snow leopard

Continuing in the vein of snow leopards being the most extra cats ever, here’s mom Kira being “surprised” by one of her cubs. Sisters Naphisa and Pandora were born at the Stone Zoo on May 6th. Since those videos of big cats “over-reacting” to being pounced by their cubs are so popular, I asked where this behavior comes from - are they really hamming it up, or is it genuine surprise? One of Kira’s zookeepers noted it looks a lot like her normal play behaviors, so there’s a good chance it’s one of her ways of playing with her cubs. Since most play behaviors are crucial to teaching baby animals the skills they’ll need to survive as adults, it makes sense that snow leopard play would include stalking and pouncing! 

Video courtesy of Katie, an educator at Stone Zoo in Stoneham, MA.