snow white & the seven dwarves

Snow White — Remained kind even under the most horrible circumstances.

Aurora — Dreamed and let her heart soar.

Cinderella — Didn’t show her step family negativity no matter how badly they treated her and remained courageous and kind.

Ariel — Followed her dreams and did anything she could to achieve it.

Jasmine — Went against tradition and followed her heart rather than law.

Belle — Wanted intelligence no matter how out of the ordinary it was and changed someone’s negative preferences to positive.

Mulan — Fought for her family’s honor and to find herself, despite being a woman.

Pocahontas — Fought for her family and showed a more peaceful side to previous savages.

Tiana — Worked for her dream and remained determined even at rock bottom.

Rapunzel — Followed her dreams and helped people find their own goals along the way.

Merida — Found her own purpose and fought for her own hand, against an arranged marriage.

Anna — Remained loyal to one who treated her horribly and kept standing tall, despite others talking down to her or ignoring her.

Moana — Followed both her dreams and went off to save her land, not giving up even when there was nothing left.

THESE are heroines. THESE are the ones who managed to do something. They didn’t run away for selfish freedom. They fought. They apologized. They made mistakes, but they fixed their mistakes themselves.


Racebent Disney Princesses x

“Here’s a compilation of my racebent series with all of our major Disney ladies. :D
It’s been so fun creating these, and I’ve been both shocked and beyond thrilled with the overwhelming support I’ve received for this series! :) Thank you all so much for the wonderful messages and the continued enthusiasm. <3<3<3”

Aurora (Jamaican)
Megara (Egyptian)
Belle (Arab)
Jasmine (African/Luo)
Elsa (Inuit)
Anna (Inuit)
Eilonwy (African/Fula)
Kida (Maori)
Esmerelda (Moroccan)
Tiana (Chinese)
Ariel (Indian)
Cinderella (Japanese)
Jane (Korean)
Snow White (Spanish)
Pocahontas (Pacific Islander)
Mulan (Native American)
Rapunzel (Mexican)
Merida (Brazilian) 

Cute Concept:

Okay we know Peridot isnt getting a weapon because she has elemental powers like Lapis and that would make her too OP. BUT if she did, she should have a pickaxe!! My reason being is because her original job was to “Harvest” gem soldiers. Jewel Digger!
On the flip side, putting Peridot to work is always a sexy plus.

Got7 as the Seven Dwarves
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Jaebum:</b> daddy<p/><b>Bambam:</b> dabby<p/><b>Yugyeom:</b> dancy<p/><b>Youngjae:</b> sunny<p/><b>Jackson:</b> sassy<p/><b>Jinyoung:</b> grudgy<p/><b>Mark:</b> hangry<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Halloween Icons Part 3 || Heroines as Female Villains (click to see who’s who)

View Part 1 and Part 2 Halloween Icons Princess as Non-Disney Characters and last years icons

I’ll never get over this magical moment. Dream along was the best.


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THE MAGIC OF DISNEY  a playlist. This playlist features some of Disney’s most beautiful pieces throughout the decades and serves the purpose of reliving our childhoods (and yes, I have included one song from Tangled). I’ve tried my best to choose the most iconic songs (both instrumental and lyrical, specifically the princesses) so I do hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! 

Tracklist: So This Is Love (Cinderella), Tale As Old As Time (Beauty and the Beast), Overture (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves), Short Hair (Mulan), Farewell (Pocahontas), Under The Stars (The Lion King), The Second Star To The Right (Peter Pan), Once Upon A Dream (Sleeping Beauty), Main Titles (The Little Mermaid), Nemo Egg (Main Title) (Finding Nemo), A Whole New World (Aladdin), Waiting For The Lights (Tangled).

Listen here.

Gruncle Drunky

Context: I made a character for one-shots with “dwarven naming conventions” which to me means an adjective as the first name (like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves), and the last name Nounverber (of the Noun family in the Verber clan). To make it more confusing for other players, she is a human who was raised by dwarves.

