snow violent

  • *WayHaught attempting to have a moment*
  • *Romantic music plays*
  • Wynonna, running ten miles through revenants and a violent snow storm, kicking the front door down, stomping up the stairs and bursting into the room: I FUCKING THINK NOT

There is a pain that has no name
When things can never be the same
The ashes freeze beneath the snow
And violently, I give up hope

She is shaking and I try to cry
But all I feel is numb inside
Little ghost cat please come back
I need your claws, I need your scratch

Maybe you’re better off dead
In heaven, I bet you get fed
In heaven, I bet you get fed

There is a girl who’s words are weak
I seldom hear the angel speak
I’m aggressive and can’t let her be
For she is me in a different body

I spill my guts on his clean white shoes
He says my hurt is hardly news
Little ghost cat return tonight
I need your teeth, I need your bite

Maybe you’re better off dead
In heaven, I bet you get fed
In heaven, I bet you get fed

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[Femslash February]: Snow

im actually a piece of garbage i should not be trying to do this

if you take a peek at how the prompts are split up, there’s one box of color per week. so this is begging for one pairing per week. gonna have Chlonette be my blue box :) so for the next seven days i’ll fulfill the prompts with the two of them before switching to a new pairing!

oh. do not support this. i have homework to do. seriously. stop me. i’m actually 75% serious. 

Day 1: Snow (Chlonette)

Words: 1473

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

[Next: Asleep]

“Oh, dammit!”

Marinette called out from the kitchen with her mouth full. “What?”

Chloe was standing in front of the apartment windows with her hands on her hips. “Are you seeing what’s outside right now?”

“The sky, hopefully.”

No! I mean what’s in the sky! Come, this is an emergency!”

She rolled her eyes, left her empty breakfast plate on the kitchen table, and looped around the corner, jokingly mirroring Chloe’s position in front of the window. “What’s the emergency?”

Chloe scoffed and turned to Marinette. “Are you serious right now? You see this, don’t you?”

“Yes, I see it, what’s your point?”

“What the hell!? That’s my point!

Marinette’s eyes widened and she laid a gentle hand on Chloe’s shoulder. “Oh my gosh, wait. I’m being so insensitive. Sometimes I forget that you’re so sheltered you’ve never seen snow before. This must be a shock for you.”

Chloe shrugged Marinette’s hand off with a glare while Marinette threw her head back and cackled. “Oh, shut up! That’s not what I meant!”

“Darling, it’s winter time. It’s cold out. It snows. These are all very normal things.”

“We were supposed to get our hair done today,” Chloe muttered. “I wanted to take you to that Indian restaurant I found the other day, too. We haven’t gone out in forever.”

Their apartment windows were completely whited out from all the snow that was falling. It was hard to see many of the buildings that were right next to theirs. It was more snow than they’d ever gotten in a while, and she was sure it wasn’t going to let up until later this evening. She wrinkled her nose. “Yeah, I don’t think this is weather to be going anywhere in.”

“You’d think it’d have the decency to warn us in advance when this sort of thing is going to happen.”

Marinette smirked. “It being the weather?”


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Snowed In

Baz thought it was bad enough that he and Simon were partnered up (he couldn’t even talk to him without turning into a blushing mess), but it was a bloody nightmare when the teacher announced it was to be done at home. That meant Simon Snow would be at his house in his bedroom.

Baz was sitting on his bed, watching Simon glue a map onto their poster, when Mordelia burst into the room. Her eyes flickered from Simon to Baz and she smiled venomously. “Mum said Simon had to spend the night.”

“Why?” Baz suddenly felt sick to his stomach. He had convinced himself that the whole ordeal couldn’t possibly get any worse, but this was the icing on the cake of terrible situations.

His sister snorted. “Have you looked outside?”

Simon was already scrambling to his feet to throw the curtains open. Snow swirled violently passed the window, obscuring the view of the lawn. “Huh, it’s really coming down.”

Baz didn’t hear him, he was too busy going into ‘existential crisis mode’.

“Looks like we’ll get more time to work on the project,” Simon continued. He pulled away from the window and the curtains slid shut neatly behind him.

Baz figured the universe must really hate him.

“Is everything okay, Baz?”

“He’s just freaking out because his crush is spending the night,” Mordelia sang before slamming the door shut behind her.

Why is she so damn observant?

