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Would it be ok to ask for Steamformers Autobots experiencing snow for the first time? Bumblebee, Ratchet, Optimus and Jazz maybe?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: My first request for Steamformers! And  cute one too! I would love to fill this for you! )


✦ Bumblebee first learns about snow through the stories that John Henry and the inventor swap stories about how they spent their ‘winters’ as youths. He perks up when they talk about how cold and wet this ‘snow’ is and he tries to sneakily (as a steam train can be) listen onto their conversations. Eventually John Henry ‘pretends’ to discover Bee is listening in on them and the reporter is kind enough to invite Bee to their chat of the weather. The two do their best to patiently explain to Bee what snow is and what it usually means when snow is around. By the time the stories are over, Bee is excited for the first fall of snow.

✦ He counts down the days when snow begins to come, suddenly finding Earth time much too long as he waits impatiently. He asks every other day if it’s going to snow soon despite knowing the answer and it gets to the point Ratchet threatens to bolt Bee’s mouth shut if he doesn’t hush up. (Ratchet won’t do that. He’s just annoyed by the constant reminder that winter is coming and would like to deny it long as possible.) The reporter will need to remind Bumblebee to be bit more patient, giving him distractions like more work with John Henry in laying down rails or regaling with more stories of their encounters of popular figures like Mark Twain.

✦ When snow finally comes, Bumblebee is all but jumping for joy. Loves to do all the activities associated with winter the reporter and John Henry and the gang. He makes snow angels, forts, and attempts to make a snowman in the shape of Optimus Prime. He drinks warmed energon to replicate hot chocolate, complete with slivers of nickel and cooper for a warm and sweet taste. Snowball fights, everyone learns very quickly, is something Bee cannot do unless he seriously wants to knock Cletus out cold again.


✦ Ratchet is old enough to remember the days before the Autobots had to fall into emergency recharge, how the that winter storm took them by surprise and nearly caused them to offline for good. The way it messed with their internal systems, played havoc with their sensitive wires and gears. The way Optimus Prime nearly killed himself in trying to get all the Autobots into the safety of the caverns, going out to the raging storm time and again even has frost began to clung to his optics and his joints. Those are not happy memories for Ratchet in the slightest, so he does his best to keep a sharp eye out for the approach of winter again.

✦ Not the happiest person when the snow starts to come at last. The reporter can catch him actually glaring at the sky as snowflakes begin to drift downwards, the hospital train cart swatting away any flake that so much as goes near him. He is quick to send out memos and reminders to the Autobots to keep themselves safe, to warm their joints up with heated rags and pads that he’ll set up. The humans are reminded to warp themselves up in thick clothing and if John Henry thinks he’s going to keep running around in his cotton shirt and overalls than he’s got another thing coming from the medic. Ratchet basically enters Mother Hen mode.

✦ Will refuse to participate in any activities that’ll force him to play with the snow. No matter how Bee or the reporter will beg him, he is not going to engage in this tomfoolery and court with trouble. He’s content in watching the others to make sure they’re safe or continuing to build the medic lab with First Aid’s help. The most he’ll do is move around on the rails to keep himself warm with the others during the mornings but that’s about it. If anyone so much as suggests he join in the snowball fights, they’re going to get an angry medic tossing a cold and wet rag at their face to stimulate what he thinks it’ll feel like to have a hunk of mushy ice water tossed at him.


✦ Like Ratchet, Optimus remembers the winter that forced them underground. He had almost sacrificed himself in order to get all the Autobots into the caverns before the raging storms claimed their sparks, being one of the last ‘bots to power down when he’s been assured by Prowl and Ratchet that everyone had been accounted for. As a result he too keeps an eye out for the change of weather - Any change of weather, really. He acknowledges the beauty and majesty of the planet - it’s why he’s defending it from the Decepticons, the planet cannot be sullied by their cruel ambitions - but he now knows how dangerous it can be too if one is left unaware or ill-prepared.

✦ Is a little perplexed by how some of the humans are looking forward to the weather. He knows winter is considered the most dangerous time of the years for economical and environmental reasons from what he’s read thanks to the reporter’s notes and news but, for some reason, there are those who welcome it all the same. He keeps these thoughts to himself, not wanting to spoil the festive mood the others seem to have, and lets them have their fun. Long as no one is getting hurt it’s fine. He attempts to focus more on building and fortifying the Arklands Base before winter progresses to a point they’ll need to stop, wanting there to be a safe place the Autobots can retreat to.

