How do I love thee, Snowing duet, let me count the ways

Okay, but seriously, I love the Snowing duet for so many reasons.

Starting with Snow White singing to birds, because of course it does.

Charming’s entrance - so delightful it could have its own number.

Charming discovering he’s in the middle of a musical and loving it.

Snow discovering her husband loves being in a musical and loving it.

Taking the time to snog in the middle of epic duet, because priorities.

Charming’s delightful little smirk.

The whole ‘when in musicals, must climb furniture with style’.

Snow’s adorable little shoulder shrug.

And of course, end it on a snog. Because they’re Snow White and Prince Charming, so of course they do.

Calum typically kept it pretty simple with pet names. Babe, baby, love, and occasionally sweetheart. So you were surprised the first time you heard a new and surprisingly unique one. “Have a nice day, dove.” He told you before dashing off to a writing session. At first you thought he’d said love and you had simply misheard, but as you cuddled on the couch watching TV later that evening he asked, “Did you have a good day, dove?” and you realized you’d been wrong earlier. He’d definitely called you dove, like the bird. You didn’t think much of it, until he started using it more and more frequently. It didn’t bother you, as far as you knew doves were beautiful fresh-snow white birds so you knew he meant it as a compliment, but you wondered how it had come about. You finally got the chance to ask him. In one of your typical afterglow conversations as you liked to think of them, both of you sweaty and blissed out from the sex, he whispered “Are you okay, dove?”. He always asked if you were okay, even if you were having the most vanilla sex ever where you greatest chance of getting hurt was pulling a muscle if he tried to bend your leg the wrong way. Afterglow conversations were about anything and everything so you knew this was the time to bring it up. 

After assuring him that you were more than okay, you were great, you asked “What’s the dove thing lately?” Even in the dim light you could see his face darken. 

“Do you not like it? I can stop.“ 

You quickly shook your head. "No I’m just curious. It seems like it came out of nowhere." 

"I read a thing the other day about how doves are symbols of peace.” Calum began hesitantly. “And with my career and stuff one of the only times I feel at peace is when I’m with you.” He was quiet for a few moments. You knew being in the spotlight was difficult for your intercepted boyfriend, and you were glad you could be an escape for him. Before you could tell him that he spoke again. “You probably don’t really like being compared to a bird though. I’ll stop." 

You were quick to reassure him with a kiss. "No, no I love it. I mean, I liked it before but I love it now that you’ve explained it. I’m always here to be your stability among all the craziness that comes with your life.” You said. 

“Dove, I’m so glad to hear that.”

So I saw picamelanotos’ headcanon about Regina being the one to talk to animals and got inspired. Enjoy :) 

Emma frowns as she hears whispering from the garden. She moves closer to the back door only to hear, “I already told you two to just share the damn birdhouse.” 

Either she’s gone completely insane or her girlfriend is talking to birds, which considering the amount of insults Regina has thrown at her mother for her ability to take to animals, is well…completely insane. 

So she walks out into the garden and bursts out laughing because only her girlfriend could be sitting in the grass having an argument with a pair of robins over the birdhouse that has been knocked over onto their lawn.

“I don’t care if she stole your seeds, there’s plenty of food in this garden so there’s no need for you to throw the house around.” 

“I thought only “Snow white” princesses talked to birds.”

Regina jumps and blushes as she sees Emma standing there watching her, “I…um…it’s not what it looks like?” 

“So you’re not telling the birds off for trying to trash the garden? So…all that stick you gave my Mom?”

Regina smiles as she looks to the robins, “This conversation isn’t over,” before turning to her girlfriend, “I mostly say those things to tease her.” 

“But you also talk to birds.” 

“No,” Regina replies, “I talk to all birds, squirrels, mice and Pongo, he’s very smart…your mother on the other hand only passed a handful of her bird language tests.” 

“Whoa…what…bird language tests?” 

“It’s a very practical skill in the Enchanted Forest, as a young witch I learned many languages, Elvish, Latin as well as the animal languages. Your mother only mastered bluebirds and doves…”

“Oh she can only talk to two birds, how terrible,” Emma says sarcastically, secretly loving how much of a dork her girlfriend is. 

“She is terrible, I’m glad we agree,” Regina replies, “I however am far better at talking to animals than she is.” 

Emma rolls her eyes, “Is everything a competition with you two? Does she know you talk to animals?”

“No,” Regina answers, “And please don’t tell anyone.” 

“That the all mighty Evil Queen talks to robins and dalmatians?” 

Regina nods, “I’m not Snow White, I have a reputation to uphold.” 

