Ski Lodge Head Script: Pt 2 (Reblog if you like it!)

*So, this is the next scene in my Ski Lodge Head Script. *DISCLAIMER THIS IS A JOSH AND MAYA SCENE*. Please take it as objectively as possible, accept what is inevitable anyways, and give me any feedback you can think of. Writing for Maya/Josh, or even just for Josh in general is challenging, because I have such limited material to go off of with his character. Let me know what you think, regardless of who you “ship”. Please and thank you.*

Ski Lodge Head Script (Cont.)

 : Pan in, Maya on couch center stage, alone in the common room. She is crying lightly to herself after the game of “Truth or Dare”. Enter Josh from stage right with door, gets thrown in from snow/wind, stumbling :



: Gains control of himself after being thrown through the door from the snow, then pauses:

 So…it’s definitely snowing outside.

: Maya slightly glances over at Josh, goes back to crying:

Josh (noticing Maya):

 Oh, hey…Maya…

 : Slowly leans up against door and drops bags to physically brace himself:


: Does not even look at Josh, keeps looking down at hands:



:Looks around, confused:

Uh…Hi? Just hi?

 :Takes off his hat:

Maya it’s me, Josh? Josh Matthews? Riley’s Uncle?



 : Briefly looking up at him, then back down at hands:

Yeah Josh, I know who you are.


Okay… it’s just this is just not really how our greetings usually go.


                :No response from Maya at all:

You know, compared to the usual of you running at me? Jumping on my back? Calling me Uncle Boing? Is any of this ringing a bell for you?


(Completely unenthusiastically, stoically, looks and points at him:


…. Better?


Not really.

 : Takes a few steps closer :

 Wait, Maya are you crying? What’s going on?

 : Sits down on couch :


Right. Cause you really care what happens to me. We don’t even know each other, remember?


That’s not fair Maya. Despite what you may believe, I’m not perfect, I say stupid things. I do care, I have always cared about you.

 : Slightly playful : Come on, talk to me, Hart.

Maya(Shaking head, talking to herself):

Riley left. Cause of me, I think. I mean I think I messed up. I’ve been messing up. Ruining things. I went too far. Again. I promised myself I would stop that.

I mean how could I have missed it? She’s my best friend-


Whoa, whoa whoa, slow down. Back up.

 :A little worried:

 What do you mean she left? We’re in the middle of nowhere during a snow storm! There are bears and wolves everywhere around here…it’s not safe, Maya! Where did Riley go???


No…she’s right outside, she’s safe.


Oh. Okay good.

 : Sits back down :


She’s with Farkle.


Okay so definitely not safe.

 :About to get back up and get Riley:

 Maya(Ignoring him):

I think I might have hurt her. I never want to hurt her.


: Sits back down:

 This is about a boy.


Kind of.


Teenage over dramatics.


You’re eighteen.


Yes. But I’m a college man now, Maya. Sophisticated, refined, mature-


Riley told me she walked in on you playing Power Rangers.


I was with Auggie-


You were in full blown costume.


It was for Halloween!



It was last week!


You have NO proof of that.


Right yea well if you’re “so mature” that you can’t be bothered with my problems-

 Josh(Interrupting her):

Maya. Talk.  


 I was always this girl who knew who she was. I bent the rules, I did what I wanted but I was okay with it. I just considered myself…broken. But being friends with Riley, seeing everything she had, seeing how much hope and light she had for the world, the way she cares about the people she loves, how great her family is ….

: Pauses to glance at Josh:.

I guess I just started to want what she had. I wanted to become a new version of myself, someone who did things that made people proud. I wanted to be the kind of person who believed in something. But somewhere along the way of that I lost the part of me that made me, me. And Riley- she saw that, she saw that before anyone else did, even me. And she just dropped everything to help me find my way again. She reminded me of who I was and where I came from and why that’s so important.

 : Slight pause, getting increasingly choked up:

 She did all of that for me. She saved me, like she always promised she would. And then here I am, trying to figure out how to be the best, improved version of Maya, and I can’t even do the same for her. I’m so selfishly wrapped up in my problems that I can’t even be the best friend that she deserves, I can’t even tell when she’s going through something and she needs me. When I was screaming…she heard me. And now I have to do the same for her. I have to hear her. I have to fix it. I have to fix everything for her. Because I can not stand to be in a world where that little weird ball of pure sunshine saves me and I can’t even save her back. I won’t let that-

: Maya realizes Josh is sitting still, staring at her, smiling:



Why are you smiling like that?


 I don’t know. Just listen to you, listen to how much you love Riley, look at how concerned you are for her. You think you’re a bad friend? I don’t think my niece could ask for a better best friend. And I’m pretty sure, she would agree.

 : Places his hand on Maya’s knee :

 You’re growing up Maya. And it’s…well, it’s impressive.


: Looks down at his hand, then up at Josh:



No problem.

 : Long pause, don’t break each other’s gaze:


: Rushed, breaking gaze abruptly :

 Well! I better get going.


What? You’re just gonna let me sit here spilling my guts, totally embarrassing myself in front of you and then  just split?


Uh, yeah. Yeah I am.


 : Grabs Josh by shirt:

Why Josh? Why would you do that?


: Pauses to ponder this, smirks/chuckles:

 Because Maya Penelope Hart, if I sit here too much longer, I’m going to forget you’re still in high school.

:Maya, slowly lets him go from her grasp, they are inches apart:


Would that really be so bad?




 : Maya looks away, disappointed::


: Gently lifts her head:

…For now.

 :Maya looks up taken aback:

 : Riley enters through door on stage right, getting hurled into room from storm:



: Notices Josh and Maya on couch:

 : Cocks head to the side, confused:

Uncle Josh! You’re here…?


Heyyy, Riley!

 : Awkwardly Rambling, fidgeting profusely:

 I just got here, actually. Crazy storm out there huh? Like the North Pole or something, ha ha- better watch out for Santa! Probably Rudolf out there too…

: Riley and Maya staring at him completely amused at his awkwardness:

Yea so anyway I was just going to sleep.

 : Points at Riley:

Riles, skiing tomorrow?

Riley (extremely loud and excited):



Riley there aren’t actually any bun-

Riley(looking up into nowhere):


Maya(to Josh):

Just tell her “whatever you want”


Josh(smiles big, arms outstretched):

Whatever you want!


: Smiling huge:



 : Josh gets up from couch, begins to exit, Riley takes his place on the couch:


Goodnight ladies.


 Maya(Still looking at him perplexed):




: Josh slowly walks away, stops, pauses and turns around:


Oh and Maya?





Old version, new version, improved version…whatever this version of you is?…it’s beautiful.

 : Smirks and exits:


Maya…What was that?

Maya(staring straight ahead, smirking to herself):

I think that…was the long game.