“Crowley, she’s annoying.” Baz dragged a hand down his face and shot a sideways glance at Simon, who had already returned to working on the poster like the prior conversation hadn’t taken place. “Since you’re staying the night we’ll have plenty of time to finish it, Snow.”

“I know,” Simon replied simply. “But I was hoping we could hurry and finish now it so we could use the rest of our time to just hang out.”

Never thought I’d see the day when Simon Snow is in my room, wanting to hang out. With me.

Baz couldn’t believe the plethora of information Simon was just telling him casually. Like how his childhood had consisted of bouncing from one foster family to another, or how he had an unnatural obsession with sour cherry scones. He was so much more than the adorable dork Baz had originally pegged him as.

Baz also found himself telling Simon things he had never told another soul.

He was falling deeper than he intended.



They were both sprawled on their backs, Simon on the couch and Baz in bed.

Baz’s heart raced. “Um,” he cleared his throat. “Please don’t think I’m weird, but the bed is big enough for both of us and it’s probably a lot more comfortable than that old couch.”

Silence, then shuffling and the sound of bare feet padding over wood. The mattress shifted slightly under Baz as Simon slid into bed.

Baz was eternally grateful the room was pitch black, his face was no doubt redder than a tomato.


“What?” Baz was sure he was about to catch fire.

“I like it better when you call me Simon.”

Baz woke up groggy and warm. He buried his face into Simon’s curls and was about to fall back asleep when he made a startling realization that Simon was snuggled up to his chest. In his arms.

He was about to pull away but Simon turned on his side and slid his arms around Baz’s waist.

“Simon,” Baz whispered.

Simon let out a long groan and burrowed closer to Baz. “What?”

“Are you okay with this?”

It took nearly a minute for Simon to reply, Baz thought he’d fallen asleep again. “Of course I am,” he mumbled sleepily. “Now shut the hell up and let me sleep.”

A+ (High School AU!) Chapter 11

category: angst

pairing: eunwoo X reader

note: 2.4k words! long chapter tomorrow  :)

Thankfully, Jiyoon let you stay at her house for a night. It was a convenient situation since at that time you really wanted to get away from Eunwoo. There was no way you were going back to his house.

You took this opportunity to start searching for your own place. After staying locked in Jiyoon’s room and calculating fees, salaries, and searching for different apartments, you were pooped. You had already ranted about everything to Jiyoon and cried your eyes out in front of her. Your sad state faded into a mad one, then faded into emptiness now.

Sighing in boredom, you opened up your new phone and searched for notifications. Rocky told you that he would text you the moment he got his new phone, so you were anxiously waiting for his message. Since Jiyoon had been your only friend your whole life, acquiring a new one was exciting.

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I Am Lost And Led Only By The Stars

∟ Happy holidays to @tragically-broken!

Summary: The first Christmas after the war and Feyre is disappointed when Rhys can’t make it back from the Illyrian camps due to a violent snow storm. Rhys decides to throw caution to the wind and do whatever it takes to get back to his mate in time.

Rating: E

Tags: canon, domestic, smut 


I’m sorry, Feyre. He murmurs to me, tenderly caressing her through the bond, sorrow filtering through to her.

I radiate love and forgiveness down the bond to him, It’s alright I tell him softly.

No is the reply that comes to me, I know you wanted to spend this day with everyone.  

Well I purr, running a teasing finger of desire and attraction down the bond, We can have our own Christmas celebration when you get back. I’m sure you’ll make it up to me.  

A soft growl reaches me down the bond, striking straight at my core and making me shiver. Of course I will he promises me smoothly.

I smile and stroke the bond, radiating warm pleasure and happiness, I love you.

I love you too, Feyre.

*click here to read the whole fic on ao3!

Percées de lumière - Jon x Dany oneshot

oneshot songfic  ( Percées de lumière by Alcest) loosely based off the boat scene in “Beyond the Wall” – I say loosely because certain details have been altered for the sake of the fic. 

I really wanted this fic to give me an extended version of the boat scene. I loved that scene, but I really wish the pace was a little bit slower (I know they don’t have a lot of time, but still. I really enjoy slow intimate scenes and so I indulge here. I hope you guys enjoy it, anyways.) 

The title of the song translates to “Breakthrough of Light,” or “Chinks of Light.” 

my first Jonerys fic; I hope I did them justice. 

disclaimer: I own nothing but my plot. 