Emma grins kissing Regina softly before nodding, “Of course you do, I’ll leave you to your birdhouse negotiations…”

Some Mama Snow with a side of suggested Tinkerhook and early CS. Set at the end of 3x03 just after they picked up Tinkerbell. Inspired by the Snowing song in the musical number but contains no spoilers. Just my headcanons. Unbetad

Hook and Tinkerbell–still weird– lead the way through the jungle, walking almost shoulder to shoulder and talking in low voices. The sight unnerved Emma. It wasn’t hard to guess that those two had history but what kind? It hadn’t escaped Emma’s notice that Hook hadn’t lifted his sword toward the fairy or that he had called her pet names in that frustratingly familiar way he had. There was still so much she didn’t know about him, couldn’t trust about him.

She looked behind her to see Regina following, deep in thought and barely aware of where she went. For some reason the mayor trusted Tinkerbelle to help save Henry and maybe that should be enough. Emma turned back around and caught Hook grinning at the fairy. Her stomach gave a twist and she gritted her teeth against the surge of what she wouldn’t admit was jealousy.

She looked away peering into the jungle and refusing to care who Hook smiled at.


Emma glanced up to see Mary-Margaret falling into step beside her.


“You okay?” Her mother’s eyes traveled to Hook and then back at Emma as if she guessed at something. Emma’s defenses flared up, first Regina called him her boyfriend and now Mary-Margaret was giving her that look.

“I’m fine.”

They walked in silence for awhile and Emma could feel the other woman thinking, trying to work out a way to say something. Emma squirmed inside. Her confession on the log the other night had been difficult but it had connected them in a way that reminded Emma of her friend, Mary-Margaret and not her mother, Snow White. She must have felt it too because she had seemed intent on strengthening it; dropping comments and sending Emma glances throughout the day. It was kind of sweet, it was kind of annoying.

“I talked to birds,” Mary-Margaret burst out.

“What?” Emma’s steps faltered and she stared at her before continuing to walk.

Mary-Margaret gave a self-conscience smile. “I know it sounds insane but–“ she shrugged. “It’s one of the few things the Disney movies got right.”

Emma blinked trying to process the information. “Okay. You talked to birds.”

She nodded. “And my horse and sometimes chipmunks.”  Emma felt slow, like she was missing the point entirely.

“Why exactly did you talk to them?”

“Because I had no one else to talk to.”

It was said openly, honestly, without the pain or hostility Emma would have expected. Her brows furrowed.

“It started just after my mother died. I would just tell them everything I was thinking or feeling and they would chirp back and somehow it made things better. When I lived in the woods sometimes I wouldn’t see another person for weeks. The animals kept me sane.” She gave a little laugh. “Or I guess as sane as a woman who talks to animals can be.”

Her voice was bright a small, smile on her face but Emma sensed the pain behind it. Regina coped with sharp barbs and snark, Hook with innuendo and smirks, and these were methods Emma understood and accepted, but to face pain and loneliness with a smile and hope the way her mother did was harder for her to grasp. Mary-Margaret hid behind smiles, so often that Emma sometimes forgot that she was hiding, that she wasn’t as untouched by pain or sorrow as she appeared. Feeling awkward with the revelation Emma used one of her own weapons.

“Okay. Well, I guess as long as you didn’t sing to them it’s not so crazy.”


“You have got to be kidding me.”

“It was a spell!” Mary-Margaret protested.

“A singing curse? Really?” Emma shook her head and grinned. “And I thought tromping through Neverland with Captain Hook, the Evil Queen, Snow White and Prince Charming was the pinnacle of weird.”

Mary-Margaret chuckled beside her. “Something tells me your life might get much weirder.”

“I sure hope not. This is about all I can handle.”

“No. You can handle much more. You can handle anything.” The faith in her voice made Emma’s throat close up. She hadn’t known how much she needed that little boost of confidence.

Emma smiled her thanks. They fell into a companionable silence that lasted until they reached their camp. And it wasn’t until she was laying down to sleep that Emma found herself wondering just how a singing curse would work. Images of every Disney musical number she had ever watched flashed before her eyes. She would ask Mary-Margret in the morning about it. And it was that thought that followed her into sleep and gave her some very interesting dreams.

casbakespie  asked:

prompt: team free will decides to get a pet to help with hunting. they cannot agree on what type of pet. you decide how they solve this problem - do they get multiple pets? a bet to see who gets to choose? no pet at all? whatever floats your boat :)

(lol I kinda deviated from the prompt but this is still about them getting a pet. And it’s only 978 words so I call this a win)

“We should get a dog.”

