Sunrise over Bryce Canyon, Sunset over Zion Canyon, Utah, with some remaining snow cover.

So I’ve looked at this pic a bunch, and I can’t tell who everyone is but I can pick out a few

Jayson is Jon Snow, Bryce is Ghost, Doolittle is Tormund, Max is the Night King (allegedly from tweets), Stras is the dude with the eyepatch who keeps coming back from the dead, and Trea is Tommen Baratheon 😂😂

Winter at Bryce Canyon National Park brings new ways to experience one of Utah’s premier parks. Besides gorgeous views, adventurers can enjoy snowshoeing, skiing and sledding through a world of white. From November through March, the park also offers ranger-led full moon snowshoe hikes. Before you go, be sure to check with the park for conditions and closures. Photo by National Park Service.

Youtuber Spirits!

These are the Spirits I have put down so far! (Send me some youtubers to be added!)
Vanoss: Ice
BasicallyIDoWrk: Fire
Delirious: Water
CaRtOoNz: Wind
Lui: Animal
Mini Ladd: Nature
Terrorizer: Snow
Nogla: Lava
Moo: Storm
Chilled Chaos: Ice
Smarty: Lava
Ze: Wind
GaLm: Fire
Tom: Death
Seananners: Animal
Gassy: Earth
Sark: Nature
Panda: Snow
Ohmwrecker: Life
Bryce: Storm