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Skit translated for @nohmasked​! Actually, it’s more like an adaptation, since there were some kanjis I couldn’t read because the resolution isn’t that big ;u; But I think the core of the story it’s still there! Hope you like it~

The First Snow

Apollo: Ehh! The snow fell rather violently this time.
Trucy: Everything is covered in white!
Apollo: Somehow, the snow decreasing helps us.
Trucy: Ah! Look Polly! There’s a snowman there!
Apollo: It really is… Umh, Trucy, what are you doing? Putting him your silky hat…
Trucy: This way, he will “repay” me with something.
Apollo: Umh… What do you mean?
Trucy: About that old legend. If you take care of someone out in the snow, you’ll get a “repayment”, like rice or vegetables.
Apollo: That’s not how the legend goes and definitly it doesn’t count if it’s a snowman.
Trucy: But maybe we could get new clients as a repayment!
Apollo: Even thought that would be great, I don’t think it works that way…
Trucy: Ah! Wait, Polly!
Apollo: What is this time?
Trucy: Look at that, please! There’s something moving under the snow!
Apollo: Umh? Maybe it’s an animal?
Trucy: Maybe it’s a crane that fell on a trap! If we save him, he will “repay” us!
Apollo: You know, cranes don’t fly near this place…
Trucy: Even if is not a crane, It could be something for today’s dinner!
Apollo: Trucy, don’t even try it, please…
Trucy: Daddy would cook it simmered… Kyaa! 
Apollo: W-What happened?
Trucy: This crane… Have this black thing attached to it!
Apollo: What? Er… Isn’t this a karintou snack?
Ema: You guys! What are you doing?
Trucy: Ah! Miss Ema!
Apollo: Since you were crouching in the middle of the snow with your white coat, we couldn’t see you, sorry Detective Skye.
Ema: I’m crossing the science path so I always use my lab coat! 
Trucy: Aren’t you cold? Today, even Polly is using a winter coat!
Ema: Oh! So YOU are Apollo! I didn´t recognize you!
Apollo: Do you only recognize me because of my vest?!
Ema: You too should wear a lab coat! Lab coats are the best, scientifically speaking.
Apollo: I don’t think they are the most appropriate thing to use on snowy days.
Ema: Silence… a,a-achoooooo!
Trucy: As expected, they aren’t the best on snowy days…
Ema: I was watching you a while ago, playing with the snow like little kids.
Trucy: Miss Ema, snowy days don’t excite you?
Ema: At all! Last time, I had to work with that Glimmerous fop! And today too!
Trucy: Miss Ema looks more grumpy than usual.
Apollo: Today is the kind of day you don’t want to mess with her.
Ema: I was so irritated, I decided take an “inspection by foot”.
Trucy: Is that part of your scientific investigation?
Apollo: I don’t think walking has anything to do with scientific investigation…
Ema: Because of that jingling-guy I don’t have space for my scientific investigation kit!
Apollo: So Detective Skye’s stress is caused by science, huh.
Ema: Speaking of snow, I really like it. It has a cute kind of feeling.
Apollo: Eh? How a feeling can be cute or not?
Ema: Of course it can be.
Trucy: Polly! Girls like to gather cute things, you know?
Apollo: I don’t think this has anything to do with gender at all…
Klavier: Hello there! It looks like everybody gathered here!
Trucy: Oh? Prosecutor Gavin!
Ema: Ugh! Prosecutor Gavin, what are you doing here?
Klavier: I just came following the leftovers you dropped while eating karintou.
Apollo: …That’s some fairytale-like story.
Trucy: Miss Ema, when you are angry you start eating really fast.
Klavier: I also noticed that. It really surprised me.
Ema: What do you want? Cause’ you know, right now, I’m reaaa-llyyyy- busy.
Klavier: Well, yes. I’m here because I wanted to lend you my coat. You can bring it back tomorrow.
Ema: Eh?
Trucy: Waaa! You are so kind Prosecutor Gavin!
Klavier: Well, that’s all. Have a nice day!
Ema: …………………….
Apollo: And now I’m looking forward to see what kind of “repayment” Detective Skye will give, huh.
Trucy: Maybe she can give Prosecutor Gavin lots of Luminol bottles!
Apollo: I don’t think that would make him happy.
Ema: What? This, this coat…! This is all his fault!
Apollo: It looks like Prosecutor Gavin won’t get any repayment…
Trucy: Right?
Ema: Silence, you two!