Dean squirted syrup on the table instead of his waffles. “What?” He squawked as his head whipped up so he could stare at Sam.

Sam turned his laptop screen to show a golden retriever puppy. “She was found on the edge of town last week and is at the local shelter.”

“We’re not getting a dog.” Dean grabbed a napkin from the centre of the table and began mopping up the syrup. “We’ve had this conversation like 9487 times, Sam. No dogs in the car. Period. Not to mention what would we do with it when we went on hunts? Sometimes we’re not home for weeks at a time. You can’t just leave a dog alone that long!

Sam sighed. “Well if you don’t want dogs in the Impala we could get like a van.”

“A van.” Dean said, voice flat.

“Yah, you know. Like a car, but-”

“I’m not stu- I know what a fucking van is, Sam. And you really want to drive around the country looking like a couple soccer moms?”

“Well I was just thinking what with Cas coming with us more it would be nice to have more room in the car is all.”

“I’m not driving around the country in a goddamn van. You can drive whatever you want but I won’t be caught dead in one of those.” Dean grabbed the syrup, smothered his waffles, and began aggressively eating them.

“A dog would be nice.”

Dean nearly flung the piece of waffle he’d been trying to put in his mouth. He spun around in his chair to find Cas standing RIGHT behind him. “Cas! Personal space.”

“Apologies.” Cas moved around the table so that he could look at Sam’s laptop screen. “Dogs do have heightened senses and can usually tell when someone is not human. It could be quite useful.”

“Cas is right. Remember Bobby had Rumsfeld until-” Sam’s mouth snapped shut. He shook his head and continued speaking, “uhh point is he had a dog.”

“I’m still not getting a damn dog.” Dean scowled at both Cas and Sam.

“Well then, how about a cat?” Sam asked.

Dean’s scowl deepened, “I’m allergic to cats, remember?”

“We could get a bird.” Cas said.

“Absolutely not.” Dean said.

“How about… a rabbit?”

“May- what no. We’re not getting a damn pet, OK?” Dean put down his fork and sighed. There was no way he was eating his waffles while Cas and Sam suggested any animal they could think of. “This isn’t Snow White, we can’t have birds and rabbits and shit running around the bunker. We’re not here half the time and I don’t want to be stepping animal crap or piss.” He stood up, chair scraping loudly across the floor, and grabbed his plate of waffles. “I’ll be in my room. And I swear to god if I come out here later and find a dog…” he continued to swear and muttered to himself as he stalked out of the room.


The whole pet thing never came up again until Illinois 2 weeks later. Well verbally anyway. Nearly every day Sam or Cas had sent him a picture of a dog they’d seen out on a walk or a wild animal they’d seen around the bunker. It was getting ridiculous and Dean probably would have eventually caved had they not found a case finally.

The whole thing was a mess and ended ugly. A woman had gotten turned into a werewolf and had subsequently accidentally eaten three of her neighbours. They’d eventually caught her trying to eat neighbour number 4. Sam was with the last victim at the hospital while Cas and Dean were cleaning up after having disposed of the body. The woman had tried to eat them, the least she could do now was let them wash up a little in her kitchen.

“Did she have any next of kin?” Cas asked.

Dean frowned as he thought for a moment. “I don’t think so? Maybe like a cousin or something out of state. Why?”

“Well…” Cas fell silent and there was the sound of shuffling from the other room. A moment later Cas came into the kitchen, a ball of fur in each hand. “She had guinea pigs.”

Dean just stared at the guinea pigs, unsure what to say. One of them looked up at him and wheeked.

“You know,” Cas gently stroked the side of the guinea pig that had wheeked with his thumb. “Pets are great for people with anxiety.”

Dean gaped at Cas. “Yah well…” He scrubbed a hand over his face. “Whatever. I guess you can bring them with us. But only because they got nowhere else to go. And when you tell Sam you tell him I put up way more of a fight.”

“Thank you, Dean.” The smile he gave Dean was radiant.

“I’m just… gonna wipe things down for prints. Or whatever. Maybe you should like grab their cage or food or something.” Dean nervously started wiping down anything he thought he’d touched in the house. “And like their toys. Guinea pigs have toys, right?” Shit he was going to have to read up on guinea pigs now.


As they were driving down the highway Dean couldn’t help but smile whenever he glanced in the rear-view mirror. Cas had his trench coat laying in his lap and on top of it were two little balls of fur. Their cage was sitting on the seat next to Cas. Dean had argued that they should stay in their cage but Cas had insisted that he would make sure no excrement or other fluids would make it onto Baby’s upholstery.