Fighter: I start drinking from my flask.

DM (super intelligent orc we are trying not to piss off): You think you are capable of fighting this beast I cannot get rid of when he (pointing to fighter) is doing that while we are talking?

Me(Tacky NounVerber): I’m sorry. I’m sure we look like a bunch of bubbling assholes to you. He (the wizard) is odd, she (the druid) is really weird, I confuse everyone I meet, and he(fighter) has a drinking problem. I was raised by dwarves, that is saying something! He’s almost as bad as my great uncle Drunky


DM is describing smell of putrid gas I managed not to inhale.

Me: Ugh, that is worse than Great Uncle Drunky’s last bender"

DM: Do you really call him Uncle Drunky?

Me (OOC): That is his actual name. All the people in my clan are named like that.

I forget what caused it, but later on in the session in an OOC chat we figured that Gruncle Drunky was a cleric as well.

a note on the less obvious:

Velanna/Sneezy - more like “Sneery”, let’s just say that whenever she makes a disapproving “tch” noise, it’s mistaken for a sneeze.

Zevran/Sleepy - he’s always sleepy during the day because he stays up all night, doing…Zevran things.

Tamlen/Dopey - because the damn fool touched the mirror.

Disney (and Some Pixar) Movie Asks

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves: Have you ever stayed in a strangers house before? If yes, why? 

Pinocchio: What’s the biggest lie you’ve told that no one knows about? 

Dumbo: Have you ever been to a circus or fair? 

Cinderella: Do you have any family members who you really don’t get along with? 

Peter Pan: If you stopped aging right now, what could you do for the rest of your life? Would you want to stop aging? 

Sleeping Beauty: What’s the last dream you remember having? 

One Hundred and One Dalmatians: How many pets do you have, what are they, and what are their names? 

Robin Hood: Do you believe in the idea of taking from the rich and giving to the poor? Why or why not? 

The Fox and the Hound: Who is your best friend? 

The Little Mermaid: If you could have anything you wanted in exchange for one of your talents, which talent would you give up and what would you give it up for? 

Beauty and the Beast: What is your favorite book/book series? 

Aladdin: Could you give up your happiness for someone else’s? 

Nightmare Before Christmas: If you could reinvent a holiday, which one would you remake and how? 

The Lion King: Have you ever lost someone important to you? 

A Goofy Movie: What was your favorite family vacation and why? 

Pocahontas: What do you think it means to sing with all the voices of the mountains and paint with all the colors of the wind? 

Toy Story: If your toys came to life, what things could they hold over you and blackmail you with? 

Hercules: If you were a god or goddess, what would your powers include? 

Mulan: What are your opinions on gendered products? 

Tarzan: Do you believe that animals are capable of “human” emotion? 

The Emperor’s New Groove: Have you ever changed your views because you were in the wrong? 

Atlantis: What are you passionate about? 

Monsters Inc: Did you believe there were monsters in your closet when you were a kid? 

Lilo and Stitch: What is your relationship with your sibling’s like? If you don’t have any, would you rather have an older or younger sibling and why? 

Finding Nemo: Do you think parents should allow their children freedom after a certain age? 

Brother Bear: If you could become any animal, which would you choose? 

Meet the Robinsons: Who do you consider “family?”

Tinkerbell: Have you ever tried to be someone you’re not for the sake of fitting in? 

Bolt: How far would you go for someone you cared about? 

The Princess and the Frog: If you dug a little deeper, what would be your ultimate goal in life, provided income wasn’t an issue? 

Tangled: Could you sacrifice yourself for someone you barely knew? 

Wreck-It Ralph: What’s your favorite video game? 

Frozen: Do you believe in love at first sight? 

Big Hero Six: If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why? 

Inside Out: Which of your emotions do you think controls your brain most often? 

Zootopia: Have you ever experienced discrimination first-hand?