to drink.

Thumbs up to Exotic Erotics, Frisky Beast, and Primal Hardwere for such a great Silicone Valley section of the Dealer’s Den! My finds will be forthcoming. :3

BTS would you rather

SooOooO I was tagged by so many of y’all agES ago to do this, so thanks to @kookios, @pjimns, @kimtahyung, @strawberryyoongii and @protectaetae for tagging me in this il y’all sm!! <3 

-build a snowman with v OR have a snowball fight with j-hope

- get coffee with suga OR get ice cream with suga

- go to the cinema with jimin OR the amusement park with Jungkook

- do a dance cover with j-hope OR sing a duet with jin

- kiss rap monster OR cuddle suga

- babysit with jimin OR dogsit with v

- meet j-hope’s family OR have v meet your family

- film a commercial with j-hope OR film a sketch with v I LOVE ACTING SM 

- hug jimin OR hold hands with jungkook

- go to paris with jin OR to london with suga

– film a drama with jin OR do a photo shoot with rap monster

attend an award show with rap monster OR wear couple t-shirts at the airport with jungkook imagine him buying u a dress for the red carpet oKaY

- spend a lazy day with suga OR explore a city with j-hope

- fall asleep next to jimin OR wake up next to jungkook

- make up a silly rap with v OR a silly choreography with jin

- have a fun picnic with j-hope OR a fancy date with jin

- have jungkook serenade you OR have v sing you to sleep SJKNKSNJSK

- have a dance party with j-hope OR sing karaoke with suga

- go camping with jimin and v OR go to the beach with rap monster and suga I h8 camping 

- cook with jin OR bake a cake with jimin

- have a sleepover with the hyung line OR a birthday party with the maknae line

- celebrate halloween with jungkook, suga, v and j-hope OR christmas with rap monster, jimin and j-hope don’t hit me but I h8 halloween 

Would you rather:


- dom j-hope OR sub jin WAHT IS THIS 

- wear lingerie for rap monster OR put lingerie on jimin 

– tie up jungkook OR get tied up by v

- pull suga’s hair OR get your hair pulled by rap monster I don’t want to make yoongi bald pls 

- have shower sex with jimin OR have pool sex with v listen I’d probably fall and break a leg in the shower 

- perform oral on jungkook OR have j-hope go down on you 

- have romantic sex with jin OR rough sex with jimin

- have angry sex with v OR make up sex with suga IM DELETING MYSELF

- suck hickeys onto jungkook’s neck OR get hickeys from v 

- put a blind fold on jimin OR get blind folded by rap monster

- have phone sex with rap monster OR skype sex with j-hope

- ride jimin’s thigh OR ride jungkook’s thigh bOI-

- have jin call you “kitten” OR rap monster call you “babygirl” cAN UU LIKEE IMAGINE HIM CALLING UT HAT W HIS HUSKYVOICEIMCRYINGKDKJNKCB

- wear a collar for jin OR put a collar on jimin

- beg for suga OR make jungkook beg for you 

- have sex backstage with j-hope OR in the kitchen with jin

– get teased under the table at a dinner by rap monster OR tease jimin

- play never have i ever with rap monster, suga and jungkook OR strip poker with j-hope, jimin, v and jin

– do body shots with rap monster, suga and jin OR get lap dances from j-hope, jimin, jungkook and v 

goes 10 feet underground bc ashamed 

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