One of the guinea pigs woke up and started making happy little sounds as Cas gently petted it. Dean smiled, maybe this pet thing wouldn’t be so bad.

I love the idea of Alice acting more birdish from time to time, like when no one looking.

- she preens her feathers on occasion. she does it in private most of the time though because its such a delicate task, one wrong feather and PAIN ALL THE PAIN

- she collects all the shiny things. Rocks, coins, someone left a fork from lunch NOPE. ITS ALICE’S NOW. Like if someone in the studio or even in the cartoon brings Alice something they though was interesting SHE’LL KEEP IT. not because its interesting to her but because they thought of her when finding it…also it could be kind of interesting.

- Alice has her own nest, high up in the rafters of the studio. one of the big unused music rooms is now basically Alice’s dressing room. Its honestly very comfortable, she made it herself so its full of pillows and leftover fabric from costumes, even bendys’ old tutu got in there. Feather boa’s, old sheet music, and little fairy lights are tangled up together everywhere and some of her shiny collections are tied hanging from the ceiling in jars. its one of the rare rooms that has a skylight so Alice has a view of EVERYTHING from her room. 

-Bendy may or may not have visited the nest on many occasion…for more adult activities.

-if you surprise alice or spook her, she SQUWAKS! and if shes trying to comfort you or is thinking, she starts cooing like a pidgeon and its so relaxing…bendy agrees

- they go to feed the ducks and alice only goes to gossip.

- Alice is the snow white of birds. all birds…she loves them all! but penguins hold a very special place in her heart. I wonder why cough cough BENDY cough

- a rumor has been going around that alice once was flying about but she wasn’t using her wings. it was the pigeons carrying her. it neither been confirmed or denied, when asking alice about it all she did was smirk and walk away.

- Alice once rode on an ostrich instead of a horse for a race in the cartoon. it was a mutual agreement.

- when bendy gets flirt or even enters the room, Alice just…she FLOOFS UP.

~Admin Killer


Daaaaad! We’re gonna get me a magical pet! (Oh god…)

I need a magical pet because I’m a princess. (What!?)

All Disney Princesses have one. (A magical pet?)

Yes! All Disney Princesses have animals. In fact they only had pets, they never had friends. (Look, son, really.)

Cinderella had rats. Snow White had rabbits and birds. Belle had the beast that she let have sex with her.

(Those aren’t real.) You can’t prove that. (Don’t play that card.) It’s titty for tat. You can’t prove what’s real. (Hey!)

(Let’s take a second to define reality.) *Hiss!* (And maybe just have brunch and drink some booze.) Snooze!

(I’ve got to go to work and you’ve got…something else, so here’s some pocket cash, go get tattoos. Ok?)

Jasmine had a Tigger that she let have sex with her. Pocohontas? Coon skin hat. Mulan had dragons dude. He-Man had a Battle Cat. Ariel, Red Lobster fest. Now I need one too!

(You’re not gonna stop this?) What do you think?

(I think that you’re crazy.) No, not this week.

I need me a frog with a magical glow or just maybe a dog that’s so real, I need both. Or maybe a mouse with a wand or a rat with a sack full of sacks full of bags full of hags who cast all their magical magical spells from their bags. Oh my god, please oh please, come on dad.

(*sigh* Ok, we’re going to get you something magical) Yes! (But keep in mind that magic is all in your head.) Nope!

I’m finally gonna get my magical pet now! And if we fail, I promise I’ll be deaaaaaad. I will be deaaaaaaaad. I will diiiiiiiiiiiie. I’ll be deaaaa-.

(Alright, I get it! Jesus Christ!)


sephirose  asked:

Do you have any headcanons on the Keeny family at all?

Do I have Keeny headcannons? You’re asking me, the Mistress of Fear, if I have headcannons for my favorite Scarecrow comic?? Well, I hope you’re sitting down because you’re about to get bombarded with a ton of headcannons! 🎃

- In the comic,Batman investigates a young boy’s room that holds a giant teddy bear, and it might seem like this was Crane’s room at first glace, but I’ve thought of something more depressing. (This is less headcanon, more than a heavily researched theory, but I’m including it here because I stand behind it 110%) Jon actually lived in a much smaller and probably cramped room located in the attic. I’ve already posted about that in much more detail. You can read about it here

- As a child, Jonathan owned several vintage pull string toys, all of which were hand-me-downs and had been kept in storage. His favorite was an early 20th century wooden raven on wheels. As a young boy, he pulled it around with him while playing outside near the Aviary. It acted much like the Scarecrow that he would become in his later years, tricking the local crows into staying away from him. Unfortunately, when Great Grandmother Keeny learned of his “satanic trickery” she took away the wooden raven and used it as fire kindling. Great Granny also burned his copy of Ulysses, A stuffed Scarecrow he knitted, and sometimes even the clothes on his back.

