theforgottenhuman asked:

Forgotten walks through Snowdin, and although there was not many monsters this far out in the woods, there were a few. While walking through the forest, Forgotten bumps into another creature and falls over.

Comic wasn’t one to go out on their own, however, Sans had asked them to just check around a bit. Seemed like a rather innocence request, and they hadn’t minded in the slightest. Their guard was already lowered, but…. they could sense an unfamiliar presence. They looked around, hearing footsteps…. And someone bumped into them! They blinked, turnin around and then seeing that…. it was a human? “….Well, didn’t hear anything about a human walking around here. Though Paps would'a said something. You alright there? There’s snoway you’re just out adventuring in this weather~” they joke with a grin.