W. T. F.

We’ve had so many snow days this year, and we just found out today that the plan to make them up is to extend the school day for the whole district by an hour, four days a week, for SEVEN WEEKS. And we still have to hope that the state will waive 2.4 days, because that’s what will be left over at the end of the seven weeks.

And the only valid reason for this is that “We can’t move graduation!!!!!!” and if we don’t go through with this plan, we will be non-compliant with the minimum number of days for seniors. And if we do that, we will lose state funding.

So in order to have graduation on the scheduled date (an admittedly important event, that happens for about 200 students), we will rearrange the lives of 3000 students (and all their families, and all the staff, and all *their* families) for seven weeks.