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do any of you know of a psd that changes someone's hair color or know of a simple tutorial where i don't have to brush every layer?

I know of THIS tutorial for gifs, but unless the FC is somehow still, I have yet to find a way to do it. Alex, however, has some great tips!

So, i’ve been doing colored hair gifs lately and Snow’s tutorial is the best bet for if the fc in the gif isn’t moving much! if they are moving, there’s no real way to change the hair color without brushing every layer. one way i make it easier for myself is by duplicating the hue/saturation layer for each layer of gif so that i don’t have to use the brush as much? it makes it easier since gifs usually have little movement in between frames! (i put some screenshots under the cut because i’m trash at explaining things)

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Drawing KORRRRA! This was probably one of my favorite episodes so far. Please enjoy the frozen yogurt Ice cream!!


For all those wondering how I do my winter bases, I made this tutorial!