snow white icon

  • Evil Queen: I need your help getting the one thing I've always wanted. Snow White's heart.
  • Snow:
  • Charming: What is it?
  • Snow: I felt a great disturbance in the Plot. As if millions of viewers suddenly cried out "Again?" and suddenly changed the channel. I fear something dumb is about to happen.

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Hey lovelies, me and Lexi have decided to host a Disney princess awards - because who doesn’t love Disney?! <3


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  • Two new friends YAY!
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  • You will be featured on a fab page created by us
  • Promos on request (up to two times a week)


  • Best icon - Snow White
  • Best url - Cinderella
  • Best theme - Pocahontas
  • Best posts - Tiana
  • Best colour scheme - Aurora
  • Best new discovery - Belle
  • Under 2k fave - Mulan
  • Best overall - Jasmine
  • Lela’s fave - Rapunzel
  • Kirsty’s fave - Ariel 


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  • Cute banner was made by the amazing Lexi @hunqrey
  • We’ll choose when we are happy with the notes

Have fun and good luck! 

Lexi & Kirsty! <3