Agh! Okay this one I loved again and wrote about 4 pages. Seriously, I need to stop writing this much or I won’t be able to maintain it. This request was made by @thegirlwiththeimpala and you asked for a Christmas or Wedding one-shot with Steve so… I gave you both. Sort of. It was snowing, that’s about as much of a reference to Christmas as you get. XD Anyway, enjoy my darlings!

Prompt: Could you write something about Christmas with Steve and /or a wedding oneshot with him for me!? 💛

“A Special Day”

Natasha pulled the pillow over her head and groaned. You continued to bounce up and down on the end of her bed.
“Wake up, wake up, wake up!” You laughed, watching her grab at the duvet.
“What the hell for?” She snapped from underneath. You fell onto your knees and pulled the white sheet from over her head. Her red hair stuck out vibrantly against the pillow.
“It’s my wedding day.”

Natasha smirked, grunted, and rolled over again.
“Can you not put it off until tomorrow? I need a couple of minutes.”
“Don’t be such a drag, Romanoff.” You scurried to the window as Nat sat up and kicked her legs over the edge of the bed. When she heard you gasp, she looked up.

Having pushed the curtains aside, it allowed the pair of you to stare out onto the city of New York. The snowy city of New York.
“Still think I should postpone it?” You said, chuckling nervously.

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Snowstorm - Loki x Reader

Originally posted by castiels-brokenwings

{Credit to gif creator}

Fandom- Marvel 

Character- Loki Laufeyson / Odinson {Also includes Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow} 

Word Counter- 632 Words 

Persona- Female SHIELD Agent 

Request- You’re an agent and get involved in a Hydra invention which makes a snowstorm to destroy Shield.You’re dying for the cold but Loki(your friend)turns into his Jotun form and gets into the storm to save you. He thinks he’s a monster until you kiss him.

You were on a mission to find a secret weapon that Hydra wanted to use against SHIELD. Of course you had eyes in the sky- Loki and Natasha, they didn’t get on so well all the time, but they were your favourites to have on a mission. Loki was always useful with his mischievious illusions and Natasha was just an all round badass. 

You held your gun in hand and you had a knife on your belt. You composed yourself as you walked into the seemingly abandoned building. 

You rushed along the halls, following the directions Natasha read out to you. 

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Rp (randy-and-shadow)

*Snowy was walking in a snow-filled forest, she was going somewhere until she noticed a strong gust of wind blowing towards her.

Knowing something is coming, she decided to hurry up and find shelter. Snowy found a stump that was big enough for her to fit in. As she traveled towards the stump, snow violently blew into Snowy, making her travel slowly and slowly being covering by snow*

Kou X Reader - Winter Wish

Heyo! Merry Christmas, @land-of-fun-n-feels !!! I’m your secret santa, AKA Matt! And I made you a fan fiction *sings* On the day of christmas, a mun gave to me~~~ A FANFICITION THAT NEARLY KILLED ME~!


There are so many ways to make wishes. Some are just plainly childish, like rubbing a magical lamp or praying on a star. Then there are other, stranger ones like breaking a wishbone with another, or seeing a white horse and spitting in your palm.

I’ve tried them all. I have done all those rituals, all those silly superstitions, and the most I’ve ever gotten was a lost wallet, which my conscious forced me to return it. My life has been nothing, but unfortunate events, one after another.

That was true, at least until I met him. But was that truly a good thing? Kou Mukami, idol, star, vampire. The one I was currently trying to escape.

“Tehe, M. Neko-chan~” A voice cooed and I swooned softly from my hiding spot, but didn’t give away my position. He could probably hear how fast my heart thudded against my ribs, the rapid breaths leaving my throat, and the sound the wood etched quietly as I dug my fingertips into the tree. He was teasing me, wasn’t he? Mocking me, toying with me. He knew where I was.

“FOUND YOU!” He screeched and I screamed back in the shock of his stealthiness, falling back and landing on my bum. He laughed at me, then chucked his snowball in my face. My face caked with the snow and I shivered violently, swiping it all off with my gloved hands. He laughed louder at my patheticness, his short sleeved shirt and shorts not bothering him. He was lucky.

