Apparently during snow days it’s the Kids Next Door’s job to supervise the other children.

Do they get to play themselves? Probably. But these dorks spend at least half their day checking in on neighbors and such before they even throw a single snowball.

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Thanks for the work documenting the VOYA news. Watching a biphobic line in a review snowball into this fiasco has been a confusing and frustrating affair. I hope the rest of Bisexual Week (and the year) is smoother and more pleasant for you, with less battles and more celebrations.

God I hope so.  Thank the gods today was slow and not much really happened because I felt like I was at the end of my rope last night.  I’m really hoping that they will just stop talking now.  

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Ok, so the stormtroopers on Starkiller base must have had some off time, and to keep your troops functioning optimally, there ought to be some spent on recreation. Bound to be there were teambuilding things going on to cultivate a sense of loyalty to the Order (but never to each other personally), but just imagine there’s this stormtrooper that just can’t shake off the memory of playing in the snow. So the next time he and maybe a couple of squadmates are let loose and Phasma’s not around to breathe down their necks, he hangs back and makes the biggest, squishiest snowball he can and just lobs it at the closest unfortunate sod who has his helmet off. 

After that, it’s pure chaos. Everyone’s going crazy and laughing and breathless. AV-3683′s face is raw and stinging and she can’t find her helmet dammit but she’ll be damned if she won’t win this fucking round, so she’s yelling at her squadmates, getting them in order, turning them into this frankly terrifying, efficient snowball-hurling machine and then there’s a familiar voice cutting through the chaos and AV-3683 (Avy, later) looks up just in time to see a perfectly formed snowball slam into the side of General Hux’s head. 

Everyone freezes in horror. Some stormtroopers stifle giggles, growing pale when Hux glares. And then another snowball hits him, right between the eyes. Everyone turns to see just who the fuck would be suicidal enough and then there’s Kylo Ren. Holding up six freaking snowballs in the fucking air, and that’s when it turns into all-out war, one side under Hux’s command and far fewer on Ren’s but what the fuck the guy’s a fucking one-man army anyway so it evens out in the most brutal way possible. Somehow AV-3683 notices Phasma joining in the fray (she’s with Hux) and everyone’s laughing and screaming, and Avy suddenly remembers the faintest stir of a memory. Running through a snow-covered field, an older girl beside her, holding her hand and smiling. 

The snowball fight lasts for two more hours, and by the end of it Phasma just has enough energy to herd them back in. Avy stumbles home, her face so numb she’s actually worried her nose is about to fall off, when she risks a glance behind her. Lingering a bit when she sees the General and Lord Ren together, talking civilly for once in her living memory, and honestly the General looks kind of adorable, pink-cheeked with the cold and his hair a mess, his hat gone. His eyes oddly bright and Avy’s pretty sure he’s not even aware he’s grinning. And then she sees Lord Ren - who’s taken off his helmet, and she’s a bit startled at how young he looks - smiling back. And that’s when she looks away, because no, today was a good day, and she so does not want to end it being Force-choked to unconsciousness, and also the way those two are looking at each other kind of remind her about a very dim memory she has about two people walking hand in hand in the snow, lost in each other’s eyes while she and her sister run ahead of them. 

(She absolutely does not risk another glance back just to watch Lord Ren cupping the General’s face with one hand and tugging him forward with an arm around his waist, and she definitely doesn’t linger just a little bit as the two kiss. Warm and open-mouthed and gentler than she ever thought them capable of being.) 

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Any advice for someone who's starting the whole weight loss thing. And how to stick with it

Starting is the hard part, at least for me, so getting that done right is key. A lot of people start their weight loss journey worth a sense of grandeur “yeah I’m going to lose 50 pounds I’ve got this” and that mentality sounds super positive and all but it’s misguided and ends up being detrimental to your weightloss process. You need to start small, reach for small steps instead of big ones. Think of your weightloss as a snowball, let it roll down a hill and gain momentum on its own and before you know you you will be a lean mean memeing machine. So I’d say break down your goals to their smallest, simplest forms, focus on the small steps and don’t look at the bigger picture for awhile. Before you know it you will be looking at a mountain of achievements and you will be proud of yourself.

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How much is confronted in S16. Because after reading several posts about Farkle I'd love to see Farkle confronting his friends about their habit of overlooking him and treating his feelings as a joke.

Unfortunately we won’t get that in S16. We will see things being confronted in the sense of Lucadarkle (Yeah, I just made up a new ship name, that’s right). Things snowball from there. 

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whenever folks ask for help with where to start with lore, people respond with commentary on plot, world-building, music to set the mood, etc.

meanwhile 90% of my lore is just a series of bad jokes that have snowballed

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Hey sorry I saw your post about baking and I had that same problem too!! And to solve it I started taking whatever I baked to school and just giving them out to my friends!! Except then it snowballed. Then my home class started asking for some so I made more. And then other classes started asking for some. I'd be handing out cookies to the people I knew and random ass people would come up like "aw sick! I've heard about these!! can I have one??" It got the point where I was like baking for (1/2)

(2/2) like the entire school every time I baked food (which wasn’t that bad my school was really small, only like 70 people in total so whatever). But then. Then the teachers started asking for them too. To quote a teacher, one I had like no classes with ever, “aahh! these are the cookies I’ve heard so much about!! can I have one?”. So uh yeah in my case it got a little out of hand whoops. Hey, good practice if I want to open a bakery though lmao

BRO omg haha im laughing that sounds…. fun? awful? idek what I’d do, it would be so much work! But wow now I reaaaaally wanna try those cookies haha they sound lovely!

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if i dated you i would love you through everything and cook and play games and go for walks and go grocery shopping and make our own party everyday and go out at chilly nights looking at stars and swim at sea and make snowball fights at winter and build snowmen only to see them collapse because we suck at it

Oh my, yes please!!!!! That’s sooooo cute ahhh 😩😻


halloween or christmas
autumn mornings or winter nights
building snowmen or carving pumpkins
hot chocolate or pumpkin spice
trick / treating or naughty / nice
candy stomach aches or snowball fights
fresh pine or spicy cinnamon
thriller or all i want for christmas is you
pun-y halloween costumes or ugly christmas sweaters  
cotton candy or popcorn
snowflakes or falling leaves
black / orange or red / green
ghosts or aliens or myths
space or the ocean
ghostbusters or elf™