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So tired of people saying that Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora and Ariel are bad role models and are bad for young girls when Snow and Cinderella are abuse survivors, and Ariel had an abusive Father who pushed her into thinking about making the deal with Ursula.

Aurora was willing to give up everything for her kingdom, for her kingdom’s people, which would have been true to her time. And is courageous. 

They are not perfect, but not a single Disney Princess or character is. They’re characters. They are going to make mistakes and have flaws, and that’s human.

Snow fucks up by eating the apple, Snow is optimistic, she wants to believe that most people are good until proven wrong. She doesn’t want to judge by appearance. She teaches that you should listen to your intuition as she was uncomfortable and same with the animals before she ate the apple. Also, Snow teaches kids that “You can fill the world with sunshine “, that, yeah, life is shit, and people are shitty, but you can be the sunshine that the world needs.

But one fuck up, and she’s “a horrible character. “

Cinderella doesn’t let her Stepmom or her Stepsisters abuse poison her. She keeps strong and tough and keeps her dreams firmly tight that one day, she’ll be free and happy. She only breaks down once, when her mother’s dress was ripped into pieces. Cinderella stands up for herself and doesn’t let her Step Family get under her skin. In short, she’s strong mentally.

Same with Aurora. She’s basically forced to marry and take the throne when she wants to stay in the woods and be with the mysterious boy that she danced with. But she bravely takes in her duty. Sometimes…. we have to do something that we don’t want to do.

Ariel ? Her abusive Father smashes all her human items and treasures right in her face and emotionally and vulnerably heads towards Ursula. Ursula then makes her dreams and fantasies of being human and being with Eric look reachable and tasty. Ursula is highly manipulative. She sings faster and faster, forcing Ariel to make a quick now-or-never decision. She fucks up. She apologizes to her worried Dad. She knows that she made a mess.

Again, one fuck up and she’s a “horrible character “

It worries me that women who call themselves a feminist, also won’t let their daughters and sons watch a movie where girls just make a crappy mistake when it’s so human to make them. It worries me when women who call themselves a feminist won’t let their children watch Snow, The Little Mermaid and Cinderella because it just screams of victim blaming.

Teach your daughters and sons that it’s okay to make mistakes, and not to victim blame.

Also, the whole magical kiss while in coma thing. Snow knew the Prince, and watch the scene again. The Prince is a giving her a “kiss goodbye “. In Sleeping Beauty, Phillip is told that Aurora will only awaken by the kiss of a true love. The Prince and Phillip are not going around kissing random sleeping women.

 I also find it funny, that one of these complaints about the classic princesses comes from the women who voiced Anna from Frozen. I don’t hate Anna, but, like she wanted to marry a stranger only a few hours after knowing him, AND GAVE HIM FULL LEADERSHIP OF HER KINGDOM  LIKE ???!!  come on.

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If you write something defending disney princesses which ones you'll actively might focus on?

I actually was considering doing one on each of the princesses, lol, like a series? So Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Tiana, Rapunzel, Elsa & Anna, and Moana? Maybe also Esmeralda and Megara, and possibly Jane Porter, though they aren’t technically princesses. I wouldn’t deny that most of these movies have problematic elements–some many of them!–but rather point out other options for how to take their characters.


Inspired by the Women’s March and my firm belief that these Princesses would be out there. Dream Big, Princess!


At this point, Disney needs to give us a spinoff animated sitcom movie or series about all the Disney Princesses. That’s what I live for. Also let them gossip and (possibly sometimes complain) about their princely boyfriends and allow them to compliment one another. AND LET ELSA BE GAY AND MULAN BE BISEXUAL! I don’t really have a reason why, but please and thank you.


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I don’t know why Pocahontas, Elsa, Anna and Moana are not included. Maybe they are exclusives, we will see.

Let’s talk for a second about Disney princesses.

Listen guys. I LOVE those Disney gals who saved themselves and wrote their own story. I love Mulan saving all of China and taking command of an army. I love Merida standing up for herself and winning her own hand. I love Tiana, who worked hard every second of her life in order to earn her own happily ever after and achieve her dream. I love Anna and Elsa constantly fighting for each other and saving each other through sisterly love. And you all know I ADORE Moana and her journey to find herself and save her island. Incredible characters, one and all!

But can we remember Cinderella, slaving away for an abusive stepmother who constantly tried to diminish her worth, while Cinderella still stayed kind and strong?
Can we remember Snow White, who lost both of her parents, only to be left with a jealous stepmother who TRIED TO KILL HER?
Can we remember Aurora, who was cursed as a tiny baby, taken from her parents, and lived a lonely life with no friends except animals and 3 ditzy (albeit lovable) fairies, never permitted to meet anyone new or go on real adventures and discover life?
Can we talk about all the Disney heroines who had difficult beginnings, who were treated unjustly, who withstood adversity but maintained their kindness and never stopped dreaming? Cinderella never asked for a prince to come take her away. She asked for just one night where she didn’t have to dress in rags and endure the abuse that surrounded her daily. Ariel longed to be a part of the human world long before she met Eric, he simply gave her even more reason to finally go. Megara saved Hercules and sacrificed herself, not only for true love but to save everyone! Jasmine may have fallen in love with Aladdin, but she saved him as much as he saved her. Remember Kida and all she had to endure. Remember Belle, who was smart and ambitious and so ahead of her time. It’s not wrong for Snow White to dream of finding true love. She grew up never knowing what it was like to be loved at all! OF COURSE she would dream of someone who accepted her and treated her well!

So yes. Let’s teach girls that family relationships are important. Let’s teach them how to work hard to get where they want to go. Let’s teach them how to save themselves, how to believe in themselves, and how to stand up for what they believe is right. Let’s remind them that they are “not a prize to be won.” But let’s also help them understand that asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness and that falling in love isn’t pathetic or shameful. True, they don’t NEED a man. But if they happen to find someone who makes them happy and treats them better than they’ve ever been treated, that’s great too! Its not a sign of weakness. It’s just another beautiful part of their story.