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I Am Lost And Led Only By The Stars

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Summary: The first Christmas after the war and Feyre is disappointed when Rhys can’t make it back from the Illyrian camps due to a violent snow storm. Rhys decides to throw caution to the wind and do whatever it takes to get back to his mate in time.

Rating: E

Tags: canon, domestic, smut 


I’m sorry, Feyre. He murmurs to me, tenderly caressing her through the bond, sorrow filtering through to her.

I radiate love and forgiveness down the bond to him, It’s alright I tell him softly.

No is the reply that comes to me, I know you wanted to spend this day with everyone.  

Well I purr, running a teasing finger of desire and attraction down the bond, We can have our own Christmas celebration when you get back. I’m sure you’ll make it up to me.  

A soft growl reaches me down the bond, striking straight at my core and making me shiver. Of course I will he promises me smoothly.

I smile and stroke the bond, radiating warm pleasure and happiness, I love you.

I love you too, Feyre.

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It’s so selfish to say “We won’t be found out a lie.”
I hope you have a good place to hide.
Someone will find you.
No one should have to live with this much stress,
killing yourself, trying to live. (And it remains)

And it remains the only meaningful mistake
but you won’t let go, you don’t know how to.
And every morning I begin my dreams when i’m awake
empty bird sounds are reminders
You’re not awake at all.


The tree stands solitary
Undisturbed by the violent wind
Buds emerge at long last
The eternal winter has ceased

The tree stands solitary
Young leaves blow in a summer breeze
The sun breathes life and warms the earth
The youth of summer is at hand

The tree stands solitary
Leaves change colors with age
The wind blows until all have touched earth
Dead leaves stain the ground in fall

The tree stands solitary
Naked as the snow violently falls
Burying the dead leaves underneath
So is life

The tree stands solitary

Snowed In

Baz thought it was bad enough that he and Simon were partnered up (he couldn’t even talk to him without turning into a blushing mess), but it was a bloody nightmare when the teacher announced it was to be done at home. That meant Simon Snow would be at his house in his bedroom.

Baz was sitting on his bed, watching Simon glue a map onto their poster, when Mordelia burst into the room. Her eyes flickered from Simon to Baz and she smiled venomously. “Mum said Simon had to spend the night.”

“Why?” Baz suddenly felt sick to his stomach. He had convinced himself that the whole ordeal couldn’t possibly get any worse, but this was the icing on the cake of terrible situations.

His sister snorted. “Have you looked outside?”

Simon was already scrambling to his feet to throw the curtains open. Snow swirled violently passed the window, obscuring the view of the lawn. “Huh, it’s really coming down.”

Baz didn’t hear him, he was too busy going into ‘existential crisis mode’.

“Looks like we’ll get more time to work on the project,” Simon continued. He pulled away from the window and the curtains slid shut neatly behind him.

Baz figured the universe must really hate him.

“Is everything okay, Baz?”

“He’s just freaking out because his crush is spending the night,” Mordelia sang before slamming the door shut behind her.

Why is she so damn observant?

“Crowley, she’s annoying.” Baz dragged a hand down his face and shot a sideways glance at Simon, who had already returned to working on the poster like the prior conversation hadn’t taken place. “Since you’re staying the night we’ll have plenty of time to finish it, Snow.”

“I know,” Simon replied simply. “But I was hoping we could hurry and finish now it so we could use the rest of our time to just hang out.”

Never thought I’d see the day when Simon Snow is in my room, wanting to hang out. With me.

Baz couldn’t believe the plethora of information Simon was just telling him casually. Like how his childhood had consisted of bouncing from one foster family to another, or how he had an unnatural obsession with sour cherry scones. He was so much more than the adorable dork Baz had originally pegged him as.

Baz also found himself telling Simon things he had never told another soul.

He was falling deeper than he intended.



They were both sprawled on their backs, Simon on the couch and Baz in bed.

Baz’s heart raced. “Um,” he cleared his throat. “Please don’t think I’m weird, but the bed is big enough for both of us and it’s probably a lot more comfortable than that old couch.”

Silence, then shuffling and the sound of bare feet padding over wood. The mattress shifted slightly under Baz as Simon slid into bed.

Baz was eternally grateful the room was pitch black, his face was no doubt redder than a tomato.


“What?” Baz was sure he was about to catch fire.

“I like it better when you call me Simon.”

