snow speeders


The Empire strikes back by being a bastard. Their target is the flippin shield generator, but they take some time out of their day to gun down the people on foot running away from our their giant machines of death.

Dating Han Solo Headcanons

I felt like my page was lacking some charming smuggler headcanons so here we go!!!

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  • Luke introduced the two of  you to each other, naturally.
  • You been close to Luke since he joined the Rebellion, and that pure boy just wants his friends to be buddies with his other friends.
  • “I’m Han, Han Solo.”
  • “Y/N L/N.”
  • From the moment you shook Han’s hand, looked into his eyes and saw his grin, you knew that you were doomed to fall

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It Was Totally Six Hours

Hey look, it’s more Kylux! So this is kindof a continuation of my Circular Control-verse. It’s pure fluff. Fluff everywhere. Note: these jerks do not deserve the happiness I’m giving them. 

Hux impatiently tapped his fingers on the shuttle seat as his communicator happily bleeped.

“Pick up pick up pick—Phasma!”


“I need you to distract Ren.” Hux looked over at the shuttle door, tapping his foot.


“He wants to have sex with me,” Hux hissed.

Phasma was a master of judgmental silence. “You’ve been living together for two months.”

“I know! That’s not the point!”

She sighed. “Do you two need couple’s counseling?”

“We’re not a couple.” The judgmental silence returned. “Fine, we’re a couple.” Hux scowled at the communicator. “You’re avoiding the point.”

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