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Things I want to see in SVTFOE!

Mrs. Diaz getting pregnant again and Marco becoming a perfect big brother. (Just imagine Marco being a protective big brother! Plus Star could help babysit Marco’s baby brother/sister or twins)

Mr. Diaz teaching Marco (and Star) how to drive a car.

A time traveling episode

An episode just about Marco

Ferguson asking Star to pretend to be his girlfriend to make another girl jealous while Marco is the one being jealous.

Star getting sick and Marco taking care of her.

Marco getting a job

A valentine episode. Star getting a lot of valentine’s from all the boys from school.

Star witnessing snow for the first time.

Star and Marco switch bodies with a new spell that Star learned.

Star teaching Marco how to use the wand.

Toffee returning

Star teaching Marco how to kiss before he goes out on a ‘date’ with Jackie. (It would be awkward for them cause they are friends but it would be a big Starco moment. Plus, I’m guessing Star probably kissed Tom already so she knows how to do the whole kissing thing.)

A flashback episode on how Star and Tom got together.

Mrs. Diaz and Star going on a girls night out while Marco hangs out with his dad.

Queen Butterfly and Mrs. Diaz having a Mom’s night out. (I would love to see these two moms bonding over something)

Buff Frog joining Marco and Star’s side and helping them in situations. (Like if Star and Marco get mad at each other, they can talk to Buff Frog to vent)

Star singing in the show. (I know she sings at the end credits but I would actually love it if she sings more. Plus, we could hear Marco sing or they could do a duet)
Carry On cooking show entitled “Curry On” AU

Baz as the chef

Penny is the commentator or something

Simon as that fail assistant but is so cute so everyone loves him; taste tester

Special segment of Ebb showing some trivias or how to raise your cattle properly

Special segment of Mordelia showing their family’s garden and Baz’s small greenhouse filled with basil

;;;;Watford as a famous culinary school where Baz graduated first in his whole batch

Artist Name: carlos carmonamedina


This is part of the series ‘Postcards from Washington DC’, a personal challenge to produce a weekly illustration that highlights life in the capital. This week’s postcard shows a bit of all that collective effervescence at Meridian Hill / Malcom X park, where crowds gathered to witness the snow day, and the elegant Joan of Arc statue, the only equestrian statue of a woman in Washington D.C., watched over us all.

You can see the rest of the postcards here.

On 5 December,1998, 8-year-old Derrick Engebretson, along with his father and grandfather took a trip to Winema National Forest in search of a Christmas tree. At some point, Derrick managed to wander away from his father and grandfather who called police. The weather was  so extreme that the search was difficult. They came across some blood and a makeshift shelter which was made from fir boughs. A set of footprints led police to a snow angel. A witness claimed they saw a man struggling with a young boy but assumed it was a son and father. Derrick was never found and the case remains unsolved.


3. maybe this time

Summary: Alternate ending to 4x15/Poor Unfortunate Soul. What if Cruella hadn’t woken up in time to escape the cabin?

I took a break from writing a funny thing and ended up writing this semi-funny thing. Pure wish fulfillment. All of the fluff. All of the snark. All of the flawed melodrama.

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