“Kou-kun, p-please l-l-lets go inside… It’s too cold,” I insisted and he just grinned and winked, “But the score is 23 to 0, at least score a point~!”

“K-Kou, please,” I begged softly, shaking rapidly in place as I stood up shakily. The blonde vampire rolled his eyes, shaking his head as he bent down and formed another ball. He glanced back at me, “If you won’t fight back, then I guess you have to run again. But remember, keep running and we’ll be out longer.”

I cried slightly out, but knew I had no choice. I turned and started stumbling away, my pained, frostbitten legs almost buckling underneath me. Kou’s sadistic grin stuck as he watched until I was just a little bit farther, almost out of sight, but then I fell to the ground. I couldn’t move. I was freezing and hurting.

“Humans,” He mused, slowly approaching as he juggled the ball in his hands. I looked up at him, wincing at his expression as he loomed over me, then crouched down. He gripped the snow ball in his hand and held it over me. He crushed it easily and all of it fell over my vision. I lost consciousness.

A crackle was heard and I shifted. Warmth was all around me, almost too warm, but… it was warm. I loved it. I smiled a little and opened my eyes to see a fire place I was laying by, blankets covered all over me. I curled my toes and bent my legs, happily being able to feel them, only a slight sting filling me.

“Kou…” I trailed at the thought. Did he bring me inside? I shivered again. Kou was always so… I don’t know the word. One moment he would be a loveable puppy. Another he would be a cocky, easily jealous dufas. Then there were times he would torture me in exotic ways. Making me bleed myself with various things for him, making me get down on my hands and knees like a cat. Making me almost freeze to death outside. He loved seeing me beg for mercy. He loved seeing me cry, but he loves me. Is such a thing even possible? To love someone you have enjoyment of hurting?

I sat up and instantly my eyes feel to the sleeping figure beside me, curled up in the blankets as well. Kou laid there, one hand laid over his stomach and the other by his face. He was shirtless, and his hair was messier than usual. I shifted and his eyes sprang open, staring at me instantly. He hesitated a few moments, then sat up, “Go back to sleep.”

“Did you bring me inside?”

He smirked, “Mhm~ M. Neko-chan is just soooo weak.”

I didn’t respond, in fear of hitting a string, and laid back down as he said, nestling in until I was comfy. He rested back as well, wrapping his arms around me with a smile, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I replied softly and looked at the window across the room. A star shone brightly through and to me. I closed my eyes and wished harder than I ever have in my life. I guess there were better wishes to wish for than what I did.

I wish to be out of here. I wish for Kou to not hurt me anymore. I wish that I will never wake up. No, I didn’t wish for any of those. I’m a bit ashamed I didn’t, but instead I said, “I wish I knew if Kou really loved me.”

I received no answer.

It was a week later, Christmas day. There had been no more sadistic acts, no more random flickering between ‘good Kou’ and ‘bad Kou’. It was bizarre, and even his brothers noticed his new tendencies. It was…. strange.

All five of us sat by the tree Yuma brought and what Kou, Azusa and I decorated. It looked radiant, almost as much so as the ugly christmas sweaters Azusa made us all wear. Ruki wasn’t please with his pink sparkly one.

“Let’s open presents now!” Kou whined, picking up a square gift of his. Ruki sighed, sipping some of his hot cocoa.

“One at a time,” He replied simply and Kou beamed, tearing the wrapping paper off quickly of his present. Next Yuma went, then Azusa, then Ruki, then me. The full circle stayed marveling at their gifts and thanking the other as I picked a decent sized box. I was just about to open it, but Kou took it from my hands and put a small box wrapped in red paper and with a big yellow bow on top.

“Open that one first!” Kou insisted and I smiled, following what he said. I took the bow off and unwrapped the messy paper to see a box. The kind you get from jewelry stores. Beaming now, I opened the box, but I did not expect what was going to happen just after. Inside was a silver ring with a light blue diamond in the middle. It was extravagant.

My breath was caught in my throat and I turned to thank Kou, but when I did, our lips connected and silence me. I blushed a little and kissed him, wrapping my arms around his neck. When he pulled away, a slight blush covered his cheeks, a rare sight.

“Marry me?”

multifandom-memer-deactivated20  asked:

Modern AU where Eren is a street performer (guitarist maybe?) and Levi stops by every day just to see and hear him.