Baz woke up groggy and warm. He buried his face into Simon’s curls and was about to fall back asleep when he made a startling realization that Simon was snuggled up to his chest. In his arms.

He was about to pull away but Simon turned on his side and slid his arms around Baz’s waist.

“Simon,” Baz whispered.

Simon let out a long groan and burrowed closer to Baz. “What?”

“Are you okay with this?”

It took nearly a minute for Simon to reply, Baz thought he’d fallen asleep again. “Of course I am,” he mumbled sleepily. “Now shut the hell up and let me sleep.”

Rp (randy-and-shadow)

*Snowy was walking in a snow-filled forest, she was going somewhere until she noticed a strong gust of wind blowing towards her.

Knowing something is coming, she decided to hurry up and find shelter. Snowy found a stump that was big enough for her to fit in. As she traveled towards the stump, snow violently blew into Snowy, making her travel slowly and slowly being covering by snow*

Skit translated for @nohmasked​! Actually, it’s more like an adaptation, since there were some kanjis I couldn’t read because the resolution isn’t that big ;u; But I think the core of the story it’s still there! Hope you like it~

The First Snow

Apollo: Ehh! The snow fell rather violently this time.
Trucy: Everything is covered in white!
Apollo: Somehow, the snow decreasing helps us.
Trucy: Ah! Look Polly! There’s a snowman there!
Apollo: It really is… Umh, Trucy, what are you doing? Putting him your silky hat…
Trucy: This way, he will “repay” me with something.
Apollo: Umh… What do you mean?
Trucy: About that old legend. If you take care of someone out in the snow, you’ll get a “repayment”, like rice or vegetables.
Apollo: That’s not how the legend goes and definitly it doesn’t count if it’s a snowman.
Trucy: But maybe we could get new clients as a repayment!
Apollo: Even thought that would be great, I don’t think it works that way…
Trucy: Ah! Wait, Polly!
Apollo: What is this time?
Trucy: Look at that, please! There’s something moving under the snow!
Apollo: Umh? Maybe it’s an animal?
Trucy: Maybe it’s a crane that fell on a trap! If we save him, he will “repay” us!
Apollo: You know, cranes don’t fly near this place…
Trucy: Even if is not a crane, It could be something for today’s dinner!
Apollo: Trucy, don’t even try it, please…
Trucy: Daddy would cook it simmered… Kyaa! 
Apollo: W-What happened?
Trucy: This crane… Have this black thing attached to it!
Apollo: What? Er… Isn’t this a karintou snack?
Ema: You guys! What are you doing?
Trucy: Ah! Miss Ema!
Apollo: Since you were crouching in the middle of the snow with your white coat, we couldn’t see you, sorry Detective Skye.
Ema: I’m crossing the science path so I always use my lab coat! 
Trucy: Aren’t you cold? Today, even Polly is using a winter coat!
Ema: Oh! So YOU are Apollo! I didn´t recognize you!
Apollo: Do you only recognize me because of my vest?!
Ema: You too should wear a lab coat! Lab coats are the best, scientifically speaking.
Apollo: I don’t think they are the most appropriate thing to use on snowy days.
Ema: Silence… a,a-achoooooo!
Trucy: As expected, they aren’t the best on snowy days…
Ema: I was watching you a while ago, playing with the snow like little kids.
Trucy: Miss Ema, snowy days don’t excite you?
Ema: At all! Last time, I had to work with that Glimmerous fop! And today too!
Trucy: Miss Ema looks more grumpy than usual.
Apollo: Today is the kind of day you don’t want to mess with her.
Ema: I was so irritated, I decided take an “inspection by foot”.
Trucy: Is that part of your scientific investigation?
Apollo: I don’t think walking has anything to do with scientific investigation…
Ema: Because of that jingling-guy I don’t have space for my scientific investigation kit!
Apollo: So Detective Skye’s stress is caused by science, huh.
Ema: Speaking of snow, I really like it. It has a cute kind of feeling.
Apollo: Eh? How a feeling can be cute or not?
Ema: Of course it can be.
Trucy: Polly! Girls like to gather cute things, you know?
Apollo: I don’t think this has anything to do with gender at all…
Klavier: Hello there! It looks like everybody gathered here!
Trucy: Oh? Prosecutor Gavin!
Ema: Ugh! Prosecutor Gavin, what are you doing here?
Klavier: I just came following the leftovers you dropped while eating karintou.
Apollo: …That’s some fairytale-like story.
Trucy: Miss Ema, when you are angry you start eating really fast.
Klavier: I also noticed that. It really surprised me.
Ema: What do you want? Cause’ you know, right now, I’m reaaa-llyyyy- busy.
Klavier: Well, yes. I’m here because I wanted to lend you my coat. You can bring it back tomorrow.
Ema: Eh?
Trucy: Waaa! You are so kind Prosecutor Gavin!
Klavier: Well, that’s all. Have a nice day!
Ema: …………………….
Apollo: And now I’m looking forward to see what kind of “repayment” Detective Skye will give, huh.
Trucy: Maybe she can give Prosecutor Gavin lots of Luminol bottles!
Apollo: I don’t think that would make him happy.
Ema: What? This, this coat…! This is all his fault!
Apollo: It looks like Prosecutor Gavin won’t get any repayment…
Trucy: Right?
Ema: Silence, you two!