-The Keeny Manor is huge! It is at least three stories tall at some segments, and includes and attic and basement/cellar. The Manor is most likely shaped in a bracket form, and jets out in multiple directions. Back in it’s heyday, the manor was surrounded by gardens that rivaled Eden. The Chapel, which had nightly services, also served as an Aviary. It was full of God’s most royal birds, Snow white doves, Alabaster Egrets and Regal Herons to name a few.

-Jonathan’s mother, Karen Keeny is often described by the fandom as a dirty whore. Unfortunately this is the fandom taking the words directly from Grandmother Kenny’s (Marion’s) mouth. I like to believe she wasn’t a diseased beast. Karen was the last female in the Keeny line, and she was the product of of her time, sheltered. Her mother and grandmother were born with different ideals and different mindsets when it came to men. They were always told to obey. Now, this isn’t the post to rant about that, but I honestly don’t believe she has some “disease” that she transferred onto Jonathan. The only disease here was the lifestyle she ran away from.

- Speaking of Karen, I like to believe she might’ve cared for Jonathan had she been given the chance. We’re not given a lot of insight to what happens, and we have to only infer that her mother and grandmother shun her for her misdeeds. I do not believe she willingly ran away. Years later, Karen has a child with the deadbeat Charlie and she clearly loves the little girl….so perhaps she might’ve loved Jonathan too.

-Do to her age and arthritis, Great Grandmother Keeny is very limited in her mobility and what she can and cannot do. It’s stated in the comic that she fears Jonathan as he grows older, knowing that she can’t stop him from roaming around the Manor. Marion left shortly after his birth, leaving Mary alone in raising him. It’s easily apparent that it within the huge manor, there was no way she could chase him down the halls or up and down stairs.  This is when the punishments began, and she would punish him for virtually anything. If he didn’t do enough chores that day, if he talked back to her, if he wasn’t home from school at the appropriate time, if his clothes had dust on them, you name it. She had to find a way to control him for as long as possible

-While Great Granny Keeny could still cook amazing meals for herself, she really didn’t want to bake up the most elaborate foods for her great grandson. No sense in helping the boy grow strong, right? Best to keep him weak and fragile for as long as possible. She feed him old gruel and porridge made out of rotten vegetables and meats. To this day, Jonathan still can’t stand the sight of a bowl of porridge, lest he gag. 

-As a child, Jonathan didn’t get to celebrate holidays, it wasn’t just Halloween. Ever since the Keeny wealth ran dry, there was little money left for such extravagant purchases. The only gifts he was ever “blessed with” were the rare replacement dress shirts. The Manor never smelled of turkeys during thanksgiving, or pine trees around Christmas time.  Jonathan never knew what it was like to be normal.

The Charlatan and The Blue Bird

This one is for you @vorchagirl ! \(^_____^)/

I can’t get rid this image in my head after reading “Sweet Little Lies”.  I have “the Snow White and the Blue Bird” image flowing in my mind and Snow White just wouldn’t stop singing! (pretty creepy you know…)  So I thought I should draw this image for you! XD  

Thanks for posting this fic! :D 

You can read “Sweet Little Lies” here:

P.S.  Snow White, you can now stop singing in my head …..

Fuck it, today I just want to thank all the shippers! All of you out there who create beautiful works of art, words, or just even thoughts with headcanons and other blips! You are all great, whether it is Sunflowyr, Renora, Arkos, Lancaster, Bumbleby, Monochrome, White Rose, Snow Birds, Sephora, Ironwitch, Milk and Cereal, Tauradonna, Salt water taffy, Pink Lemonade, Lie and Steal, Freezerburn, or any of the millions of other ships out there the RWBY fandom has produced! From the beginning to now you all continue to create amazing content with fun names and twists and touching stories and art. You are all beautiful and amazing and I hope every one of you continues to be the force of creativity you are!


Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales illustrated by Felicitas Kuhn

The Brave Little Tailor, Mother Holle, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Rumpelstiltskin, The Golden Bird, Little Red Riding Hood, Jorinde and Joringel, The Farmer and the Devil, The Three Feathers