YAY STREET PERFORMER AU! i hope you like it! <3 i kinda took a little…artistic liberty at the end that i just couldn’t resist orz  

Nightingale, sing us a song of a love that once belonged…

His voice wafted along the sidewalk and meandered down the nearby alleyway, like a natural urban amplifier, inviting an audience a block away to come and listen as he sang along with the strings of his dark brown guitar.  

Nightingale, tell me your tale. Was your journey far too long?”

Eren looked up to eye his audience and flashed a crooked smile as he crooned the next lines of the song. His eyes caught a familiar pair of grays among the growing crowd. He looked back down to his fingers.

All the voices that are spinnin’ round me, trying to tell me what to say…”

A handful of people dropped some cash and coin into the opened guitar case and continued on their way. The gray eyes continued to watch and listen intently as he mouthed the words along with him. Eren cordially nodded to those who left money and continued to sing to his remaining audience, with his gaze falling to a familiar one.

Can I fly right behind you and you can take me away?

He plucked the last few chords and finished the song to the modest applause from a dissipating crowd.

“You know, Levi, you spoil me,” Eren said as Levi and his gray eyes walked forward from the crowd and handed him a hot tea.

“Shush. Take this, too,” he pulled the scarf from around his neck and wrapped it around Eren’s. “This city can’t afford to have you stuck in bed with a cold.” Eren sipped the tea through a smile. “Anything new on the playlist today?” Levi said as he took a sip of his own coffee.

“You’ve heard just about everything by now. But, I might have something. Just for you.”

“Like what?” Levi’s already pink cheeks grew red.

“You’ll see.”

“Come on, don’t be like that.”

Eren chuckled. “Don’t you have work today?”

“Yeah, but I’m on lunch now. Did you eat?”

“I’m not really hungry.”

“You need to eat, Eren. Especially if you’re gonna be out here in the cold.”

“Says the guy clinging to his tea.”

Eren’s hands were gripping the cup for warmth as he continued to sip.

“What do you want to eat? I’ll bring you something.”

“Nothing, I’m fine.”

Levi adjusted his jacket and crossed his arms. “I’ll be back.”

“You really don’t have to!” Eren called as Levi continued down the street. Levi’s hand went up and dismissed what he was saying. He took another swig of tea before setting it down to continue playing.


I don’t mind spendin’ everyday
out on your corner in the pouring’ rain…”

The applause now was much lighter than it usually was for the lunchtime traffic outside of the bistros that lined the avenue. Eren looked up and noticed the sun now fully hidden behind sheets of low-hanging gray clouds. A cold breeze blew the bills in his guitar case around. As he bent down to gather his earnings, a pair of black dress shoes stopped in front of him.

“Yes? Oh, hey.”

Levi handed him a brown paper bag. “I hope you don’t mind a bagel sandwich. It was the quickest thing I could get ahold of.”

Eren smiled. “You really didn’t have to.”

“I know.”

“I’m thinking about packing it in. It looks like snow.”

Levi looked up. “Hm, you might be right. It got really cold, really fast. Are you going to get home okay?”

“Yeah, I should miss the rush hour crap if I go now.”

“Well…” Levi began, “do you think you have time for just one more song? I don’t know if I’ll get through work without hearing that voice one more time.”

Eren’s face turned pink. “W-Well, maybe one. Any special requests?”

“Surprise me.”

He put the bag into the case and adjusted his capo on the neck of the guitar. “Okay, if you insist.”

“Go for it.”

Eren took a deep breath and began strumming an unfamiliar song and started to sing.

Just about the time the shadows call,
I undress my mind and dare you to follow…
Paint a portrait of my mystery…
Only close my eyes and you are here with me…

Levi watched as Eren’s callused fingers moved effortlessly from string to string and fret to fret. As he sang, his eyes were closed, lost in his performance while Levi got lost in the voice that he was lucky enough to hear on a daily basis. A small crowd formed again and listened on. Any time Eren opened his eyes, he was trained on Levi - singing to him. For him. His green eyes were yearning and grew watery with each line that filled the street with a warmth that cut through the wind that grew colder. People pushed past Levi to drop money into the case, but Levi remained still, entranced. Eren grew more and more energetic as the song progressed.

The time that I’ve taken
I pray is not wasted…
Have I already tasted my piece of one sweet love?”

Snow began to flurry, flakes lighting on Eren’s eyebrows and lashes. His white breath more visible as the sky grew darker.

