Meanwhile In Canada, Trains Don’t Give A F%$# About Snow

Stand back, this one’s going to blow.

Footage uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday catches a CN train smashing through mounds of snow.

“I guess I was a bit too close to the track!” wrote Darren, a Moncton-area man who recorded the video.

As much as 30 centimetres of snow fell on Monday alone, matching records the city set in 1992 when 160 centimetres was dumped over a three-day period.

“A few bits of solid water ain’t stoppin that monster,” wrote one commenter.
But Old Man Winter isn’t done with New Brunswick yet – more snow is on the way. One Saint John homeowner suggested to CBC News that the city pay for local efforts clearing public streets by hand.

“Should get a little raise from the city,” said Dylan Arsenault, “ A tax break or something.”

Just another day in Canada.


 New York pummelled with snow storms

Lake-effect snow pummeled areas around Buffalo for a second straight day, leaving residents stuck in their homes as officials tried to clear massive snow mounds with another storm looming.

Even hardened Buffalo residents were caught off-guard as more than 5 feet fell in parts of the city by Wednesday morning. Some areas were expected to get 6 feet by the storm’s end Wednesday afternoon. A second storm was due Wednesday night.

The storm was blamed for five deaths in New York including three from heart attacks. (AP)

(Photos by Gary Wiepert/AP Photo, Carolyn Thompson/AP Photo, Gary Wiepert/AP Photo)

See more images from the storm and our other slideshows on Yahoo News!

lipstick of blueberry white arizona
and dust from pizza pringles
shooting for that light pollution fix
draw a nail polish line on my stomach
for every time you wished you could be buried
in a parking lot snow mound over the course
of the past few months
tear the most important page out
of your sketchbook and put it underneath
the windshield wiper of
the loneliest looking minivan
that you can find


Hooded merganser duck, Jan. 23, 2016 by Smithsonian’s National Zoo
Via Flickr:
Caption: Carmella, a hooded merganser duck peeks out between mounds of snow around her exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo on Jan. 23, 2016. Photo: Carmen Sturniolo/Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

gnomerino prompted: Klaine keeping warm on a very cold day

“Would you still love me if I was a polar bear?”

Blaine burrows deeper into the nest of blankets on the bed and pulls his giggling fiance closer.

“A polar bear?” Kurt asks.

Blaine nods. “It’s freezing. Polar bears are fat and furry and not even slightly bothered by sub-zero wind chills and mounds of snow. I want to be a polar bear.”

Kurt laughs again and kisses the tip of Blaine’s nose. “Am I a polar bear too, then? Because I think human me loving polar bear you might be a bit of a stretch. Also, it would involve me continuing to endure the cold.”

“Yes. We would be the most fabulous polar bear couple in the whole Arctic Circle.”

“Do polar bears mate for life?”

The question brings the images of polar bear Kurt and Blaine frolicking in the snow and affectionately nuzzling noses to an abrupt end in Blaine’s mind. He reaches out to brush human Kurt’s hair off his forehead and draw him into a sweet kiss. “We could be penguins instead.”

Kurt smiles and laces their fingers together. “You’d be a very dapper penguin.”

“And we could still sing our heart song to show how much we love each other.”

“But how will we pick just one song?”

“Kurt, I think the choice is obvious.”


Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and-

“Penguins don’t fly, honey.”

“Fine. I think you’re pretty with that tuxedo on. You think I’m-

"No, Blaine.”

“Well do you have any brilliant ideas, then?”

"We’re penguins. I feel like there’s really only one option here.”

“And that is?”

Kurt shoots him a flirty smirk and leans in to sing quietly in his ear. “I ought to say no no no, sir.

Blaine laughs as he wraps an arm around Kurt’s waist so they’re pressed together from chest to knee.”Mind if I move in closer?

The next lines are whisper-sung through teasing almost-kisses, Kurt keeping their lips a breath apart but never quite touching, until Blaine is left pouting on the final ”Baby don’t hold out.

Kurt kisses him then, slow and delicious, warming them both from the inside out until they break apart and sing the final line in perfect harmony. ”Oh but it’s cold outside.

It must have been a sign of Mr. Brinon’s blind faith in him that he trusted Victor with his money. He’d sent him out not long ago, requesting that he purchase some venison for their dinner tomorrow. But meat was not the only thing on Victor’s list, and soon enough he found himself loaded down with all manner of food stuffs. Focused more on keeping himself upright rather than where he was going, he managed to trip over a particularly stubborn mound of snow.

He caught himself thankfully, his ankle in no worse condition that it had been before. But alas, the fruits which he’d purchased had gone tumbling across the road. Sighing heavily, he went to quickly scramble up that which he could salvage. And just as he moved to do so, some person nearly crushed the apple he’d been going for.

“Watch where you step, please!” he called out. “I cannot afford to replace those.”

Come in from the Cold (Open)

The sky was deceptively bright and blue for so cold a day, sunlight glinting off heavy mounds of snow, so thickly crusted and frozen that a grown man could walk on it without sinking in. Dust had given up on clearing the snow from her entire porch, settling now for just clearing a path safely up the stairs and to her door.

At approaching footsteps she glanced up, cheeks rosy, breath rising in a cloud. “Hello! Care to come in and browse, come in from the cold for a bit?”

Fanfic - Snowed-in - 1/1


Prompt: One of the biggest snowstorms in years forces Blaine to be snowed-in on Christmas with a complete stranger. To my dear dear sweet  Ida.

Pairing: Seblaine

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1951

As the strong winds whipped around his body, and nothing but thick flurries of snow turned his line of vision to sheer whiteness, Blaine wondered how did I get myself here?

The answer was clear to Blaine as he trudged through the mounds of snow up to his knees. A month ago his fiancee of three years decided that they probably weren’t meant to spend the rest of their lives together. No doubt the affair he had with Blaine’s former best friend was what helped him reached that conclusion. Subsequently Blaine lost the apartment in the split because his name had never been signed on the lease. He had hoped to drown his sorrows in spiked eggnog at his parents’ home in Ohio for Christmas only to find they decided to go on a cruise this year.

With no fiancee, no place to live, and no family Blaine had jumped at the chance to spend Christmas with a former schoolmate and his family.

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