✦ That said, Optimus wouldn’t be opposed to trying to have some fun with his soldiers and fellow officers and allies. Will allow himself to be coaxed into activities if someone, like Cliffjumper or the reporter, attempts to rope him into the games. He finds himself enjoying snowball fights the most, as it allows the others to keep their instincts honed while enjoying themselves in a safe game of friendly fire. Ends up needing to make rules of what to do when in a snowball fight following Cletus’ getting knocked out by Bumblebee’s too big snowball.


✦ While he remembers the biting cold of the winter that drove them to the underground, he also remembers how beautiful Earth looked in the wintertime before things took a deadly turn. All whites and blues, glittering layers of frost and ice encasing the plants around them. Those memories were burned into his database as he powered down for protection and they remained with him when he and the other Autobots woke up to a green and vibrant world. He had been disappointed to see the snow gone but when he learned its a yearly phenomenon, with a set date and everything, Jazz is perking up again.

✦ He’s stoked for the return of winter and shares Bumblebee’s excitement of seeing it come around again, happily exploring the forests to see how everything looks under a blanket of fresh snow. Some of his fellow officers find his enthusiasm for the season baffling, considering their last experience with it, and make it known to him when they’re getting their rations one chilly evening. Jazz laughs their worries off, explaining that one bad experience can’t stop someone from enjoying themselves. Winter isn’t always going to be safe, he’s read enough meteorology reports from the reporter to know that, but it won’t stop him from enjoying the times it can be fun.

✦ His favourite activity in the snow is covering himself up in the stuff and suddenly emerging from it when John Henry and/or the reporter are around. He loves seeing their shocked/surprise expressions every time he comes out, cracking one pun after another because there’s snow way he’s going to miss out on some jokes. Jazz is also going to do his best to get the other Autobots to do a carol in front of the humans when he learns that holiday activity, wanting to show his thanks for all the help the humans have been giving to him and the ‘bots since they first met.

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I'm BEGGIN' for 13 on the Christmas hartwin prompts 👀💕

“You didn’t really think I’d let you spend Christmas alone, did you?” Eggsy was startled out of his concentration by Harry’s voice beside him, and when he turned to look, a glass of what looked like eggnog filled to the brim was presented to him. 

Harry Hart, his boss and ex-mentor, was dressed in a dark velvet suit, with a black bowtie on his neck, and a leather mask adorned by tiny red gemstones sat on his face. He wore his hair with less products today, Eggsy noticed, it made him look at least ten years younger. It also worsened Galahad’s crush on him, but that was beside the point. The point was,

“Harry, what the fuck do you think you’re doing here?” Eggsy said through gritted teeth, he made sure to keep his voice down, because even though the band was playing cheerful Christmas songs, the dining hall had amazing sound amplification. 

“I just got you eggnog.” Harry shrugged, a crude gesture somehow turned graceful and nonchalant only by the man doing it.

“No. You’re not. Don’t be purposely obtuse,” hissed Eggsy, “what made you think waltzing in here when I’m trying to finish this very important task would be a good idea?” 

By task he meant a recon mission in a masked ball in Vienna in one of the most guarded house in the country. A mission which Eggsy had drew the short draw for and hated himself for it. He had to beg for his Mum and Daisy’s forgiveness days before leaving, and promised them he’d be home for New Year’s Eve.

Alone in a party held by possible enemies, Eggsy had felt miserable and hopeless. The feelings were greatly intensified the more he looked at the giant Christmas tree and its opulent decorations. 

Harry stepped close to say in his ears, “Fine. I’m here because,” he halted his reply from realising they were approached by a pair of middle-aged dignitaries. In an instance, they both put on their most pleasant smile and greeted the newcomers. 

“Who’s this gentleman, Mr Godfrey?” The taller man with a black feather mask asked. 

William Harold Godfrey was Eggsy’s alias for highbrow social events such as this.  

“Oh, I’m sorry for not introducing you to him earlier,” apologised Eggsy, in one swift motion, he dragged Harry closer by his side and smiled sunnily, “this is my fiancé, James.”  

And James Haydon was Harry’s.  

To make it more believable, and looking back, Eggsy would believe that his wits had deserted him at exactly that moment, he stood on tiptoe to kiss Harry’s cheek. Unfortunately, his aim was supposed to be the cheek, but Harry was sensitive to the sudden movement and turned to Eggsy reflexively. The result was a devastating closed mouth kiss that left Eggsy’s insides in shambles. 

They separated after a beat. 

Harry was the first to regain his composure, his grin a bit crooked as he extended his hand for handshakes with the two men. Despite having his mask on, Eggsy could still see the narrowing of those brown eyes. Well, it was Harry’s fault for not volunteering to go in the first place, now he thought he could pop in to say hello? The Unwins never forget.