“No ordinary wings I’ll need the sky itself will carry me back to you…
The things I dream that I can do I’ll open up the moon for you,
just come down soon…
The time that I’ve ta- ”

Levi lurched forward and planted a kiss on what ended up being Eren’s teeth. Eren took his hands off the guitar and wrapped them around Levi’s neck as the snow grew from flurries to a shower.


Eren lit a candle in his apartment, watching the snow blow violently across the cityscape and power go out in buildings just like his. After a moment, the door clicked open.

“I was wondering what happened to you. They closed everything and the power’s out. You okay?”

Levi shook snow off of his shoulders and tossed his coat over the back of a chair. “Yeah, just cold as hell.”

“C’mon, I’ve got blankets.”

He pulled Levi by the hand to the middle of their living room and they sat on a blanket up against their couch, facing the window. As Levi pulled more blankets over himself, Eren asked, “I wondered how long it would take you to throw yourself at me on the street.”

“I did not throw myself at you.”

Eren cackled, “You kissed my teeth.”

“Fine. Maybe I gently tossed myself at you. But come on. It’s you. And that voice.”

Levi curled up next to Eren.

“How’re you this warm all the time?” He felt Eren shrug.

“Thanks for always listening to me out there.”

“Why would I ever not? It’s how we met, remember?”

Eren chuckled. “Yeah, I remember. You came by so much I told you to stop giving me money because you’d go broke.” 

“And I said,” Levi continued, “‘Well, maybe I can buy you dinner instead.’”

Levi pulled Eren in for a soft kiss. 

“You up for one last song for the day?” Eren asked, reaching for his guitar.


He began to pluck the intro to another unfamiliar song.

“How have I not heard you practicing these?”


Eren began to sing.

Watchin’ you watchin’ me,
a fine way to fall asleep…
The neighbors fight as we both rest our eyes…
Hands in the fallen snow
numb to the winter cold,
but we don’t mind ‘cause we’ll get warm inside…

You’re the reason I come home…
You’re the reason I come home, my love…
You’re the reason that when everything I know falls apart,
you’re the reason I come home…”


Nightingale by Norah Jones
She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5
One Sweet Love by Sara Bareilles
You’re the Reason I Come Home by Ron Pope

Josh Dun Drabbles

15. “So, I found this waterfall…”

“Hey, Y/N!” Josh called from the other room forcing me to look up from my book.

“What?” I yelled back, refusing to get up from my spot on the couch where I’d curled up.

“Do you mind coming over here for a second?” I groaned, putting my book down and walked over to where he sat, dragging the blanket behind me. I leaned against the door frame, staring at him.

“What’s up?” He patted the space next to him on the bed, and I flopped down next to him. He pointed at his computer screen where a picture of a waterfall was put up.

“So, I found this great resort that’s basically right underneath a waterfall. I think that’d be perfect, don’t you think?” He looked so happy with the find, I quickly nodded, kissing him on the cheek. “This’ll be the best anniversary trip anyone’s been on.”

17. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”

“The weather says the snow won’t be letting up any time soon.” Josh sighed, locking his phone. I stood up, pulling the curtain back to see snow swirling violently in the air. It had already accumulated almost 5 inches.

“That’s too bad, looks like we’ll be trapped for a while.” I let the curtain fall back into place. I turned to Josh, him in flannel pants and a shirt while I was wrapped in a blanket. “Want to make hot chocolate and watch old movies?”

“You know it.” Josh grinned, already looking at our DVDs while I walked over to the kitchen to start boiling water.

38. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Waking up in a strange room is never something someone expects. Looking around, it looked like my best friend’s living room. Crouched in front of me was Josh, a friend of my best friend. I barely knew him, and was confused as to why it was just us in the room, alone.

“What happened?” I asked, sitting up. He looked at me as if he was holding back a smile.

“You fainted… straight into my arms.” My mouth fell open in shock, and he started to laugh.

“I fainted!?” I exclaimed, horrified.

“Yeah.” He had stopped laughing, but a smile was still plastered on his face. “Y’know, if you wanted my attention so badly, you really didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

I reached a hand out to punch his shoulder, blushing. He just started to laugh again.

Fandom: Karneval
Pairing: Yogi/Gareki
Prompt: for yoreki week

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it, Gareki-kun?”

