Amazing Naruto/YOI/Mystic Messenger artists/art blogs I've come across.

Hey guys, if you’re looking for artists/blogs that create/posts content for Naruto/ Yuri On Ice/ Mystic Messenger, the following blogs are ones I know of and love. You’re welcome :-)

Note: if you have a blog dedicated to posting art (that you own or have permission to post) and want to be included, message me ! Just as, if you were tagged and do not wish to be included message me and I’ll remove you.

!!some of these blogs have posts that include nsfw content!!

Ps. I tagged anyone who had at least 5 arts related to these headings

NOT EVERY BLOG LISTED IS DEDICATED FULLY TO THE SUBHEADING. You’ll have to search through their tags to find their art.

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I’ll be updating this post twice a month, every 14th and 28th. Send in your suggestions via ask/ messages. I can add more subheadings for Naruto (such as  NaruSaku, InoSaku, SasuKarin, etc) if you wish just ask me.

[Last updated: 12/4/2017]

Inspiration took from @snow124-art work. Same as her I’m in love with the Chainsmoker song and I thought: and if Yuuri start to say he isn’t great and good in the skate like Victor? And if Victor one day will decide to leave him for this reason? But Victor simply says:

“I’m not looking for somebody
With some superhuman gifts
Some superhero
Some fairytale bliss
Just something I can turn to
Somebody I can kiss “

anonymous asked:

favorite blogs in the fandom?

literally everyone. (in no particular order)


I realised that I might have gone slightly too far but these are literally all my favs. I love this fandom so much.

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Can you recommend some sns blogs?

Hello ^-^ Im mostly follow NaruSasu blogs:

@moonsuke, @letsusura, @blurryfaceimagines, @harmonysamaart, @sasuke-prevails, @jay-motherfricking-venus, @uchiha-sasubae, @narutotops, @kazea-free, @canary-309, @vicyvn, @d-uyen, @yuzuhumi, @cubur, @abeautifulunfolding, @harububa, @kazhmiran, @friizer, @aprilflame, @dailylifeofnarutoe, @ashley0002, @yuurei-cosplay@crossroad05, @roro-chan-4ever, @hattahatake and @avenger-hawk (mostly Uchihas tho)

But I can recommend some of this cool sns blogs too:

@sns4life, @solochely, @tsukiko-hibiki, @shherie, @rosengale, @tsunderesasuke, @snow124-art, @sebas-chan-butler, @rei-scarlet, @schaychan, @someone-who-is-there, @killerkurama, @dobe-and-teme, @snscomix, @netamashii, @dark-naruto

Have a good day ♥


This is dedicated to everyone in our lovely fandom.

Who knew that, because of two loving ninja boys, I’d be able to meet so many wonderful people who never fail to make my day brighter.

I want to thank all of you for being here and continuing to support the relationship and bond of these two no matter what happens. Our fandom is so strong and devoted and inspiring. We always stand up for each other and we don’t let the worst get to us. 

Even though there are so many people who I don’t often talk to (though I wish I could!) I still feel like we are really close. Just like a family. We have each other’s backs no matter what. We can understand the love and dedication we feel for Naruto and Sasuke, which is what brings us even closer to each other. 

I really hope that, no matter what happens, SNS will always be in our hearts just like this wonderful fandom ♥

To finish off, I would like to mention a few people who I can’t imagine this fandom without (in no particular order.)

@rei-scarlet My first friend in the fandom. I was always a quiet mouse and never spoke up until we started talking. I feel so comfortable talking with you about pretty much anything, haha! You’re the one who convinced me to buy Yours For an Hour (BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE). You always stand your ground and can always make me feel better.

@saucegayuchihayyyy You are straight up savage and that’s what I love about you. You don’t take people’s bullshit. But, you are also a caring sweetheart and the posts you make are always thorough and interesting. We don’t talk that often anymore, but seeing you on my dash always makes me happy!

@someone-who-is-there Su, you are so strong and influential. I honestly aspire to be like you. I could even say that you’re like a role-model to me. Even though we don’t know each other that well, yet, I still feel like I could talk to you about anything because you are such an open-minded person. (and your voice is so cute asdfghjk)

@cantgetoversns What can I say? You’re the cutest cinnamon roll ever! I wish that I could just give you the biggest hug possible! You’re a really positive person and talking to you brings me so much joy. 

@blurryfaceimagines Looking back at our messages, we actually haven’t talked a lot but it feels like we’ve been talking for years! You’re really accepting and you make me feel special. I hope we do get to talk more often!

@bahare-uzuchiha I honestly don’t know what the SNS fandom would be like without you! You are considerate and very helpful. I feel like I can always come and talk to you if anything is going on, knowing that you will be there.

@tomoe-au Talking with you is so pleasant and heart-warming. You’re a great person and I absolutely adore your art! You always say sweet things about me which I really think I don’t deserve, haha.

@it-started-over-sasunaru My KakaSaku mutual! I love your blog and sense of humour! 


@sasu-loves-naru I remember looking through your blog a lot of times before I even got a Tumblr account! I still love looking through your blog because it’s one of my favourites.

@oliroux Everything you guys do makes me so happy and your contribution to the SNS fandom makes me ever so grateful.

@schaychan Cutie pie with an awesome blog which of course I have my notifications on for~

@ohnaruto We are born on the same day in the same year!!! How crazy is that??? We suddenly stopped talking, but I really hope that you’re doing okay and I love you lots!

