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So, I'd have a hard time believing ULT for Jon (the hints are there for sure) except for the boat expedition idea. Jorah is exactly right about it being safer to fly. If Jon wanted her safe and was in love with her, he'd agree. But no, he wants to sail. He can't both love her and put her in danger. He's not one to waste time for just wanting sex. "There's no time for that." The only reasonable explanation is he specifically wants to seduce her and enhance his influence over her. Thoughts?

He tested her plenty of times, he’s begged her for help multiple times, and still, nothing. He went on a bloody suicide mission, where they almost all died, all because of her power hunger, all because of her obsession for the Iron Throne. 

Nothing he did nor said to her, convinced her, seeing the army of the dead didn’t convince her, giving her the North didn’t convince her. He knows it’s not an honorable thing to do, but he’ll do it for the North, for his home, for Bran, Arya and Sansa.

So yes, he proposed they sail together, so he could seduce her. I think he took that decision, right here: “I can’t forget what I saw North of the Wall, and 

I can’t pretend that Cercei won’t take back half the country, the moment I march North.

And THIS was Jon’s reaction, right sfter she finishes that sentence (gif is mine):

His face, and the way his mouth kind of twitches, the way he lowers his gaze and head, shows just how frustrated he is with her. 

What I can read on his face is both, “Well, you give me no other choice then.”, and “Power, and The Iron Throne, mean more to you than my the Kingdom I just gave you, more than the lives of all my people (my family included) that are in it. What kind of Queen person are you?”

And some of y'all still out here saying he’s in love her…

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For all the Jondelion fans out there, THIS, is why, even though she already has agreed to help, he has to seduce her and make her fall for him, he has to make her believe that he’s fallen head over heels for her too, and also why he has sex with her.

I think Jon is trying to take every possible outcome into consideration, what he’s trying to create, is a bulletproof plan. Littlefinger’s quote applies to Jon perfectly, “Fight every battle everywhere, always, in your mind. Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend.”, this is exactly what Jon is doing. 

He knows he can’t trust Cercei, he knows her words are like wind, he knows he can’t trust Dandelion either, she’s beyond self absorbed and too obsessed with sitting on the Iron Throne. 

So the moment Dandelion said “I can’t pretend that Cercei won’t take back half the country, the moment I march North.”, he made his decision, because he knows, he knows there is a chance that Cercei, even if she comes back and gives her word, chances are, she will not keep it, and once word spreads that she won’t join them, that she lied, Jon would have to kiss her Dragons goodbye. 

That answer she gave him, literally confirmed to him, that Dandelion would let them all die for the Iron Throne, she’d ride South the moment she heard about Cercei not keeping her word, the moment Cercei started “coming in” and taking back “half the country”. So he has to give her something (in this case, someone. HIM.), that will keep her North. He needs her invested, and have her fall for him, is key to that, have her fall for him is the answer. 

This way, when Cercei comes in to take “half the country”, Dandelion won’t bail on them all, because her love for him will keep her bound to the cause. 

White Deer, Snow Queen, Maiden of Finland… This week is all about Finland!

Our version of Maiden of Finland or ‘Suomenneito’. This dress and headwear was for International Beauty Pageant competition in Tokio to be used by Emilia Seppänen (second runner up of Miss Suomi 2016). Tomorrow Finland celebrates it’s hundredth year of existing as an independent country. Happy Birthday Finland! 

Hyvää Syntymäpäivää Suomi!  

Game of Thrones season 7: each character's strategy, ranked by political science

What follows, then, is a definitive ranking of whose strategies were best in season seven, from worst to best, focusing only on players who had a major role in the global conflict this season (sorry, Bran, Sam, and Jaime).

So here’s the ranking. And remember, you can’t argue with it — it’s science.


Daenerys Targaryen

At the beginning of the season, Daenerys had every piece in place to succeed. She had the world’s most powerful army, three strong allies, a compelling objective of “breaking” the wheel that had hurt ordinary people, and — most importantly — she was the sole possessor of the world’s most powerful military technology, dragons. By all rights, she should have ended this season atop the Iron Throne and ready to confront the White Walker threat in the North.

She failed, miserably.

Daenerys lost two of her three allies — Dorne and Highgarden — and the leader of her third, Yara Greyjoy, was captured. She gained a new ally, Jon Snow, but he didn’t make up for the losses. And she idiotically delivered a dragon right into the hands of the Night King, her most serious rival for military hegemony. Her incompetent strategy literally endangered the entire planet, and for that she deserves the lowest spot in this ranking.

Why did Dany fail so epically? Her nation was what’s called a “revisionist” power in international relations parlance, meaning a country that is attempting to upend the political status quo and create a new international order whose terms they dictate. Think Napoleon’s France, World War II-era Japan, or modern-day Russia.

In a statistical study of revisionist powers, Yale University’s Jason Lyall found that revisionist powers often fail by adopting disastrous strategies. They do so, Lyall argues, because leaders build support by winning a military victory of a certain kind. These leaders make grandiose promises of a new world, and need to show that they are delivering. As a result, they build strategy around fulfilling their promises, and often adopt risky approaches that seem appealing, rather than smarter ones that less obviously fit they way they sold themselves.