Gareki barely lifts his head. He sighs. “What.”

He’s not looking at Yogi, but he can hear the pout in his voice. “The snow, Gareki-kun. Isn’t the snow beautiful?”

Oh, of course. Yogi’s talking about the damn weather. 

Gareki doesn’t close his book. He doesn’t move from his position either, laying on his stomach on Yogi’s bed, reading some medical journal he stole off Akari’s bookshelf because he thinks it’ll be helpful for when he finally gets back to school. He doesn’t need to look out the window, because he’s seen snow before. Once. He hates it.

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Day 2 - OQ Smut Week 💔


**Now i know most of you are thinking vault and hell 99% of the time so do I, but I decided to pick a different scene and go from there**



She was exhausted, the toll today had taken on her body overwhelming, even her magic seemed to be fatigued. Groaning she pulled another little shard of glass from her palm, a light stream of crimson dripping from the cut. For a half moment she lets out a chuckle to herself, Snow had literally thrown her through the glass wall at the sheriffs department. The whole situation had gotten ridiculous, and when they all finally came to after the curse was broken, Regina didn’t know whether to laugh or run. She had come back and nearly killed Snow. Her stomach violently churns at the thought of “what if"…..that would be the end of her, no one in this town would forgive her, not even Henry.

Wincing as another shard is pulled from her hand, her mind wanders….to him, always to him. She begged him to stay away from her, knowing that the Evil Queen wouldn’t have thought twice before disposing of the wanted Outlaw. She needed him to never see her like that, at her worst, darkest and most ruthless. That was in the past, and she wanted to keep it there.


The tweezers she held in left hand slip a bit to far and the piece of glass in her palm cut deeper. It stings and blood trickles gently down her wrist.

God why won’t her magic just refuel. She grumbles pressing the cold cloth to her hand to try and take away the pain, numb it away like she has to do with everything else. As she leans against the kitchen counter, a heavy exhale escapes and her eyes close.

“In need of some assistance M'lady?”

She nearly jolts from her leaning position as her eyes fly open, only to be captured by an ocean blue gaze. Her heart thrums rapidly for a moment, before she can calm her nerves down “God, you scared me”.

He smiles small at her before taking a few steps into the kitchen, “I apologize, never the intention”. He is only a few steps away now, and she can feel his warmth hugging her like an invisible embrace. Extending his hand out, he lightly grips her injured one and raises and eyebrow in question.

“I went through a glass wall” she huffs out in half amusement half annoyance.

His own forehead creases at her words, but she shakes off the probing expression. He doesn’t need to know about what happened. Gently he pulls off the half blood soak cloth from her hand and rotates her wrist a few times, assessing the damage in quiet.

She watches his eyes, that burning feeling in her stomach beginning to glow at the touch of his fingers against her skin. They stand impossibly close to one another, his hips pinning her to the counter top as he inspects her wrist. She wonders for a brief moment if he can hear how hard her heart in pounding, thrumming at an ungodly pace just at the proximity of him. They are magnets for each other, that sharp pull towards but she knows that this can’t happen. He has a wife, and a family, and he has to go back to them.

Her arm jerks and she winces hard when the last shard of glass is retracted from her skin. He is quick though to wrap her hand back up into a clean cold towel. Gently he presses a kiss to her knuckles as he holds her in his palm, his other hand running up and down the length of her forearm.

“Thank You” she whispers into the silence between them.

“What was that?” he smirks back at her.

Rolling her eyes, she can’t help the smile that break out of her face, and she bites down on her lower lip to keep it from growing into a giddy love sick puppy look. They lock eyes for a moment, the emotions that swirl behind them matching. It’s a battle, hope and love fighting desperately against the sadness and loss. It’s a battle Regina knows is already fated against her.

“Thank You” she pulls back from him, needing space before her body gives in. His lips crash to hers before she can move further, his hands gripping around her face, holding to her him. Her heart skipped a beat as her fingers gripped his green jacket. She could drown in the taste of him, mint and caramel whiskey, his forest smell invading her senses, it made her mind fuzzy with warmth.

You can’t have him….

Her mind betrays her in an instant and she wants to cry as she wraps her arms around his neck, hugging his body to hers.

He isn’t yours anymore…..

His one arm wraps around her back, securing her body to his, the other hand glides through her ebony locks, silk through his fingers.

Villains don’t get happy endings….

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