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Punctuating Dialogue - Level 2

All right, you’ve mastered the basics of punctuating dialogue, as presented in Level 1, and now you’re ready to move on to Level 2. Here we go:

When adding a dialogue tag between lines of dialogue, you can divide the individual sentences. The first sentence gets a comma and then the dialogue tag, followed by a period, ending the sentence. The next sentence starts in a new quotation mark with a capital letter.

  • “I know Jon Snow is a bastard,” Davos said. “He’s Eddard Stark’s son.”

Another option is to break up a sentence at a natural breaking point (i.e., where a comma would be if it was a non-dialogue line). For example:

  • Non-dialog text: Kylo Ren is difficult and annoying, and I want to slap him!
  • Dialog text: “Kylo Ren is difficult and annoying,” Hux said, “and I want to slap him!”

The important thing to note about breaking sentences in two in dialogue is the punctuation. The idea is for both sections of dialogue and the dialogue tag to be one sentence. Therefore, you don’t put a period until the very end of the sentence. It’s structured like this: “[text],” he said, “[text].”

You can also have lines of dialogue built into the narration without dialogue tags. These are all separate sentences, and should be punctuated with periods or other sentence-ending marks (i.e., “[text].” [Action]. “[text].”)

“I was talking to the stormtroopers the other day.” Hux picked up a sheet of paper and handed it to Kylo. “They said you ransacked another console.”

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lmao I had someone tell me that the only reason Dany is burning people alive is because Cersei is stopping her from taking the throne and giving the kingdoms peace because only Dany can be a peaceful ruler.

Excuse you but i would like to present

Sansa “do we have enough food for everyone” Stark

Sansa “We need to prepare for the people who will come here for protection” Stark

Sansa “We will give our bannermen their resources if we dont use them” Stark

Sansa “Make sure our men’s armour is safe” Stark

Sansa “WE NOT I” Stark

Sansa “I don’t really care about power and i was ready af to hand it over to my little brother” Stark

Sansa “smarter than she let’s on” Stark


The white wolf!

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At my funeral, I want David Benioff and D.B Weiss to lower me down into the ground so they can let me the fuck down one last time.


Sansa in Battle of Bastard and Daenerys in Beyond the Wall 

The two women coming and playing “the biggest rescue” act  in the episodes but the two woman had different motives  .Sansa had to go through a lot and what Ramsay put her through her only aim was to take back her home from Ramsay .She was driven by Vengence .Her first priority was to defeat Ramsay and not save Jon .Her actions did save Jon but I truly think she didn’t go in battlefield just to save him .LIke she gave up on Rickon ,she gave up on Jon too .But lucky for her he was still alive and fighting .She was relieved but lets not forget she only wanted Winterfell back.

 The Battle Of Bastard script mentioned : “she would skin Jon alive if he kills Ramsay” .I don’t know why people are still in denial ,she didn’t specially went to save Jon .Vengence was number one thing in her mind and that’s the truth and I am not saying her actions were not justified .It was .Just I don’t claim her wishing to be a  “Jon’s savior” here .We also see when she arrives in the battlefied she wasn’t looking for Jon but she accidently happened to see Jon from far

Now Coming To Daenerys in Beyond the Wall . She only came to rescue Jon .The first time we see her face after arriving there ,she was looking for Jon and we see she was so relieved to see him alive .She didn’t smirk like she normally did in battlefield as a show of power and authority .Here she looked worried and scared.She was genuinely desparate to get him out, the way she extended her hand for him ,the way she kept looking at him in the battlefield.It showed how much she deeply started to care for him .

Sansa’s and Dany’s situation were different and so were motives but the actions were similar. But I realized from “beyond the wall “ .Dany will do anything for Jon and Jon will do anything for her .This is what love is .I hope people accept it soon ,the better.