This is the precise issue that affected Daenerys this season. Early on, she pledged to be a benevolent conqueror, not to burn King’s Landing to the ground or occupy cities with foreign troops. This led her to keep her dragons at home entirely, rather than think more creatively about using them. Why not burn the Red Keep and kill Cersei — but leave the civilian centers of King’s Landing alone? Why not send the dragons to burn Euron’s navy? Why not use the Dothraki cavalry to harry Cersei’s military, staying out of sight of King’s Landing but ambushing any Lannister forces that dared leave the capital?

Later in the season, after losing most of her main allies, she became obsessed with winning Jon’s loyalty — leading to the precise opposite problem. She put her dragons at too much risk, sending them to rescue Jon in a situation where the enemy’s military capability was not well known. She managed to save Jon and win his loyalty, just as Lyall’s theory would predict — but also handed a weapon of mass destruction to a power bent on literally extinguishing all human life.

This was revisionism at its most incompetent.


Petyr Baelish


Olenna Tyrell, Sand Snakes/Ellaria, Yara Greyjoy

Tyrion Lannister


Arya Stark


Euron Greyjoy


Sansa Stark


Jon Snow


The Night King


Cersei Lannister

Who else could it be?

At the beginning of the season, Cersei was isolated and friendless. She was surrounded by enemies, her kingdom was deeply in debt to the Iron Bank, and she was facing a kind of military threat — dragons — that she simply had no answer to. It seemed like most people, as my colleague Andrew Prokop writes, expected her to die this season.

She didn’t — and, in fact, she ended up in a position where she could plausibly win a war that once seemed impossible. She had neutralized a number of opponents, recruited Euron and the all-powerful Iron Bank to her side, used the Iron Bank to finance the purchase of a powerful mercenary force, and pitted her two most dangerous enemies (Daenerys and the Night King) against each other.

To understand Cersei’s success, we need to reach back to the classic work ofPrussian military theorist Carl von Clausewitz.

Clausewitz is most famous for his book On War, specifically the phrase “war is simply a continuation of politics with other means.” This is a commonly (mis)quoted phrase, but its meaning is actually quite subtle. Clausewitz is arguing that war is one tool of statecraft and nothing more. The goal of fighting is the same as the goal of economic sanctions or diplomatic negotiations: to accomplish a desired political end. Just because it’s bloodier doesn’t make it fundamentally different.

Cersei, to her credit, internalized this lesson more than anyone else. She dedicated herself to one objective — protecting the survival of the Lannister dynasty and the life of her unborn child — and centered every tool of statecraft on accomplishing that goal.

She pledged to marry an unpleasant pirate, exposed a large chunk of her army to dragon fire in the name of acquiring vital gold to pay back the Iron Bank, and even let her ancestral home of Casterly Rock fall to put her enemy in a strategically vulnerable situation. No other Westerosi power thought as creatively about how to link the major aspects of state power — military, economic, and diplomatic — in order to accomplish a particular political end.

My guess is that Cersei’s approach will all come crashing down on her head next season, owing to her alienation of her brother and paranoid, backstabby ways. But that’s a guess. Just looking at the arc of season seven, it’s clear that no one played the Game of Thrones better than Cersei Lannister.

[ written by Zack Beauchamp for The Vox]

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f for fyodor fffssas sorry I cant help my thirsty soul

fyodor is…difficult? fun? because we know so little even from manga? but no, i’m so excited to see more of him in Dead Apple. iz gonna be good :)

[Fyodor Dostoevsky/SO] [Pre-Relationship] [What am I doing with these]

[Letter Ficlet Prompt]

‘F’ - Foreign location - Fyodor

Snow fell in harsh sheets through the air, white flecks caught in the wind that tangled in your hair. Frost grew on the tips of your eyelashes, biting chill only bringing more tears to your eyes that froze within seconds. Your muscles trembled with each step forward down the somewhat busy sidewalk of Moscow. It was cold. Significantly colder than you had anticipated. You knew going this far north would be colder than your usual temperate climate home country, but as your teeth chattered hard enough to cause your jaw to ache and you swear the tips of your ears were frostbitten just from the couple of minutes in the frigid air, you extremely underestimated just how cold. You brought your gloved hands to your face, breathing into a cup made from your palms to try and still the jittering yet nothing helped. 

You were startled as something soft and extremely warm was placed snugly over your head. Soft, fluffy almost in material fell in flaps over your ears, blocking the wind and muting the whipping sound it made around the buildings you were walking past.

“You shouldn’t be so skittish,” Fyodor said, voice muffled from the ushanka placed over your ears but words still clear.

You turned to look at him as he walked up from behind you. You hadn’t heard him approach, nor were you at the arranged cafe still down the street. The expression on your face must have given away your inner thoughts as Fyodor tilted his head away from you, the pink on his cheeks easily explained by the biting wind if he hadn’t diverted his eyes from yours.