Not-so-Silent Night-Open FNAF 3 RP

Springtrap looked glumly out the window. It was VERY dark out tonight-and snow was blowing violently about. 

“Matches my mood.” She said to no one. She knew what night it was, of course. Christmas Eve. Back in the day, she and Fredbear had actually performed one or two Christmas shows. 

But now-she couldn’t find anything to be cheerful about. Not for a LONG time. Suddenly, she heard a crash behind her. 

Apparently, she wasn’t alone after all…

The withered, sickly yellow/green rabbit went over to see who was in there with her.

Love/Loss (Prologue)

Summary: AU: Kylo Ren meets a girl on the distant planet of Galidraan while hunting down a force-sensitive who is attempting to rebuild the Jedi Order. The obsession that ensues is not at all what he had planned.

Warnings: Some violence. Mentions of death. 

Rating: T, but as the story progresses it will definitely go up.

Word Count: 1600

A/N: Galidraan is actually a canon planet, guys. I put some real effort into being authentic. In other words: I am ridiculously anal and should be stopped. Sorry about the delay, I’ve been sick recently but! I’m feeling much better! As always, send me any ideas as to where you want the story to go or things you would like me to include. P.S.: I am always open to compliments or just comments in general so hmu because I am desperate for attention?? 

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Day 2 - OQ Smut Week 💔


**Now i know most of you are thinking vault and hell 99% of the time so do I, but I decided to pick a different scene and go from there**



She was exhausted, the toll today had taken on her body overwhelming, even her magic seemed to be fatigued. Groaning she pulled another little shard of glass from her palm, a light stream of crimson dripping from the cut. For a half moment she lets out a chuckle to herself, Snow had literally thrown her through the glass wall at the sheriffs department. The whole situation had gotten ridiculous, and when they all finally came to after the curse was broken, Regina didn’t know whether to laugh or run. She had come back and nearly killed Snow. Her stomach violently churns at the thought of “what if"…..that would be the end of her, no one in this town would forgive her, not even Henry.

Wincing as another shard is pulled from her hand, her mind wanders….to him, always to him. She begged him to stay away from her, knowing that the Evil Queen wouldn’t have thought twice before disposing of the wanted Outlaw. She needed him to never see her like that, at her worst, darkest and most ruthless. That was in the past, and she wanted to keep it there.


The tweezers she held in left hand slip a bit to far and the piece of glass in her palm cut deeper. It stings and blood trickles gently down her wrist.

God why won’t her magic just refuel. She grumbles pressing the cold cloth to her hand to try and take away the pain, numb it away like she has to do with everything else. As she leans against the kitchen counter, a heavy exhale escapes and her eyes close.

“In need of some assistance M'lady?”

She nearly jolts from her leaning position as her eyes fly open, only to be captured by an ocean blue gaze. Her heart thrums rapidly for a moment, before she can calm her nerves down “God, you scared me”.

He smiles small at her before taking a few steps into the kitchen, “I apologize, never the intention”. He is only a few steps away now, and she can feel his warmth hugging her like an invisible embrace. Extending his hand out, he lightly grips her injured one and raises and eyebrow in question.

“I went through a glass wall” she huffs out in half amusement half annoyance.

His own forehead creases at her words, but she shakes off the probing expression. He doesn’t need to know about what happened. Gently he pulls off the half blood soak cloth from her hand and rotates her wrist a few times, assessing the damage in quiet.

