CS 6x14 / Snowing 3x07

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These scenes were so much alike! And I’m glad CS parallel to Snowing also in this because it shows that someone could make a mistake in any time of the relationship, even when it’s based on TL and a healthy foundations of trust.

CS scene didn’t end with a hug like Snowing’s, but at the end of the day we will get that reconciliation hug even if it means we have to wait for it a week or two,  

The more I think about it the less I look forward to the Girls Night Out story line next Sunday. And it’s not the concern about watching two women who know nothing about Killian Jones potentially bash him, it’s about watching two women who know nothing about Emma Swan try to pretend they understand her and what is going on with her and her relationship with Kilian.

Honestly, I would prefer that Snow just stuck with her MO of sending Archie to talk to Emma.

Snow and Emma had a wonderful friendship in season one, but the show has done nothing to nurture any kind of relationship between Snow and Emma in three seasons. Snow is always willing to run to wipe Regina’s nose, but she refuses to be the parent and approach Emma. We saw this in season 5 with the Dark Swan arc and we saw it again this season. In fact the only conversation Emma and Snow have had this season one on one was Snow chastising Emma for not coming to her with her visions - but it’s kind of hard to come to your mother, when your mother sends a shrink to you instead of approaching your herself. Snow’s hypocrisy is ridiculous and I’m tired of her relationship with Emma suffering to prop Regina.

Meanwhile, do we really need to watch the most self-centered character on the show, make Emma’s upset all about herself? Any bets on how long before Regina makes it all about her?

With David asleep this could have been a chance for Emma and Snow to have a real conversation, but instead Regina is tagging along like the third wheel she is. And we are going to be treated to scenes of two women who know nothing about Emma try to comfort her.

Man if this was Gideon’s plan - it is brutal for Emma and us.

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The most beautiful things in this remake are costume and scenic design: i would love live in that castle, even if is dark and ruined, and the yellow dress is amazing. SOme friend tell me that the beast i draw is too kawaii, and resemble my beloved husband, i tell him and he was pretty proud about, maybe because this is the scene where we can clarely understan that there is love and understanding. And afterall i always prefer the beast than the prince ahahah

Funny how the wish world isn’t real when Regina is killing Snow & David, but is real when Regina wants to bring back Robin and give her EQ a fresh start.

A&E actually gave the EQ the happy ending she always wanted - dead Snowing, no Emma, Robin, a kingdom to rule, even Henry’s love.

How is that a message about hope?

There’s a massive spoiler in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (Rogue One cover) with “Once Upon a Time” confirming the AU No-Dark Curse storyline is happening as there’s a picture of Emma in a princess style dress and braid standing with 50-60 year-old Snow & Charming in royal outfits & aged makeup/wigs!!! :D The new issue is out early with Thanksgiving coming and I got my copy in the mail today. I don’t have a scanner but there’s a picture and a description for the mid-season finale talking about someone making a wish from the genie that was in the lamp Aladdin has and how it’ll change things for the mid-season premiere in EW’s “What to Watch” section for Sunday, December 4th. I’m positive EW will be posting an article online soon as they usually do for non-subscribers.