“You’re safe here, and it was better I watched you as you are not prepared for the Russian climate at all.”

He looked different, in his home country and without his ushanka that now rested on your head instead. His shoulder-length black hair was caught in the breeze and seemed to flow naturally through the Russian wind. HIs thick black wool coat and white jacket, a stark contrast that stood out back in Japan, seemed to fit more with the Russian backdrop of Moscow. He had always seemed to be all hard edges and sharpness that was blinding in the stormy calm of Yokohama. But here, in the bone-chilling cold and bitter weather, he seemed comfortable and normal.

“I may have underprepared,” you admitted, skipping almost around to catch Fyodor’s attention.

“But, you didn’t tell me how the hat looks on me.”

His dark purple eyes blinked to refocus on your face. You knew your cheeks were red, and frozen tears no doubt dotted the edges of your lashes from the shivering. You figured you were a mess, but you weren’t prepared for what the man you had met in the cafe you used to work at compared you to.

“What is the name of that reindeer?” Fyodor asked.

“Eh?” you questioned.

“The one no one plays with.”


“You look like him.”

You straightened and blinked a couple of times before bringing your hands to cover you, now made obvious, red nose. Fyodor chuckled while he tried to pry your hands from your face, black gloved fingers pulling on the cuffs of your coat and the furlined trimmings of your gloves. When his prodding failed, the fingers trailed to the sides of the ushanka and pulled the flaps. You leaned forward from the force, your nose mere millimeters from his. Frosted breaths given life with the chill were shared between your lips. Teeth peeked out to bite Fyodor’s bottom lip; you wanted to kiss it away.

Instead, Fyodor leaned his head up to press his lips to the front of the ushanka. You could hear a muted kissing noise through the furlined Russian garment. The red on your nose and cheeks deepened to fill your face and trail down your neck. He let go of the hat, leaving it tighter on your head to protect you from the cold, and walked back down the alley he had appeared from. When you hadn’t moved from the shock, Fyodor stopped to lean back in your direction.

“Well, come along, you would make a beautiful ice sculpture but a useless secretary,” Fyodor quipped.

The Russian calling you beautiful was enough to jumpstart your feet as you  sprinted slightly to catch up with him. Fyodor turned his face back to see where he was walking, hands tucked deep into the pockets of his coat.

“I’ll have to break you of that skittishness, too.”

Suddenly, instead of freezing cold in your new Russian home, you were overheating. Perhaps you hadn’t underestimated the weather.

I’ve always wondered why Elza wears a white cape if she’s supposed to be a master of stealth or something. Our recent winter weather finally gave me an answer: she’s like a Suikoden snow bunny! She runs from Clive for over three years and their home country/point of origin is in the far north, so presumably there’s some icy climates in there somewhere. As for the rest of her journey…no clue. Get another cape, Elza.

Most of our snow melted today, so I’m hoping that spring starts for real soon!


Gallery: Colors of winter across China

A cold snap has brought snow to many parts of northern China during the Lunar New Year holidays.

But that didn’t stop people from going out and enjoying themselves. Take a look at these amazing pictures of some northern cities of Beijing, Shenyang and Xi’an covered in snow.

While the north of China was painted white, things were very different in the south of the country. Spring flowers are already blooming in southern China, offering visitors a fresh and colorful holiday atmosphere.

As promised, under the cut you will find the first part of my series ‘guide to The Netherlands’. In this first part you will find THE BASICS to the Netherlands. In this guide I will explain some basic things about the Netherlands, like the geography, the climate, the education, language and some handy words and sentences. I hope this will help everyone to understand a bit more about the Netherlands. And who knows, maybe I’ll finally see a character originated from the Netherlands in a roleplay soon?

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A Letter to Santa from Kid Hitler
At Post Branch 4802 in Ebensee, Austria a recent discovery of a letter from a young 10 year old Adolf Hitler to Santa Claus has given historians some insight into the dictators mind.

Below is the original copy, amazingly kept well preserved despite being enclosed in an envelope along with a flourless cookie, as well as an English translation.

  12 December, 1899

Dear St Nicholas,

I have been a very good boy this year.  I always place my toys in the correct area they belong too after play time.  I am diligent with my cleaning and physical health as well.  Above all, I listen and obey my fathers requests.  I only ask of you for one thing this holiday.

Winter is my favorite season.  Perfectly white snow covers all.  What was once dirty and different is now glorious and uniform.  It pains my eyes to see our land tainted during the summer with unwanted dust and trash that travels from neighboring countries.  Oh how I wish everything was white and pure like the winter.

It is for this reason that I want to move to the North Pole and live with you.

I admire and respect your work. How you demand control over the elves having them work towards one common goal is encouraging.  Your organization skills listing all the children as good or bad is inspiring.  I truly wouldn’t have thought before that a separation of people on such a large scale could be accomplished.  You give me hope, Santa. Awaiting your response,
Adolf   Ps. I really like your color scheme. [Chris Chromak]