She watches his eyes, that burning feeling in her stomach beginning to glow at the touch of his fingers against her skin. They stand impossibly close to one another, his hips pinning her to the counter top as he inspects her wrist. She wonders for a brief moment if he can hear how hard her heart in pounding, thrumming at an ungodly pace just at the proximity of him. They are magnets for each other, that sharp pull towards but she knows that this can’t happen. He has a wife, and a family, and he has to go back to them.

Her arm jerks and she winces hard when the last shard of glass is retracted from her skin. He is quick though to wrap her hand back up into a clean cold towel. Gently he presses a kiss to her knuckles as he holds her in his palm, his other hand running up and down the length of her forearm.

“Thank You” she whispers into the silence between them.

“What was that?” he smirks back at her.

Rolling her eyes, she can’t help the smile that break out of her face, and she bites down on her lower lip to keep it from growing into a giddy love sick puppy look. They lock eyes for a moment, the emotions that swirl behind them matching. It’s a battle, hope and love fighting desperately against the sadness and loss. It’s a battle Regina knows is already fated against her.

“Thank You” she pulls back from him, needing space before her body gives in. His lips crash to hers before she can move further, his hands gripping around her face, holding to her him. Her heart skipped a beat as her fingers gripped his green jacket. She could drown in the taste of him, mint and caramel whiskey, his forest smell invading her senses, it made her mind fuzzy with warmth.

You can’t have him….

Her mind betrays her in an instant and she wants to cry as she wraps her arms around his neck, hugging his body to hers.

He isn’t yours anymore…..

His one arm wraps around her back, securing her body to his, the other hand glides through her ebony locks, silk through his fingers.

Villains don’t get happy endings….

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Imagine taking a sip of your hot coffee or tea, only to come across a sugary skull peering out at you through the dark liquid. In a sleepy morning haze, such an unexpected moment could be quite startling. Snow Violent thought this kind of surprise would be an entertaining way to start your day. So the artist developed these Sugar Skulls, a series of skull-and-bones shaped sugar cubes that make a spooky addition to any hot beverage.

The unique concept began as a simple sketch and was later developed into a prototype by DR.HC to feature meticulously carved details that resemble an actual skull. The final product is a combination of grainy sugar and a creative design that dissolve together into one delicious treat.
Remember that 90% smut I talked about yesterday?'s more fluffy smut that normal smut, but who doesn't like fluffy smut?

Violent, island-shaking thunder rolled. Cold winds blew in off the vicious, steely sea. Astrid tucked her axe against her bedpost, like always, in case of a quick wake-up. She’d never be caught of guard, that was for sure. Thunder cracked against the sky and  the floorboards under her feet shook. A tremor whisked the small candle’s flame on her bedside table. 

Astrid sat down on the edge of her bed, but sleep was far off. She knew exactly why. She wasn’t used to this feeling, like the sky fell, like her legs couldn’t work, like her next breath would be harder than the last. She had seen Hiccup’s anger when focused at the twins’ antics, or Snotlout, but never at her. 

It was worse. 

The way he’d looked at her…beyond just angry. He’d been disappointed, for sure. She’d never lied like that to him. She’d never kept anything from him. She’d never given him reason to doubt her. She’d always been loyal, to a point. 

And she’d ruin it. So stupid. 

I rely on you.

So stupid! Astrid fell back against her bed. Thunder cracked and lightning flashed - she saw the bright spark slipping in downstairs. With the next clap of thunder a few heavy drops of cold rain beat on the ceiling, soon followed with a humming downpour. 

Astrid brought her feet up into the bed and leaned over to the candle. Might as well try to sleep. 

Thump. Thump. Thump. 

She paused. That sounded like someone at her door, but who on Dragon’s Edge knocked? 


Astrid sat back up and walked over to the ladder out of her room. Thunder cracked and lightning lit the doorframe. Two feet blocked out the illumination, or one foot. 

Astrid inhaled, breathing out, “Hiccup?” 

She ran down the steep ladder-steps to her door and yanked it open. At once the ran pelted inward, smacking her cheeks and arms. Lightning flashed with the thunder and for a moment, everything lit up as in daylight, bright and exposed, before falling right back into darkness. 

Hiccup stood in the doorway, hair flattened on his head, drops of water running down his cheeks. Wind whipped past him, flicking the cold water inside. He looked as if he hadn’t slept, either. 

“Hiccup?” Astrid asked, stepping aside to let him in out of the rain, and to get out of it herself. 

Hiccup stomped inside, groaned and brought both of his hands up to his head. “Astrid, I need to talk to you.”