snow white and rose red

seven o’ clock: peel off your clothes and kiss the floors, damp and sticky with rubber guarding.  rub your feet against the white cool tiling, walk the length of the moon.

half past seven: step into the shower. drink up all the rotting. drink up all the blood.

eight o’ clock: pull his teeth out of your lungs before you wash your face. watch as the incisors clink against the faucet, and tumble down the pipes. your jaw aches from the reaching, and one molar tumbles from your lips, rose red and snow white, slicing open your mouths.

nine o’ clock: soaking your fingers in milk and honey will stop the shaking, but i doubt you have regrets.

ten o’ clock: do not eat dinner. just clamber into bed, and try not to cry.

—  [ evening routine ] a.g.
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I edit the look of my blog whenever you edit my feelings.

FAIRYTALES RE-IMAGINED: Snow White and Rose Red as a Southern Gothic 

Their cottage is old and decrepit but Snow-White takes good care of it during the day while Rose-Red stands on the side of the road, peddling roses to anyone who passes by. The two girls loved each other so dearly that they always ran through the woods hand in hand, seeing demons everywhere and fearing none, for they had each other. And when Snow-White said: “we will never desert each other,” Rose-Red answered: “No, not as long as we both shall live.” Whatever one had, she would share with the other. One day, Rose-Red came across a dwarf who whispered lies in her ear and told her there was a bear-prince waiting for her in the woods Rose-Red was mauled to death by the wild bear and that was the day that Snow-White burnt their cottage down, with herself inside it.