Can you write a preference where Jon Snow falls in love with the girl and all that.

Request - Jon Snow “Falling Slowly”

“Jon Snow…” Robb placed his hands on his half brother’s shoulders and he cocked his head slightly while he followed Jon’s glance. “Has no one ever taught you that it is inappropriate to stare at ladies?”

Jon took a deep breath and without giving his half brother an answer, he turned around to focus on his horse again. Of course Ned Stark had taught him that it was inappropriate to stare at ladies.

“You could of course try to talk to her.” Robb raised his eyebrows slightly. “I have heard she is kind and very pleasant company.”

Jon sighed and once more he glanced over his shoulder, his eyes resting on you for a moment too long. He felt his lips curling up into a smile when you smiled and he felt his heart skipping a beat in his chest when your eyes met his for one short second.

“Why don’t you invite her for a ride? I don’t mind asking Theon to keep me company today?” Robb wanted to turn around and walk away, but Jon managed to grab his wrist and prevented him from doing so.

“I prefer riding with you.” Jon licked his lips, not sure if he was lying or not. There was a part of him that preferred riding with Robb. When he would ride with Robb, he wouldn’t end up falling in love with you even more. When he would ride with Robb, he wouldn’t end up with the desire to kiss your soft lips. When he would ride with Robb, he wouldn’t have to fight all the longings of his body and heart.

“I don’t believe you, Jon.” Robb shook his head and he freed his arm from the tight embrace that was holding him back. “Excuse me, miss. I have to excuse myself and my brother would like some company during his ride today. Would you mind riding with him?”

You frowned your eyebrows while you glanced over Robb’s shoulder, but then you shook your head. “Of course I wouldn’t mind. I would love to get to know him better.”

“Wonderful, I wish the two of you a lovely afternoon then.” Robb bent his head slightly before he headed back into the house, leaving you and Jon alone.

Jon had to admit that he felt a little uncomfortable. He shifted his weight from one leg to the other and every time he tried to say something, he ended up closing his mouth again because he was afraid to say exactly the wrong things.

“I haven’t been riding for a very long time, so I might need some help.” You tucked a strand of your long hair behind your ear and you bent your head to avoid his glance.

“We could take a walk instead of a ride?” Jon cleared his throat, even though his voice sounded a lot weaker than he was used to. “I could bring the horses back to their stables and I could show you the Godswood?”

You looked up again and Jon felt his heart racing in his chest. “That would be wonderful.” You smiled once more and Jon smiled back at you, not realizing that seconds passed, minutes passed. “Do you need help with the horses?” You eventually interrupted the silence and Jon remembered how to nod.

“Yes, that would be nice, thank you.”