The four of them exchanged pleasantries until the host of party announced that she’d like to give a speech. At which point Eggsy tugged at Harry’s arm and said, “This is when we, us spies, the two of us, leave and find that map Merlin wants so much. Do not leave my sight.” 

“Got it,” said Harry, and he smacked a kiss on Eggsy’s cheek, “by the way, that’s how you do it.” And with that, he left. 

“What the,” Eggsy’s hand refused to leave the spot that had Harry’s lips on it. 

“Galahad, follow Arthur. Now!” said Merlin in his ears. 

“On it, Merl.” 

“Say that again, and I’ll show everyone the footages of you two love-birds kissing. When’s the wedding by the way?” 

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Imagine Sam scolding Dean over a snowball fight.

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As soon as the three of you rolled into town the snow caught Dean’s attention. All throughout the case he’d form snowballs and Sam would urge him to put it down. It wasn’t until the three of you were going to the car with the case finished that Dean finally got to throw one. 

The snowball had been packed tightly and Dean’s aim was a little off when he threw it, his wrist curving and sending it straight towards your abdomen. 

It had been your first case in a couple of weeks from being sick off and on, and the first thing to harm you this entire time was the damn snowball. 

When you grunted Sam quickly turned to his brother, glaring at the elder. “Dude, what the hell!? Y/N is pregnant!” Sam began to quickly check on you while Dean’s eyes widened. 

The cat was out of the bag now. 

Making Memories (part 3)

Summary: You wake up to an unexpected scenery right outside your window. (lol i suck at summaries)

Words: 1.1k

Misha x Reader

Warnings: none

Notes: written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and @like-a-bag-of-potatoes 12 Days of Christmas Challenge

Day 3: Snowball Fights

Your name: submit What is this?


“Hmm.” You turned over, pulling the blankets further up your body. When did you get in bed?

“Y/N. Baby.”

Somewhere in the back of your mind, you vaguely remembered being carried to bed last night. You made a mental note to thank Misha later when you were properly awake.

“Sweetheart, wake up.”

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Snowball Fight

Title: Snowball Fight

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1028

Warning: FLUFF

A/N: This is my submission to Kari (@thing-you-do-with-that-thing) and Ida’s (@like-a-bag-of-potatoes) 12 Days of Christmas Challenge. Prompt: December 16th – Snowball Fight

Disclaimer: Photo below does not belong to me.

After a long and tiring hunt, during a time of the year where it should merry and bright, you were trudging deep in the woods through layers of snow to get back to the impala, which was about a mile out. You and Dean were exhausted. At that moment, you wished that it had been you with the broken arm instead of Sam so that you could be at home in the bunker celebrating the holidays to the best of your abilities, but no. You were stuck with Dean.

Not only were you stuck with Dean, you were pissed off at him too. During the hunt he had made a comment about you being a pain in the ass and never listening. He should have been grateful that you were even there to save his ass! You admit that you were being a little reckless and it was a risky shot, but you had to do it in order to save Dean.

Now you two were walking in silence, Dean fuming ahead of you. The fact that he had the nerve to still be mad annoyed the hell out of you, so you did the first thing that popped into your mind.

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Snow on Set

Characters: Jared x Reader, mentions of multiple cast members including Jensen

Prompt: Snowball fights

Words: 706

Warnings: Just fluff. 

A/N: This is for Day 3 of @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and @like-a-bag-of-potatoes 12 Days of Christmas writing challenge! Also in the midst of writing this it inspired an imagine which you can find here.

Originally posted by thesimplethingsinlifex


You hardly had anytime to react before the snow came decking you in the side of the head.

Jared’s eyes widened in worry, but he was also trying to bite back his laughter as he watched you turn to glare.

As soon as your body sprung into action and you began to go after him, Jared began weaving through his friends to the open field where the three of you had just filmed.


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The sounds of quick footsteps could be heard from behind before stopping suddenly, followed by a whap! of a snowball upon his back. “Prepare yourself for battle!” (Rejoice in the glory of combat!...with snowballs lol)

Aymeric hears the footsteps and starts to turn, and the projectile- combined with the familiar voice- makes him laugh.  He quickly ducks to the side behind a conveniently large pillar.  “You’ll never take me alive!” he calls, quickly bending to scoop more snow up and form it into a ball.  “Take care- my aim is sharper than you might think!”


I’m not entirely sure what I am expected to do with myself until they drop Season 3.