@n-a-r-a-t-oo My native friend~ Talking with you is so nice and casual which is what I really enjoy!

@kanonslolly Another native friend whom I absolutely adore! You’re a really cool person and talking with you is so much fun!

@bean-paste-man A blessing to the SNS fandom. 

@asksnfamily An adorable and original blog. I love your art style so much!

@46captain46 We never talked, but you always reblog my stuff which makes me so happy!

@tomato-x-ramen I adore your blog and art style so so much!

@snscomix Another stunning SNS artist! 

@sns-is-my-lifeblood @the-tragic-lovers @sasuke-and-naruto @dobeandteme @9essence @ohfortheloveofnaruto @sasunarubb @lilium-sns @sebas-chan-butler @thecurseofhatred @narusasuaddict @art-is-an-explosiiion @temedobe

(There is so so soooo many more people I want to tag but then this list would go on forever! I love you all and thank you for keeping this fandom going ♥)

Naruto Fan-artists on Tumblr!!

The issue of re-posting just keeps coming up. I can’t help but feel that it would be slightly less of a problem if more people were following the artists who are on Tumblr. For that reason I’ve put together a list of artists that I personally follow right now. There are soooo many others, and I hope people add to this list so that I can discover them too!! Let’s get to know these amazing, talented people, and give them all the love they deserve!! 

(I am 200% certain I’m forgetting obvious people and I’ve made mistakes with the below info; apologies in advance!!)

(p.s. MULTIPLE PAIRINGS. Let’s respect ALL parts of the Naruto fandom, even those pairings we don’t personally care for.)

NaruSasu / SasuNaru (separating these would be a nightmare omg @_@)

@aidaplusuchiha (cutie OC kid wahh! Accepts asks)

@snow124-art (beautiful. A MUST to check out!)

@kiraiki (the COLOURS, omg!! So funny and touching and beautiful. Accepts asks!)

@tomoe-au (Tomoe is hilarious and awesome. So much love! Accepts asks.)

@tomato-x-ramen (you gotta check this art out guys!!)

@vo-dcc (most amazzzzzzing watercolours, just stunning! RP and fics as well!)

@narutum (closed, but a GREAT archive!)

@kiwicakecris (*cries* I got a beautiful present one time of merninja Sasuke. Love love love!)

@kazhmiran & @cubur (real-life sisters, how awesome is that?? No words for how much I love this art. I would die for this art. I scream at every update. I’m not even kidding.)

@touxxx (amazing amazing amazing, such striking art wahh!)

@carrotcakebandit / @asksasunaru (if you’re an SNS fan and you haven’t stalked these archives repeatedly, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. SO SO SO SO GOOD.)

@usuratialmant & @solochely (both AMAZING, and do awesome collabs and comic strips. Gorgeous talented people. A must for Menma fans!)

@ragginess (so much love. Lovvvvve this art!! Genderfluid Naru is an inspiration. Another must for Menma fans. p.s. Raggi-sama once helped me out when I had a problem in Singapore. Love her for that <3. Accepts asks!)

@llkocoumll (INCREDIBLE art wahhh!!! I could write fics based on ALL of these gorgeous pics!! Totally amazing artist who I adore~~)

@asksnfamily (colourful, bright, happy, and then BAM right in the feels!! Sooo talented. Accepts asks.)

@harububa (*fans face* hot hot hot hot and soooooo gorgeous omg)

@nerdyredglasses (sooooo good!! Incredible art and mini-comics wahh! Accepts asks!)

@letsusura (not updating, but amazing archive and v. good collection of rebloged art also!!)

@h-ikari​ (just stunning, so beautiful, so talented!!)

@j-a-s-u (no more updates but def. check out her archive!)

@maneki-n-e-k-o (such a darling, and soooo talented omg!! Love her~~)

@noranb (the COLOURS and super-sweet style makes me so happy!! Other pairings also; lots of Haikuu! as well!)


@kotoamatsukamishisui (Shishi-centric, amazing RP as well omg!!)

@surfacage (a MUST for Uchiha fans wahhh, espesially Itachi. Angst and fluff and everything wow!! Accepts asks!)

@kazea-free (gorgeous!!! SNS also!)

@uchihaforsmut (oh my goddd so good and hot!)

@petcow (SasuSaku also) (Sasuke-centric. Cutest cutie in the world and such a darling, definitely send them some asks!!)

@malignedaffairs (Shiita, beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, perfection, a precious gift)

@uchihasavior (Itachi-centric; awesome RPer as well, and very friendly even when getting asks from v. annoying people [i.e. ME])


@rebelliondou (a master of OC kids!! Shina, Rika, and Hayato are amazing <3. Accepts asks!)

@askshinachiku (ohhh such beautiful, beautiful art and the loveliest nicest blog. Accepts asks!)


@leelooface​  (amazing, so cute and sexy and perfect wahh!!)

@climbyii​ (HIGHLY recommended, the pics of Sakura are just stunning!)


@gaanaruhunger (it’s incredible artists like this that keep me stuck on GaaNaru wahh!)

@prinzik (the adventures of lil Naru and Iruka are soooo sweet I could cry. I LOVVVVVVE this blog to death!!! Cute KakaIru as well, *winks*)

@eyum-ss (multi-shipping but mostly NaruSaku & SNS; adorable Naruko as well ahhh!!)

@jam-art / @jam-nudes (lots of characters and such amazing, unique designs!)

(You can also check out my pixiv account to see my bookmarks and favorite artists. Warning: these are NOT organised in any way!!)